You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 37.1 - Subordinate used his brain 1/2

Chapter 37 – Subordinate used his brain 1/2

Placing Qing Ya at the washroom, Ye Hua said coldly, “Brush your teeth, wash your face, then go and buy breakfast!”

The latter’s beautiful eyes were at the point of erupting fire, “Ye Hua, I am going to fight you to the death!”

10 minutes later, Ye Hua brought along Qing Ya who had a miserable face and walked out of the room, “Porridge with extra sugar.”

Qing Ya snorted, then walked towards the office, seemingly wanting to drag someone along with her.

As expected, Qing Yutong’s yelling and helpless grumbles rang out from the office,

“Big sister, my fame still has not died down yet, and you actually want me to accompany you to buy breakfast, do you want me to get surrounded by my fans!” Qing Yutong walked out of the office while yawning, her eyes were still not fully opened, appearing very cute.

“If you don’t want to go, you can go stay at a hotel!”

“…Are you even my kin-sister!”


“I admit defeat, fine, I will go!”

Looking at those 2 women leave the house, Ye Hua was finally able to to have a peace of mind for a while. In the past, it was always quiet during the morning, but ever since this woman came into my life, everything has changed, my life can no longer become peaceful anymore.

While smoking, Ye Hua sat at the bar counter and wait for his breakfast. Actually, having a woman is not bad too, at the least, I don’t have to personally handle most of the small matters anymore, Qing Ya is just lacking discipline only, and do not have the basics of being a wife.

A black whirlpool could be seen appearing in the air and within the black whirlpool, Wei Chang walked out from it and spoke in a respectful manner, “Your Honor, Long Aotian has ran away.”

Ye Hua paused for a moment, then said in a deep voice, “Long Aotian is able to escape from you?”

“That is not the case, this Long Aotian seems to possess the ability of teleportation, and thus was able to escape.” Wei Chang explained. He heard all of those from Death Mage, and Death Mage heard all of those from Death Assassin.

Ye Hua remained silent as he tapped on the bar counter with his index finger rhythmically while looking at Wei Chang. After a while, he said, “How do you think this matter should be handled?”

Wei Chang’s heart sunk, this is His Honor’s test to me, if my answer is not able to make His Honor satisfied, I will definitely be reprimanded severely. Wei Chang’s mind began to revolve around rapidly. His Honor’s emphasize is towards humanity and definitely not towards killing people. Adding on with the previous matter at the castle, I more or less have the answer already.

“His Honor, this person’s capability is counted as small, but speaking from this world’s perspective, he is the first person that we have met that possesses an ability, even though it is small. Thus, I feel that we should monitor him and see if he has any companion or not, and also find out where he got his ability from.”

Wei Chang’s performance made Ye Hua to have a whole new look towards Wei Chang. In the past, this fellow was basically one-track-minded, whatever thing that I asked him to do, he would always be able to do it very nimbly, but some people who were obviously able to be used, he would also always nimbly eat them up too. Right now, he finally knows how to use his brain.

“Not bad, I am very happy that you are able to have this kind of thinking.”

“It is your subordinate’s utmost honor to be able to make Your Honor happy.” Not sure just when did Wei Chang also learned how to bootlick, it was reckoned that it was because of the serialized dramas that Wei Chang watched.

“I will leave this Long Aotian to you to handle, I hope that you will be able to give me a satisfying answer.”

“I will not let down on Your Honor’s expectation!” Wei Chang shouted with a deep voice, then stood up and walked into the black whirlpool, disappearing from Ye Hua’s sight.

A slight arc appeared at the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth, if even Wei Chang could be taught well by me, I don’t believe that I wouldn’t be able to handle a single woman!

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