World of Cultivation

Chapter Thirty Six Encounter Again

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Chapter Thirty Six Encounter Again

The Little West Wind Yard became one of the important places in Wu Kong Sword Sect, especially for outer sect disciples. Its importance far surpassed the residences of all other inner sect disciples. The great majority of outer sect disciples farmed and what they were most afraid of were problems in the ling fields. Having a ling plant farmer in the sect, they felt more secure. At least when a problem occurred now, they knew they could find someone.

A brand new yard appeared in the valley. The outside walls were constructed from limestone. The fine patterns and the cool hardness of the limestone added a few hints of serenity and peace. The vines were like a waterfall, the stars in the sky occasionally reflecting, glittering and speckled. The pond in the yard wasn’t the mud pond in his previous residence. First grade Purple Fire Lotus were planted in the pond. The purple lotus flowers were like purple flames that were burning in the water. In the night, they would release a hazy purple light. Between the purple fire lotuses, the silver scissor fish swam happily. It was like countless blades crashing together, dozens of silver lines intersecting, blinding to the eye.

Zuo Mo wasn’t in the mood to admire the beautiful scenery. Just like before, he would go to Cold Mist Valley at the same time every day to make rain and take care of the plants. Now that he was an inner sect disciple, the rule that it was not allowed to fly inside the mountain was not valid for him. Putting on the spirit travelling seal, each of his steps was a small flight. His speed wasn’t slower than those flying steeds. Other than saving a lot of time, he enjoyed the process very much.

These days, during the daytime, he was like normal as he cared for the ling fields. At night, he would quietly run to the ling vein in the rock room to meditate and practise [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].

Even though the primary purpose of [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] was to cultivate the spirit, but the increase in ling energy was also pretty good and much better than [Ten Principle Scripture]. Adding on the help of the ling vein, after a few days, his progress was astounding! Without him detecting it, his cultivation quietly broke through to the ninth level of lianqi.

The ling vein in the rock room became Zuo Mo’s biggest secret other than Pu Yao. He was especially careful. In order to disguise the opening, he just didn’t use a piece of granite to seal the entrance, he also planted large amounts of weeds and shrubs around the opening. From the outside, there was nothing that could be detected. His only worry was that elders like his master or the sect leader would come here so he didn’t dare to put out any jinzhi. With his skill, the jinzhi he would create would be completely ineffective against the sect leader and the other and would arouse their attention instead.

His days were extremely leisurely. Other than the provision of jingshi each month, there was also a provision of ling grains. He had planted ling grains for two years yet had never ate it before.

The ling grains were filled with rich ling energy. And when it was absorbed, it was extremely gentle, unlike the forceful nature of the ling energy absorbed from the jingshi, and used if one had to go to some special places like Bloody Heaven Metropolis Jie. Three thousand years ago, yaomo were defeated. In order to preserve their strength, the last remaining one hundred or so great powers of the yaomo, using their own bodies and blood as the guide, as seven medium jie as the axis, forty nine little jie as the screen to create Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie and stopped the xiuzhe in their steps. Inside Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie, all of the ling energy became extremely unrefined and unordered. Xiuzhe basically had no way of absorbing it.

Those that travelled to Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie, they always needed to bring large amounts of jingshi and ling grains. Jingshi was used to replenish the normal usage of ling energy, but due to the fact that the ling energy in jingshi was extremely strong, relying only on jingshi could easily cause the cultivation to collapse. While the ling energy in the ling grains were not as potent as it was in jingshi, but it was gentle and could help xiuzhe stabilize their cultivation.

The disciples in some large sects would use ling grains everyday to increase the speed of cultivation.

But for a small sect like Wu Kong Sword Sect, they would only provide a certain amount each month. And it was only low grade ling grains. But even just first grade ling grains, Zuo Mo had never eaten any before.

Zuo Mo was presently studying the jade sticks that Elder Wei Nan had left. Even though Elder Wei Nan’s cultivation had been limited but many of the roads he had walked were worthy for Zuo Mo to use as reference, such as farming. Elder Wei Nan had been a ling plant farmer, and had learned how to make dan. How similar was that to Zuo Mo? Zuo Mo hadn’t thought to touch the obscure scriptures yet. How to earn jingshi, it was what he needed to think about right now.

What was easiest to earn jingshi with in lianqi? What to plant?

Finally getting twenty mu of third grade ling fields, Zuo Mo naturally wanted to organize it well. Right now, he had no money, completely wrung dry by Pu Yao. The allowance from the sect each month wasn’t an insignificant amount but for him, it was just a drop in the bucket.

Things like ling veins couldn’t be converted directly to jingshi. But even if it was possible to sell it, Zuo Mo definitely wouldn’t sell it. To surrender long term benefits for short term gains, how would such a shrewd person like him do such a stupid thing?

Thinking of ways to earn jingshi was one of the most important matters of Wei Nan. Actually, for every single xiuzhe, jinshi was a problem that couldn’t be avoided. The amount of jingshi earned directly influenced the speed of cultivation.

Talismans, jade sticks, materials……

What didn’t require jingshi?

Even though Zuo Mo was now an inner sect disciple and the sect would put effort into nurturing him and give him conveniences in each area, but it was limited.

But compared to Zuo Mo’s circumstances, Wei Nan’s past circumstances were much more difficult. The paths that he had explored were extremely worth of reference to Zuo Mo.

Sitting on the grey beaked goose that the sect had given him, Zuo Mo took big and small pouches as he sat idly on the goose’s back. These things, all of them were what others had given him which he couldn’t use. He planned on turning all of it into jingshi. Even though it really wouldn’t be a lot, but right now he had no other way. Hoping that Pu Yao could spit out some jingshi, that was impossible.

Pu Yao always sat with his eyes closed on the gravestone every day. He seemed to be meditating. Did he need to cultivate too? Zuo Mo was very curious.

Right now, he wouldn’t actively interact. Pu Yao’s mood was fickle, ruthless and crazy. Yet his power was extremely deep. This kind of person, you never knew what his next step would be, you never could guess what he was thinking inside, you also never would know what his true aims were.

Zuo Mo felt that Pu Yao was a true devil. He would give you enticements that made your soul shake, and just when you are enjoying it to the limit, you would fall to the lowest level of hell.

The torments Pu Yao gave him, Zuo Mo had hated, had raged, had felt hopeless. But when Master had said that his features had been changed and his mind erased, these emotions that had trouble him dissipated like smoke.

Because he needed power!

Because he needed answers!

These petty torments, what was it really?

He clearly remembered the unfamiliarity he felt when he first woke up two years ago. In these two years, the voice that appeared in his dreams tormented him countless times. He had been afraid, terrified, hesitant, uncertain. He had thought of trying to find answers but had no clues. There was nothing he could do. So he muddled his way through the days and was never happy.

Right now, he was awake.

He only had one thought. He needed to find the answer. Who! Who did all this!

Unable to be forgiven!

On the back of the grey beaked goose, Zuo Mo looked at Dong Fu appearing through the clouds. He tightened his fist.

Dong Fu was the same as usual, people streaming. Zuo Mo headed straight for the free market and found Fu Jin.

Fu Jing’s eyes were extremely sharp. Seeing the spring sprout jade medal on Zuo Mo’s waist, his entire person blanked. After a while, he recovered. Even though shock still remained in his eyes, but he piled a smile on his face: “Congradulations Little Mo Ge, Little Mo Ge! Tsk tsk, such a young ling plant farmer, Little Mo Ge is definitely extraordinary! Come in, come in!”

Zuo Mo didn’t waste pleasantries. With a bang, he threw the large bag at Fu Jin: “Sell these things for me.”

“What things?” Fu Jin asked as his hands rapidly opened the cloth bag. With just one sweep, he could generally determine the value of these things. There were many items but they weren’t valuable. It was actually normal. The lianqi outer sect disciples, they couldn’t give anything valuable.

His brain moved rapidly and quoted a generous price: “Fifty pieces of second grade jinshi. How about it?”

Zuo Mo knew the market. These things definitely wasn’t worth fifty pieces of second grade jingshi. He shook his head: “Too much, thirty pieces is good.”

“Alright.” Fu Jin briskly handed over the jingshi and put away the items. With a smile, he said: “Now that Little Mo Ge has flourished, don’t forget to support this little brother!”

The two chatted a bit more. Zuo Mo listened very carefully. Don’t estimate the kind of small business people like Fu Jin. Their intuition was extremely sensitive. Any movements in the market couldn’t be concealed from their eyes. Between the words, Fu Jin was extremely worries. Recently, the price of the ling grains was continuously rising. This was the first time it had occurred in the recent years. Each year, people would go to Bloody Sky Metropolis to hunt yao, but the price of ling grains had never been as exaggerated as this. Connecting it to the recent rumors about Bloody Sky Metropolis, it made people worried.

According to Fu Jin, it wasn’t just Tian Yue Jie. The price of ling grains in all the other jie were continuously rising. All of this clearly showed that the conflict in Bloody Sky Metropolis was become even more intense.

Was the yaomo starting the counter attack?

After hearing Fu Jin’s words, Zuo Mo’s heart became slightly heavier. For low level xiuzhe, the greatest danger was turmoil If a great war like the one three thousand years ago started, low level xiuzhe was the cannon fodder that would die the quickest.

“Ho, it’s really a small world, fate lets enemies meet.” A strange voice interrupted Zuo Mo’s musing.

He raised his head and a headache started.

The two people in front of him, one of them was the Dong Qi Sword Sect disciple whose flying sword had been cracked by him the last time. The person at the side was very unfamiliar. It probably was his shixiong. His presence was even greater.

Fu Jin was extremely perceptive. Seeing the situation, he instantly felt bitter inside but pushed a smile on his face: “Sirs, come come come. Everyone sit down and drink some tea……”


The voice instantly stopped. Fu Jin was thrown flying like a sandbag.

“Trash! Is there space for you to talk here?” The other took away his hand and said icily.

Zuo Mo hadn’t thought the other would start punching right away. He hadn’t managed to react in time. He hurriedly ran over to support Fu Jin. Looking at the hand mark on the face and the blood spilling from the corner of Fu Jing’s mouth, Zuo Mo’s eyes became dark. He carefully helped Fu Jin up and then slowly turned around.

“Who was so stupid and let their dog out?” Zuo Mo stared at the one that had moved, his finger caressing the gold sword ring.

That guy’s face instantly became flushed. In a rage: “You f—……”

The voice suddenly stopped.

一A sword energy, carrying a faint cloud of frost energy, pointed straight at his forehead!

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