World of Cultivation

Chapter Thirty Five Discovery

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Chapter Thirty Five Discovery

The black gold worm, once it landed on the ground, was motionless. After a while, the antennas started to wave, reaching out in every direction. No wonder it was a fourth grade black gold worm, Zuo Mo praised it silently, this kind of intelligence was not something normal ling worms would have.

The black gold worm raised its head after a while, the two antennas in the front slightly shook as it quickly crawled along the ground. It sometimes stopped or sometimes slowly proceeded. Zuo Mo carefully casted the control spell, tightly following the worm from behind, not daring to relax his watch even slightly.

Other than the ling fields, various weeds dominated all other areas of the valley. This created some difficulties for Zuo Mo. He took out the ice crystal sword that Shi Xiang had given him to cut out a path. Grasping the translucent ice crystal sword in his hand, it gave off a kind of bone-aching cold. The good thing was the blade was extremely sharp and pretty good at cutting up grass and wood.

Suddenly, the black good worm stopped but then went at an even faster speed, it went deep into the grass covered land.

Zuo Mo instantly became alert!

Carrying the icy crystal sword, he followed right after.

The black gold worm stopped in front of a protruding rock. Following closely behind, Zuo Mo narrowed his eyes and started to examine this large piece of rock. The rock was a normal granite, about fifty or sixty feet tall. From the outside, there was nothing special about it. Was the mystery located inside the rock?

In any case, this place was his own private one. It didn’t matter how he played with it. Lifting up the ice crystal sword, he started to dig at the rock.

Granite might be hard but facing a third grade flying sword, it was like tofu. In a short while, Zuo Mo dug out a large hole. As expected, the black gold worm climbed into the hole. This caused Zuo Mo to be even more motivated, his hand moving faster.

This rock was even bigger than he had imagined. When he dug for more than an hour, and it was seventy or eighty feet deep, it still hadn’t reached the bottom. In the end, Zuo Mo wasn’t one of those that cultivated the body. His two arms seemed to be filled with lead, his entire body almost falling apart.

“No way, it’s killing me.” He collapsed on the ground, panting as he looked dispiritedly at the black gold worm lying on the bottom of the hole.

“Bro, you are really obsessed. Ge can’t do it, need to sleep first.” He grimaced at the black gold worm. Finishing, he fell into a deep sleep in the hole he had just dug.

When Zuo Mo opened his eyes, he saw a patch of blackness. Sitting up, the moonlight came in through the opening of the hole. The inside of the hole was slightly illuminated. The black gold worm was still silently motionless at the bottom of the hole, the gold coin on its back releasing a faint gold light in the dark of the rock hole.

It was already night. Zuo Mo drifted off into his thoughts for a while before he took up the ice crystal sword again.

“Brother, let us continue!”

Ding ding, dong dong. The continuous sound of a sword cutting rocks rang inside West Wind Valley.

Zuo Mo continued to dig mechanically straight down until the sky was almost filled with light. Zuo Mo suddenly felt the icy crystal sword in his hand had cut into empty space. His heart instantly jumped, his exhaustion swept away!

Putting power into his hands, he quickly cut out the last thin piece of rock. Behind the rock was a large black hole.

Zuo Mo’s heart couldn’t help but beat wildly!

The black gold worm didn’t hesitate. Fllashing into the black hole, it quickly vanished. Zuo Mo forced himself to swallow his spit and he hesitated for a moment before holding the ice crystal sword and squeezing into the black hole.

The black hole was much deeper than he had imagined. As he went deeper, his heart became heavier. There were clear signs of human cutting in here, but it would have been long ago since there was a strong moldy odor in the cave. Who had made a dwelling here? Was this the tomb of one of the sect’s elders?

This guess made him very excited.

He walked quickly into the deeper regions. There was a thin connection being maintained between him and the black gold worm. He was able to know things about the situation ahead.

Very quickly, he saw the black gold worm. In the darkness, the gold coin mark of the black gold worm could be seen from far away. The black gold worm was spread out over a lump, unwilling to leave.

Zuo Mo scanned the surroundings. This was a very crude stone room. There was a spring in the corner, a stone desk, a stone bed, and nothing else.

When he went closer, Zuo Mo was frightened out of his wits!

The black gold worm was actually on a pile of bones! Zuo Mo’s heartbeat increased. His mouth became dry, he resisted the great terror inside himself and walked for a closer look. He didn’t know whose remains these were. It was spread out on the ground. From the appearance, it seemed to have been a long time ago. He looked around. His eyes suddenly became dumbstruck and then he showed a joyous expression.

This was the death place of one of the sect’s elders!

With the fastest speed possible, he picked up the various jade sticks and talismans on the ground. He seemed like an extremely hungry beggar who suddenly saw bread. There weren’t many talismans, and it had been too long since they were supported with ling energy, their functions were almost entirely gone. In comparison, there were many more jade sticks, about twenty or so.

He explored every corner, not leaving anything behind before Zuo Mo’s eyes once again went back to the pile of bones. The black gold worm was lying on that pile of bones, motionless, but the gold coin mark on the back seemed slightly brighter.

To have died here, it definitely was his sect’s elders. He had received such a big convenience from them. Pondering for a second, Zuo Mo bowed three times to the pile of bones and then lightly buried the bones in a corner.

Moving away the bones, Zuo Mo found that there was actually a prayer mat underneath the bones.

Prayer mat……

He blanked.

This white mat, it was almost the same as the mat that the nameless shixiong had left behind in the seclusion room at Zuo Mo’s little yard.

He hurriedly poured out the jade sticks that he had put away in front of him. One by one, he poured ling energy in. After a while, he managed to generally understand the cause and effect.

This rock room was the death place of an elder in the sect, but this elder was actually an outer sect disciple. What Zuo Mo felt even more unimaginable was that this was the elder who had always been an outer sect disciple but almost managed to enter jindan, who was also the previous owner of Zuo Mo’s little yard!

The matters of the world were just this fantastical.

Zuo Mo dumbly sat there and couldn’t help but sigh. This shixiong, called Wei Nan, was an outer sect disciple from three hundred years ago. He had a special ability. He was naturally sensitive to ling veins. So he could find that weak ling vein, build the little yard and painstakingly cultivator. Even though he had the help of the ling vein, but he didn’t have good talent at cultivating and just barely kept up with the other disciples.

He had great ambitions and didn’t want to live a mediocre life. He racked his brains and thought of all kinds of methods.

In many places, Wei Nan Shixiong was extremely similar to Zuo Mo. Wei Nan also chose ling plant farmer as his best path to riches. However, his talents in the area of the five elements were not as good as Zuo Mo’s, and it took him five long years before he barely became a ling plant farmer. But Wei Nan didn’t tell anyone else. From then on, he started to learn how to make dan, yet his talents in making dan was also average. After spending ten years, he finally managed to make his first fourth grade ling dan.

He developed slowly in cultivation yet his talent developed rapidly. He was even able to detect the ling veins buried deep underground. When he was thirty seven, he found this ling vein.

Afraid that the sect would take it away if they knew, he quietly created this rock room.

Taking advantage of the ling veins, he finally reached ningmai at forty years of age. At this time, he was still an outer sect disciple. Wei Nan was extremely talented at concealment and pretence. No one in the sect managed to find that his cultivation had risen to ningmai. Due to the fact that his potential truly was too average, he was afraid that his ningmai cultivation would cause the elders in the sect to be suspicious and from that, find the sect of the ling veins. He was satisfied with seclusion. After painstaking management through the years, he had some measure of wealth. He continuously purchased all kinds of jade sticks. What he learned was extremely broad and mixed.

He didn’t know what caused it but in that period of time, the progression of his ling energy became faster. He was extremely happy and put even more effort into collecting all kinds of jade sticks. The more odd the jade stick, the more he was obsessed. And no matter how strange the jade stick, he would always try it out. When he had reached fifty years old, the number of spells and scriptures he needed to practise each day reached fifteen kinds.

At that time, he knew he had no hope of entering jindan and killed off his dream. In the following twenty years, he started to organize and study the variety of odd jade sticks and scriptures that he had collected.

His cultivation was limited but his scope of knowledge and spells was very wide. There weren’t many that could compare to him. In addition, he had cultivated many of the unpopular scriptures for a few decades and had many conclusions. Comparing the different scriptures, he finally managed to finish the summary and organization of all the types of scriptures he had collected through his lifetime.

In total, there were twenty sticks. No name, nothing too profound. It was the last thing he left in this world.

Carefully putting away the jade sticks that were on the ground, Zuo Mo was full of respect for this Elder Wei Nan. He lifted the mat, went to the spring and carefully poured water over to wash it. Even though so many years had passed, after a gentle wash, the mat once again recovered its snowy white appearance. This mat wasn’t something ordinary. It was made from Meditation Grass and its effect was to calm the heart. It wouldn’t decay, won’t have worms for hundreds of years. It was much rarer than the mat from the little yard.

He put the mat back in its original spot and sat on it.

A thick ling energy seemed to pour in through his skin!

He quickly entered mediation and became motionless. Beside the mat, the black gold worm was also motionless, abnormally quiet. Only the gold coin mark on the back flashed with a gold light.

When he woke up from meditation, Zuo Mo couldn’t disguise the ecstasy in his eyes. This ling vein, compared to the ling vein in his little yerd, was much greater! If the ling vein in the seclusion room of the little yard could be said to be a small branch, then this ling veins was like the stem!

The abundant ling energy made one unconsciously comfortable.

With such a high quality ling vein, he could quickly enter zhuji. He had decided, in the future, this would be his secluded cultivation room!

When Zuo Mo squeezed out of the rock hole, the blinding sun outside made him unconsciously narrow his eyes. Turning and carefully covering up the hole, he scattered the granite that he had dug out into the weeds. Nothing could be seen.

After finishing , he released a breath.

Just at this time, Li Ying Feng came looking for him with other people. Because there wasn’t any buildings in West Wind Valley, if Zuo Mo was going to live inside the valley, then it required building a house. She was naturally in charge of this kind of matter and personally came to ask about Zuo Mo’s preferences and needs.

After attentively listening to Zuo Mo’s demands, she waved her hands and the other outer sect disciples instantly started to move.

In half a day, a little yard was built. Zuo Mo named it the Little West Wind Yard.

The Little West Wing Yard became his new home.

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