World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0348 - Get Together

Get Together

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Chen Xiang was now treated like an idiot by those couple of youths sitting inside the Divine Weapon Shop, but soon they found out that they were idiots themselves. Because Xue Xianxian that they have been waiting for a long time, much to their dismay, had actually come down. She wore a light green longuette, along with a pure and enthralling beauty and an enthralling charm, she looked extremely tempting.

While laughing tenderly, she very jovially came next to Chen Xiang and pulled Chen Xiang's arm. They appeared to be very intimate.

Chen Xiang pinched her cheeks, smiled and said, "How can you do this? Everyone have come from far away to marry you, you should at least meet them!"

Chen Xiang glanced at those youth and smiled. Those handsome youths were dumbfounded, no matter how much they smashed their head, they could not understand why their legendary fairy was so intimate with such a rustic guy. This made them angry and jealous.

"I have already met them three times, but they still haunt me!" Xue Xianxian harrumphed lightly.

"Who are you?" One of the youth asked with a frown. He seemed to be unwilling to accept this. But after thinking about it, the youth believed that he had the strength to have everything, not to mention, he was extremely rich; it should not be too difficult to pursue Xue Xianxian.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, "I'm her husband — Chen Xiang!"

Chen Xiang! Upon hearing these two words, those youth were all surprised for a moment. This time Chen Xiang noticed that these youths were the outstanding youngsters from the other mainlands.

"You are the rumored first youngest martial artists of Chenwu Mainland?" A white robed youth said with a look of despise. In his opinion, although Chen Xiang was not as handsome as him, at the very least he should be someone with grace and elegance.

"The one and only!" Chen Xiang lightly smiled and said, while caressing Xue Xianxian's cheek with his fingers. Xue Xianxian also naughtily pinched his face, the two who were right in front of them, were flirting, which made these several youths from overseas green with envy.

"Brother Xiang, let's go up! Don't talk to them." These days Xue Xianxian had been very annoyed from all these pesterings, not to mention, there had been no news about Chen Xiang, she was extremely worried about him. At this moment she was feeling very happy after meeting with him.

"Chen Xiang... if you are a man, duel with me!" The purple robe youth shouted.

Xue Xianxian turned her head, tenderly laughed and said, "First go to the Free Immortal Sea and defeat Xiao Chou, then think about fighting with Brother Xiang! Brother Xiang had fought with that little guy and put him to bed for a month!"

Chen Xiang was dragged by Xue Xianxian up the stairs and came to the top floor. While those youths all stood dumbfounded at their place. Free Immortal Sea's Xiao Chou, he was one terrifying guy, moreover, he was also from Ancient Herculean Family. After disciples of other mainlands arrived here, they immediately sought powerful martial artists of the Chenwu Mainland to challenge. They all wanted to establish their sect's prestige by showing their strength, but many of them had fallen under Xiao Chou's hands; several of them have been injured by him.

Chen Xiang had won against Xiao Chou, moreover, put Xiao Chou in bed for one month, this speaks for his strength itself! Thinking of this point, these youths dejectedly left.

"Hello, Sister Menger!" Chen Xiang mischievously smiled and said, while still embracing Xue Xianxian, which made Li Menger snort.

"Good, you are alright, this little girl has been jumping up and down for you!" Liu Menger said.

Chen Xiang smiled, "She turned out to be so anxious, Dean told me that Sister Menger has also been running around to Extreme Martial Sect once in awhile."

Xue Xianxian sniggered, "That's because I had asked the teacher to ask about you."

Xue Xianxian didn't know about Chen Xiang and Liu Menger, which made them feel a little guilty. But they didn't know how to face this, so they can only let nature take its course.

Liu Menger knew that the couple had the chance to meet after a long time, they were certainly going to get intimate, so Liu Menger left them alone on her own accord.

Seeing Liu Menger leave, Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian, both grinned. Xue Xianxian flushed red as she narrowed her eyes and said, "Brother Xiang, when I and younger sister Youlan were training, you have sent so many things. You are truly formidable!"

Chen Xiang stuck his tongue out and started sucking Xue Xianxian's tongue. The two would occasionally chat while kissing and sucking each others tongue. Which made the peeking Liu Menger secretly scold Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian, they were unexpectedly having such fun.

"Teacher, does it feel good to do such things? Do husband and wife act like this?" Leng Youlan suddenly asked, which scared the wits out of Liu Menger. She lowered her head to look down and realized that a white haired beauty was peeking too.

Liu Menger was shocked as she realized that she was too engrossed from watching Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian, her face flushed red to her ears. Moreover, she had also been discovered by Leng Youlan.

"I don't know. Seeing them laughing so happily, it must feel very good." Liu Menger replied with a flushed face. Leng Youlan was oblivious to this, so she was very curious and wanted to give it a try.

Liu Menger didn't dare to peek again, but at this time Leng Youlan once again said in a low voice, "Their mouth are pressed against each other as if they are sucking each other, what's up with them? Are they cultivating?"

Liu Menger nibbled her lips, but also quietly peeked through the seam of the door. She too had french kissed Chen Xiang. Once she had kissed him, and now she was watching others kiss him, which made her heart itch. This kind of thought also made her suddenly feel extremely shy, she secretly envied Leng Youlan who didn't understand the matters between a man and a woman.

"Brother is very bad, he is actually touching Sister Xianxian's breasts, very shameful!" Leng Youlan said in a low voice. Liu Menger silently glanced at her, she didn't expect Leng Youlan to actually know that touching there was something immoral.

"This little rascal!" Liu Menger spat on the ground. Her bosom too had been seen by Chen Xiang, and also had been groped by him once.

Chen Xiang after groping Liu Menger and Bai Ziqian realized the pleasure in that wonderful place. Now with his own wife, he was lightly rubbing her bosom while passionately kissing her.

Originally Xue Xianxian was feeling a little shy, but thinking that Chen Xiang was her husband, and they had known each other well since childhood, she didn't object it. After all, they were husband and wife, which allowed Chen Xiang to enjoy her forbidden and wonderful bosom...

Chen Xiang touched and kissed Xue Xianxian for a long time. Only when he was satisfied did he let go of Xue Xianxian.

Xue Xianxian's face was a little rosy, watching this graceful and otherworldly little fairy have such an appearance, Chen Xiang lasciviously smiled.

"Brother Xiang, you finally grew up." Xue Xianxian tenderly laughed and said, then leaned on Chen Xiang's arms while recalling the happy things from their childhood.

Chen Xiang caressed her silky hair and sighed, "Yes, the more we grow up, the more worried we get! However, in order for us to be happy together in the future, we now have to do everything we can!"

Xue Xianxian nodded her head, "That's why I can not be worse than Brother Xiang. I am now very powerful! Youlan is also here, Brother Xiang, you should also meet with her, she also missed you very much!"

Chen Xiang with a laughing look in his eyes glanced at the door's seam and grinned. Liu Menger upon seeing this had her face completely red from shame, as for Leng Youlan she was oblivious to the whole matter and felt nothing.

Leng Youlan opened the door and with a flash came to Chen Xiang's side, "Brother, I also want to try licking your tongue, do you and Sister Xianxian are like this whenever you meet?"

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