World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0347 - Gathering of Experts

Gathering of Experts

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Upon noticing that her younger sister had changed a lot, Bai Ziqian was extremely happy. Although she knew it was all accredited to Chen Xiang, yet to this little devil, Chen Xiang she coldly snorted. She was still feeling a little pain in her chest, if someone else had done such a vulgar thing, she would have certainly tortured him for a good several thousands of years before finally killing him.

"Younger sister, if possible, please let go of the Ruthless Devil Exercise now!" Bai Ziqian wiped the tears on Bai Youyou's face. Everyone has their own fragile side, the same was true even for the iceberg beauty, Bai Youyou. She was reluctant to part with her elder sister.

"It's not needed, the Ruthless Devil Exercise doesn’t pose a threat to me at the moment, I also might not be able to practice it!" Bai Youyou shook her head.

Bai Ziqian heaved a light sigh and said, "Then you have to be careful. Elder sister will leave now, we will meet again later!"

Bai Youyou nodded her head, gave a smile to Bai Ziqian and said, "Elder Sister, goodbye!"

Bai Ziqian kissed her forehead, smiled and waved her hand. Immediately a tear appeared before her as she stepped into the rift and disappeared.

It was quite rare to see Bai Youyou acting like a little girl. It could be regarded as an eye-opener for Chen Xiang. After Bai Ziqian left, Chen Xiang imitated Bai Youyou's ordinary girl-like shy tone and said, "Elder Sister, goodbye!"

Listening to this Su Meiyao burst into laughter, while Bai Youyou tenderly harrumphed and rushed over to Chen Xiang and smacked him before returning to the ring.

"Is this space tear?" Chen Xiang looked at the gradually disappearing rift and said with emotions.

"One day you can also do it!" Bai Youyou replied. Now she turned a lot more lively, though she still had a cold look on her face. However, it was because she had lived like that for so many years, and it was not going to change now. But at least while talking to Chen Xiang, her tone is a lot warmer such that it didn't make anyone else feel repugnant.

Even if she remained the same, no one would find her detestable as she was still a big beauty and her voice was pleasant to hear. Currently, Chen Xiang was finding it a little difficult in getting used to her new change.

Chen Xiang now remembered that he had already spent more than three months in here. Although a lot more Evil Demons had arrived in these three months, they had all been annihilated by Bai Ziqian. Which relieved a lot of pressure from Chen Xiang.

He turned into a little bird and trace his road back. Once in awhile, he would chirp because he was feeling happy and also he was enjoying the break he was getting while flying.

"Sister Meiyao, why didn't you come out to meet Sister Ziqian?" Chen Xiang asked.

"There is a little problem between us, that's why I didn't want to meet her!" Su Meiyao tenderly harrumphed as she replied.

"What problem? Can you tell me?" Chen Xiang curiously asked.

"Cannot!" Su Meiao flatly refused, which made Chen Xiang even more curious. He knew it was going to be like this, but he still wanted to give it a try.

Chen Xiang flew out of the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain. Although many of those Evil Demons had been killed, in the future, more would arrive. Moreover, the large formation was still active, however, as the Double-Headed Snake Demon was already dead, there was no one to control the array. The barrier would now slowly lose its effect, he was now regretting that he didn't ask Bai Ziqian to destroy it.

After returning to Tianmen City, Chen Xiang discovered that the city had actually become very lively. After inquiring about it, he came to know that because the Hero Assembly was going to be held soon, disciples of various sects and clans had arrived here, and major sects of other mainlands were also arriving one after another to discuss how to deal with the approaching catastrophe.

Chen Xiang returned to the Extreme Martial Sect. As soon as he stepped into the main gate, Gu Dongchen suddenly appeared before him.

"Fantastic, I thought you were dead! Otherwise, I might have been pestered to death by Liu Menger." Gu Dongchen heaved a sigh of relief as he dragged Chen Xiang to the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm.

Inside the private room, only Chen Xiang and Gu Dongchen were inside. Chen Xiang organized his hair which had become messy because Gu Dongchen flew too fast.

"Although everyone who was sent to investigate had returned, they didn't find anything. You, on the other hand, stayed there for more than three months, what did you find?" Gu Dongchen hastily asked, "Representatives of the other mainlands are coming one after another, if we didn't have any information, they will surely laugh at us."

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, "If they have guts, they can give it a try! The situation there is not very optimistic..."

From the crack in the space to the many small Evil Demons arriving at the Mortal World, Chen Xiang told everything to Gu Dongchen, of course not the part regarding the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise and Bai Ziqian.

"Did you set the fire yet?" Gu Dongchen felt that the situation was very serious. However, after he came to know that the powerful Double-Headed Snake Demon was dead, he heaved a sigh of relief because very soon the barrier would break.

"Let me rest a little bit, I have killed too many Evil Demons, otherwise why do you think I stayed there for so long?" Chen Xiang said.

After Gu Dongchen got the useful information, he was filled with joy. He knew that sending Chen Xiang there would definitely lead to a great harvest. However, because of this Liu Menger sought him every day or two to ask him about Chen Xiang's whereabouts.

"Young Martial Uncle, you are truly something. It seems that Liu Menger already loves you wholeheartedly. When she knew that you have not come out after so long, she was worried to death. You should quickly see her! She is inside the Divine Weapon Shop of Tianmen City. Apparently, she has also brought your wife. Sigh, young martial uncle has a really good fortune with girls." Gu Dongchen could not hide his envy as he looked at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang kicked him before quickly leaving the Extreme Martial Sect for the Divine Weapon Shop. As soon as he stepped into the shop, he saw a couple of boys wearing a gorgeous dress sitting on some chairs. They all were very handsome. They were no different than any girl; dressed very clean, a precious jade hung on their waist and a fan in their hand.

"Truly formidable, True Martial Realm 7th level, 8th level guys! Moreover, their True Qi is very vigorous and pure, it looks like their background is very good!" Chen Xiang was secretly shocked upon discovering their strength.

Chen Xiang for the first time arrived at the Extreme Martial Sect's Divine Weapon Shop. The people inside only thought that he was a little familiar, but they couldn't put their finger on it. They didn't recognize him because the dress he wore was rustic, his hair was a mess, moreover, he also had a beard. Who would associate him to the all famous Chen Xiang?

Now he was titled as the strongest youth of the Chenwu Mainland, the youngest and fiercest alchemist. He was the idol of many young martial artists.

"I'm looking for a person." Chen Xiang said in a low voice. He didn't want to take the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's token. Lest others misunderstand his and Liu Menger's relationship because now he realized how rare this token was.

He ran straight from the Extreme Martial Sect and didn't have the time to put any disguise. He was afraid that Liu Menger might have left for the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain to look for him. When he arrived here, he didn't sense Liu Menger or Xue Xianxian, it seemed that his divine sense was blocked by some powerful barrier.

"Are you also looking for Xue Xianxian? I advise you to go back and dress up, or do you want her to see you like this? And you have to line up too." A man sitting nearby stared at Chen Xiang with a look of disgust as he ridiculed.

Chen Xiang touched the hard beard on his chin, smiled and said, "Brother why are you looking for Xue Xianxian?"

"Of course to marry her, didn't you also come here for the same?" The purple robe man sneered.

Chen Xiang suddenly burst into laughter. While laughing he loudly shouted, "Xianxian, come down for me, someone's here to marry you! These guys have been waiting for you for a long time!"

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