World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0257 - Devil Elemental Nuclei

Chapter 257 - Devil Elemental Nuclei


After the three-headed wolf was killed, Long Xueyi's power left his body, leaving a sudden jolt of pain throughout his body as he almost slumped on to the ground. He was left with not a least bit of strength.

This was the serious aftereffects of using too much of Long Xueyi's power. He knew it was detrimental to his body, and if not as a last resort, he could not use Long Xueyi's power. Moreover, he also couldn’t use it too frequently, or he would ruin his body.

"Stunned to do what, quickly go and cut this guy's stomach, and take out the devil elemental nuclei from inside!" Long Xueyi hastily shouted.

At the moment, not to mention moving and cutting open the three-headed wolf's abdomen, Chen Xiang couldn’t even raise his blade at all.

"I can't move!" Chen Xiang powerlessly replied.

"Idiot, don't you have mana?" Long Xueyi let out a tender snort.

Chen Xiang shook his head with a wry smile, he had indeed forgotten that very fact. Although his body was sore and lacking in power, he still had divine sense, and he could still release mana.

He operated the Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, transformed the divine sense into mana, and let it flow throughout his body. In this way, he could control his body through the mana.

He first ate a White Jade Dan, before taking a True Elemental Dan. Only after he had eaten those did he floated over to the three-headed wolf. At this moment, he had recovered a lot; he took out the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, then slashed the three-headed wolf’s huge body.

The Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade was very sharp, it very easily cut opened a big hole at the abdomen of the three-headed wolf, before those disgusting enthralls flushed out from the inside. Fortunately, Chen Xiang reacted rather quickly, or else he would have drowned in those enthralls.

Very soon, a round black crystal as tall as him came into his view. Although it was black in color, it was exuding a rather pure aura. This was the embodied energy of the beast's innate cultivation talent, and it was very much the same as a human's True Qi.

Once this huge devil elemental beast nuclei came out, and after being exposed to the sunlight, its surface actually cracked open; piece by piece, black hard shells fell off.

On the inside, the crystal was rather white, to be precise, it was filled with white aura, containing huge energy which was rather incomparably pure.

"Quickly collect it and leave here. This guy's corpse is of no use, the Devil Qi is too dense." Long Xueyi urged.

After Chen Xiang collected the huge devil elemental beast nuclei, he quickly left the place. On one side, he was running, while on the other, he was swallowing dans.

"Does this thing have any use?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course, this is in fact equivalent to a profound beast's core! You’re asking if it’s useful? This is the energy source of the three-headed wolf, with this thing, you can increase your True Qi at much faster rate!" Su Meiyao replied.

Chen Xiang hid in a patch of a forest and rested for a whole day. After resting till he had almost recovered, he left the forest and returned back to that hill.

Chen Xiang had guessed early, before the devil path sect entered here, the three-headed wolf had already been tampered with by the Deans, that was why these devil path disciples could control the three-headed wolf.

"That should be the case.These guys do not dare to capture too strong Devil Beasts, otherwise, these devil sect disciples would not be able to control them. That should be the extent of the devil sect disciples control over the three-headed wolf!" Bai Youyou said.

“From another point of view, the Southern Wasteland can be considered as a treasure trove, there should be many kinds of fierce Devil Beasts!” Chen Xiang lamented endlessly. If each beast had the devil elemental nuclei, and if they were all collected, one would absolutely make a fortune

Chen Xiang, while flying in the sky, saw a large group of humans on an empty plain; they were all his companions.

“Not good!”

Chen Xiang, with one glance, noticed that a lot among them had suffered injuries. At this moment, groups of Devil Beasts and Human Devils swoop upon them one by one. His companions were being surrounded by almost a hundred devil sect disciples, controlling a bunch of attacking Devil Beasts and Human Devils.

The injured were surrounded in the middle. Majority of the 1st or 2nd level True Martial Realm disciples had suffered injuries, and the others were all attacking those suicidal Devil Beasts and Human Devils pouncing over with all their might. Each and every one of them were all covered in black blood; they had bloodshot eyes, and it was evident that all of them were equally tired.

Their surroundings were all littered with corpses, which had already began stinking, yet there were still many Human Devil and Beast Devils surrounding them. At the moment, they were very well aware that if this went on, they would be left with no strength to fight back anymore.

Many white hairs of Leng Youlan were covered in black blood, she had not stopped waving the giant sword in her hand, and with each strike of her strike, she would behead a good several enemies.

Chen Xiang started to frown tightly. From afar, he could see that those Human Devils and Devil Beasts were all relatively stronger, and even their numbers were too many to count. In that piece of plain, Xue Xianxian and the others were tightly surrounded.

Those killing the most fiercely were Leng Youlan, Xue Xianxian, Hao Dongqing and Yun Xiaodao. They were the most violent people, especially Xue Xianxian. Usually, she would appear to be very gentle and quiet, like an otherworldly fairy, but the moment she began killing these Devil Beasts, she was like a goddess of slaughter, same as Leng Youlan, who wouldn’t even bat an eye while killing her adversaries, yet appearing incomparably elegant.

Lei Xionglin, Lei Zhong and Lian Mingdong had just entered the True Martial Realm not long ago, so they were already injured. Wu Qianqian on the other hand, had released her powerful flames, creating a huge flame and forcing back those Devil Beasts who were thinking of surrounding them.

Those Human Devils wore black robes, had a mask on their faces and dressed the same with those devil sect disciples. Although they were hidden among the crowd, Chen Xiang could still see who was who, and to his surprise, there were more than ninety devil sect disciples.

Chen Xiang sneered as he fiercely landed from the sky. Although he had already retracted the Vermillion Bird Firewings, his back was still basking in flames; he looked like a meteorite falling from the sky that had fiercely dropped down on the ground.

He stepped on a devil sect disciple's shoulder, and when this kind of terrifying impact suddenly befell upon that devil sect disciple, it made him unable to react as he instantly became a meatloaf and sank into the ground.

Chen Xiang was already within the depths of the thousands of Devil Beasts and Human Devils. When the other devil sect disciples saw Chen Xiang, they were all extremely shocked. In accordance to what they had seen, Chen Xiang should have been hunted down by the three-headed wolf, but now he was back.

As for Xue Xianxian and the others, after seeing Chen Xiang had returned safely, all heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, they were all extremely excited, and their attacks suddenly turned even more intense, forcing those Devil Beasts and Human Devils surrounding them into continuous retreat.

Chen Xiang landed on the ground, and from his body, intense flames burst out. Suddenly, the flames spread out, forcing those Human Devils and Devil Beasts to retreat a few steps back; none of them dared to touch his flames, otherwise, they would all be burned to death.

On his back, a pair of tens of zhang long Vermillion Bird Firewing appeared as he grinningly said, "Devil path mongrels, try father's new move!"

As he spoke, he started rotating his body. The huge firewings, rotating in such a way, suddenly transformed into a tornado made of fire, and of very frightening flames at that; the king among the flames, the Heavenly Sun Fire.

While Chen Xiang rotated in madness, those firewings grew longer and longer, thereby turning the fire tornado bigger and bigger. In just a short moment, a good hundreds of Devil Beasts and Human Devils were drawn in and burned off inside the tornado. As for Chen Xiang, he was still releasing the Vermillion Bird True Qi madly.

Everyone, after seeing such a huge fire tornado suddenly appear, could not help but be shocked. They recognized Chen Xiang's flames, however, this trick of Chen Xiang was rather too frightening. To their astonishment, it was cruel as well as spectacular.

"Younger Brother Chen is too abnormal! Once he arrived, he had actually killed so many!" Zhu Rong exclaimed.

Xue Xianxian, after being surprised, hastily shouted, "Those who have even a little bit of strength left should protect the injured. Pave a way through the enemies, let's quickly leave!"

Everyone knew that it was also more convenient for Chen Xiang, as he could drew in all the devil creatures in the huge tornado. Through that, he could annihilate these devil creatures in one fell swoop.

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