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Chapter 0256 - Heart Rending Strike

Chapter 256 - Heart Rending Strike


Chen Xiang had already landed on the ground, but after seeing the three black balls shot over, he immediately moved in a high-speed. In a blink of an eye, he suddenly vanished as he dodged those three black balls that were as tall as him.

The three black energy balls were as frightening as a meteorite. From far away, it shot directly close to the ground and drew out three deep ditches on the ground.

"That was close!" Chen Xiang said in his heart. The three-headed wolf’s attack was very frightening and very fast; he was worried whether or not he would be able to dodge the next time.

He immediately started dashing in a specific direction. A moment ago, after his attack landed on the three-headed wolf, the three-headed wolf had become furious. The three-headed wolf, after seeing Chen Xiang instantly running far away, immediately took a step with those four huge limbs, before it quickly gave chase to Chen Xiang.

Such a big beast’s running speed was not slow at all. Its steps even shook the ground, causing slight tremors with roiling sound. However, it was too big after all, and even though its speed was fast, it still wasn’t capable of matching Chen Xiang’s speed.

After seeing the three-headed wolf's attack from far away a moment ago, Chen Xiang thought that its speed was not too quick, and now the truth concurred with his guess.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had crossed a high mountain, but what made Chen Xiang speechless was that the three-headed wolf was actually too lazy to climb; it just directly blew a passage at the foot of the mountain.

Under the chase, the three-headed wolf attacked Chen Xiang many times, but everytime, Chen Xiang dodged them. Nevertheless, after Chen Xiang dodged each of its attacks, he would be struck with a lingering fear, because he knew that if he slacked even a little bit, he would vanish in a puff of smoke.

"Is this guy planning to chase me to death? Humph, can still sense me!" Chen Xiang snorted. He entered a lush forest and converge his breath while the three-headed was still far away. But in no time, it still found his location and directly chased him down. Once Chen Xiang was in sight, those three heads once again shot those three powerful and destructive black balls.

"This is not good. This guy is going to pester me to death. If this continues, I'll be hit sooner or later! You quickly think of a way to help me."

Although Chen Xiang could lead the three-headed wolf up to this point, he himself still had to face perilous path; this scenario was rather dangerous.

"We are still thinking, you endure for a while!" Su Meiyao said, her voice was also very solemn.

"After every black energy ball shot, this guy's strength will weaken. However, it has a huge reserve of Devil Qi in its body, and in order to consume it completely, at the very least, you need to make it shoot those black energy balls for a whole day."

Chen Xiang ran in the forest, treading along a winded route, lest he would be easily hit by the three-headed wolf’s attacks.

"One whole day?" Chen Xiang complained in his heart.

"Little Dragon, if you lend me your power, will it be enough?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No idea, but if we tried it, then it will certainly be dangerous! It seems that this guy can only shoot these black energy balls as its attacks, as for defense. it only has that black Qi cover. If you are closer to it, maybe it could not use those black balls to attack you, because it will be afflicted too." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang had also thought of this, and now he was considering whether to give it a try or not.

"You can give it a try. This guy's weak point is its heart, as well as that consciousness controlling its soul! Isn't the Breaking Soul Cut in the Dragon Slayer's Seven Killing Cut specializes in attacking the soul? You first destroy the consciousness in its soul, and afterwards, it will experience a burst of excruciating pain. By that time, use the Heart Rending Strike in the Seven Killing Cut to give a painful blow to the heart." Bai Youyou said.

Long Xueyi tenderly laughed and said, "If you use the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade with my power, it will be a lot more stronger! You should be able to smoothly kill this guy!"

Chen Xiang already felt a warm heat flowing from his arm. Long Xueyi had already begun giving her power to Chen Xiang. As it flowed into his body, it entered his dantian and fused into the five elements true Qi.

Long Xueyi's True Qi was very mystical. Chen Xiang could also not understand what this power was, which could very easily fuse with his five elements True Qi, and also allow him to flexibly use, as if it was his own power.

Long Xueyi had eaten no small amount of dans, and she herself was a dragon. As for how much she has grown, Chen Xiang simply had no idea; he only knew her advantages were too many to count. Last time, he had only used her power for just one thrust, however, now she was infusing her power completely into his body, and he felt himself incomparably stronger.

As Chen Xiang let out a howl, his body quivered. Along with the sudden disintegration of his clothes which revealed his strong muscles, a white dragon on his left arm was twinkling in white light, looking very peculiar.

At this time, three black balls were once again shot over. Although Chen Xiang had obtained such a strong power, he didn't meet with the attack head on. On the contrary, he leapt into the air and flipped past the three black balls, dodging the attacks. At the same time, he had arrived above the three-headed wolf.

The three-headed wolf looked at Chen Xiang in the sky, but did not attack. In fact, a sliver of fear appeared in those six huge eyes on its three heads, because it felt a very intense Dragon Qi. Only those who had dragon blood flowing in their body could have such an imposing manner, and that was also what most beasts were afraid of.

Seeing the three-headed wolf below him was not attacking, Chen Xiang grabbed the opportunity. He clenched the blade hilt and operated the exercises; his divine sense suddenly surged into the blade body, before he fiercely sent a slash below.

Although separated by far, Chen Xiang could sense a divine sense congealed into a peculiar powerful Qi aftetr being shot from the blade tip. In a blink of an eye, it landed on the three-headed wolf, easily piercing through the black Qi cover as soon as it hit.

At the same time the blow landed, the three-headed wolf let out a furious howl, which was then followed by a desolate howl. It opened its three jaws, which simultaneously howled while also spewing out a genuine black fierce gale, blowing away the giant trees in front of it.

Chen Xiang landed on the ground, mobilized a large part of his True Qi and gathered it inside the blade body. A moment ago, he had used Soul Crushing Cut, a kind of soul attack, and now he was preparing to use the Heart Rending Strike to attack its heart.

In the Dragon Slayer's Seven Killing Cut, these two strikes were rather silent, unlike those other attack which generate rather large movements,

If he didn't have Long Xueyi's aid, perhaps his Soul Crushing Cut would have failed to pierce through the black Qi cover, and even if it did pierce through, it would still have no way to struck its soul.

Chen Xiang stood beside the three-headed wolf, and as he closed his eyes, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade started absorbing his power in madness. In his front, three thumping things appeared; they were the three hearts of the three-headed wolf. They were all linked together, but there was a layer of black mist enshrouding from the outside.

Chen Xiang was surprised in his heart. He didn't expect that his divine sense would suddenly become so strong that he could directly ‘see’ the situation inside the three-headed wolf’s body. Soon he realized it was all due to Long Xueyi's strength, and now he was extremely shocked by Long Xueyi's divine sense, because it could actually achieve this point. He finally understood why Long Xueyi's perception was so accurate.

Chen Xiang could not only see those three giant beating hearts, he could also see a huge black crystal inside its huge body, storing energy. The larger the crystal, the more energy it could store, but as for humans, they store the True Qi in their dantian by creating a transparent ball, constantly gathering and compressing the True Qi.

"Quick!" Long Xueyi shouted, "Once you kill this guy, its devil elemental nuclei is yours. After taking it, turn into a bird and fly away!"

A lot of power had been infused into the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, while the three-headed wolf was still growling in madness, suffering pain from the soul.

A blade calmly and silently hacked down; this was the mystic of the Heart Rending Strike.

Chen Xiang took a long deep breath. At this time, he heard a muffled sound coming from inside the three-headed wolf's body. Suddenly, the three-headed wolf stopped roaring as it fell on the ground. It struggled for a bit, before it ceased any movement.

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