World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0041 - Flame dragon brilliant furnace

Chapter 41:Flame dragon brilliant furnace

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Fire dragon blood?Chen Xiang was startled.The Profound yang alchemic furnace was not built from Profound yang stone, but Fire dragon blood jade?As the name suggested, the Fire dragon blood jade was a jade holding a Fire dragon's blood.

Dragons, according to legends are ancient divine beasts capable of dominating heaven and earth, never been seen by anyone.

"Fire dragon blood jade, made after soaking jade into Fire dragon's blood, not only is it indestructible, but also emits a strange fire Qi, which has a great advantage on pills.This alchemic furnace is a sacred level dragon weapon!"After speaking, Su Meiyao's beautiful cheeks became a little rosy, appearing to be extremely excited.

Even this ice-cold beauty Bai Youyou, ordinarily her face was similar to snow but now excitement could be seen on her face.

Chen Xiang knew this alchemic furnace was formidable, but he was still confused, he muttered:"How formidable?"

Su Meiyao tenderly spat, then charmingly said:"Silly boy, you just made a big profit, in this mortal world, various magic weapon can be divided into----ordinary weapon, spirit weapon, precious weapon, then above, after transferring to heavens above, refined by immortals----immortal weapon and sacred weapon, while sacred level dragon weapon is made by adding dragon body parts during the time of refining, among sacred weapons it is the most formidable."

Chen Xiang's mouth slightly twitched, for him it was somewhat unbelievable:"This......this alchemic furnace is from the heavens."

"That is natural, if a dragon appeared in this mortal world, then, the whole mortal world will collapse and destruct as it cannot afford the power released by the dragon."Bai Youyou said.

"Really a dragon?"Chen Xiang swallowed his saliva.

Su Meiyao's jade like fingers teased the black hairs on his forehead, slowly said:"Of course, if you have the opportunity to leave this mortal martial world, and go to those high rank worlds, you will know your own insignificance."

"I will go in, I really cannot stand this Fire dragon blood jade, junior sister you instruct him how to receive that sacred level dragon weapon."Finished speaking, Bai Youyou disappeared, she entered inside the ring.

This time Su Meiyao was in a good mood, her face wearing a shallow smile, looking very attractive and charming:"Take out that alchemic furnace, and bleed on it."

After Chen Xiang took out the Profound yang furnace, with a small blade cut his finger, as the blood dripped on the furnace and touched the smooth and bright red alchemic furnace, a red light suddenly flashed, at this time myriads of information surging into his mind, Chen Xiang got excited and immediately stood up.

"This alchemic furnace is called Flame dragon brilliant furnace, refined by someone called Yan Longzi."Chen Xiang excitedly said:"This furnace allows the alchemist to have better control over the temperature inside, moreover it can strengthen the flames.The flames inside, under the effect of Flame dragon blood jade, are transformed into a kind flame which is helpful in alchemy!Making it much more convenient to refine pills."

After speaking, Chen Xiang was much more excited, he said:"The most powerful point, not only does this alchemic furnace reduce the time of alchemy, but there is also an array law---Yin and yang against chaos, which can allow to speed up the passage of time inside."

After hearing, Su Meiyao’s graceful curvy tender body could not help but slightly tremble, she looked up at the round moon, muttered:"I and senior sister will not have to wait long for our strength to restore!In the end, who is this Yan Longzi?The person refining this thing should be rather famous, but I've not heard of him..."

Su Meiyao pursed her lips, apparently thinking of something.

Chen Xiang laughingly said:"Meiyao sister, of course you have not heard of him, this is man is but from heaven........Ordinarily it would take me an hour and half to refine Baptizing marrow dan, but now I think, I would be done in half an hour, even half an hour is too much!"

Chen Xiang holding the Flame dragon brilliant furnace, his face full of'looking forward to'expression.

Su Meiyao's charming eyes like silk looked at Chen Xiang, face with a shallow smile, it's enchanting and moving.

Chen Xiang slightly absent-minded, coughed twice, said:"I would be able to help the two sisters in restoring their strengths early, this little brother is also very happy, I will also try hard."

Su Meiyao came near, with her soft tender hands stroked Chen Xiang's handsome cheeks, while wafting orchid like aroma, casting a coquettish glance, prettily said:"You're a darling, sister now likes you a bit."

Listening to that numbing soft voice, feeling the stroking of that tender jade like hands, Chen Xiang swallowed his saliva, gave a hollow laugh and said:"Meiyao sister, I want to start practicing, currently I cannot utilise this alchemic furnaces power, I have to become stronger."

Su Meiyao smiled and nodded her head, then kissed Chen Xiang's cheek, immediately afterwards entered into the ring, only to leave Chen Xiang in a daze.

After a while, Chen Xiang's hand touched his cheek, his heartbeat accelerated, he did not expect this peerless beauty Su Meiyao would kiss him, he had never fantasized about them, as he knew both Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are not only absolutely beautiful, but also very powerful, so he has never fantasized, but now it seems a little may come true.

"Truly is a Yaojing, making my mind restless."Chen Xiang swore in his heart, but this time he was very happy, he can be intimate with such a woman, really is worthy to be happy about.

Originally Chen Xiang planned to exercise at night, but now he was refining pills, having such a sacred level dragon weapon alchemic furnace, he certainly wanted to try it immediately!

Chen Xiang carried a lot of herbs, this time he was refining Baptizing marrow dans, when he placed the herbs inside the alchemic furnace, the inside of the alchemic furnace clearly appeared in his mind, even some tiny traces upon herbs were crystal clear.

At this time, Chen Xiang just infused flames into the alchemic furnace, then arbitrary controlled the flames temperature.Even the divine sense consumption was very little, he could even leave a trace of his divine sense to look over the alchemic furnace, and practice at the same time!

At this time Chen Xiang knew that he obtained a great alchemic furnace, during alchemy he can get twice result with only half of the effort.Of course, he has solid basics, therefore using this sacred level dragon weapon alchemic furnace to refine pills, was simply effortless.

Half an hour passed, while Chen Xiang had already refined Baptizing marrow dan twice, and four pills each time!He was usually able to refine three pills, but with the help of Flame dragon alchemic furnace he can utilise all the herbs, and under the bizarre time acceleration, save more time, several times faster than usual.

Just to stimulate the profound law inside alchemic furnace, it had absorbed a large amount of his True Qi.

"Brother, now you should start refining Aura Qi Dan, it will allow you to enter 7th level of mortal martial realm----True aura realm, you should know ordinary people are not like you that is to be able to take such a large amount of Aura Qi Dan."Su Meiyao transmits in a cutesy voice.

In many alchemists eyes Aura Qi Dan is quite difficult to refine, moreover it is a mortal level middle-grade pill, therefore many alchemists does not want to refine, but Chen Xiang is nothing but fearless, because he now has the Flame dragon brilliant furnace.

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