World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0040 - Fire Dragon Blood Jade

Chapter 40:Fire Dragon Blood Jade

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Meng Bo originally came to find fault, but now he was ashamed in his heart, he was grateful about Chen Xiang’s previous conduct, thus he decided even if he won, he would not accept the Metal spirit fruit.

In an ordinary situation, three Aura Qi Dan can be refined at once, and for formidable alchemists they can refine four pills at once, after Meng Bo opened the lid of Profound Yang alchemic furnace, one could see four transparent pills with a trace of light yellow colour gradually levitating.

"Four Aura Qi Dan, worthy of Dan King!"Nearby one Alchemist could not help but praise:"From the looks of the colour and herbal fragrance, the pill quality should be excellent!"

At this time, it was Chen Xiang's turn, and after Chen Xiang opened his alchemic furnace, he gently blew, as the mist blew away, this time everyone were shocked, astonishment clearly visible on their face.

Five exquisitely carved, flawless pills were visible inside the furnace, but also there was a trace of white glossiness, there was no visible impurities in the Aura Qi Dan, as the herbal aroma entered into their nose, no one could believe it.

Not only five pills, but also of excellent quality, this level is far more than that of Meng Bo!

Meng Bo heaved a sigh, when he saw Chen Xiang, his eyes were full of respect.Before, he thought Chen Xiang was the same as Yao Tianhua, although somewhat talented, but still proud and arrogant, but now he saw that Chen Xiang refined Aura Qi Dan quality was far more superior to his, and could not help but be sincerely convinced!

"I lost!"Meng Bo sighed and said, he was no longer a Dan King full of arrogance, and now he looked much older, after-all this was for him a big blow.

"Meng Lao, I think you usually don't refine Aura Qi Dan!You can still refine the pill with such quality in an unfamiliar situation, as a junior I'm impressed, so be it, we consider it a tie, I did not win, and you did not lose."Chen Xiang showed a gentle smile, Meng Bo in the entire Southern Martial Empire was the most powerful alchemist, it was better to be friends with him.

[TLN:Lao means old, it is used when speak to someone who are close to them and much older than them.]

Meng Bo shook his head, and then took out the red shinning Profound yang alchemic furnace and handed it to Chen Xiang:"A lost is lost, this alchemic furnace is yours, for many years I have been relying on this alchemic furnace, and had neglected some basic things, it should have a better master than me."

Meng Bo's and Chen Xiang's actions, made those alchemist present filled with admiration, this made them have a new understanding of them.

Chen Xiang spread his hand:"Meng Lao, you should join our Dan King Gall, become the chief alchemist of the store?The Profound yang furnace is yours, while you still can obtain the Metal spirit fruit!"

Everyone was surprised, Chen Xiang actually wanted to reel in Meng Bo to Dan King Hall!

Chen Luzhong eyes lit up, smiled apologetically and quickly said:"This Dan King Hall needs Meng Lao to take charge, then only it can be undoubtedly Dan King Hall!"

Meng Bo pondered for a moment, said:"Good, but this alchemic furnace you must accept, you have very solid basics, with the help of this furnace, you will get twice the result with half the effort!"

Surprisingly Meng Bo complied, but the alchemist present were very unhappy with the presence of one such powerful Dan King.Now they would not be able to fish in troubled waters after entering Dan King Hall.

At this time, one old-man said:"Manger Chen, this old-man does not seek to be alchemist here, only hopes to be a janitor, you also do not need to pay."

Seeing the old-man, other followed the suit, having expressed their willingness to stay here without a pay, because they can together learn a lot of things from Dan King.

"Well......Meng Lao you take responsibility!"Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed.

Meng Bo frowned while looking at the dozens of old-men, then nodded his head:"You can stay behind."

Next, Chen Luzhong and Meng Bo picked two good alchemists from the tens of old-men, and gave them the Metal spirit fruit as remuneration.

After Meng Bo joined, Chen Xiang felt relieved, at least now he does not need to refine pills by himself, which was very tedious for him.

"GrandUncle, you should be the manager, you have been managing Spirit Dan Hall for many years, and is quite experienced regarding this, while Meng Lao and other seniors are simply responsible for alchemy."

Although Meng Bo is a Dan King, but perennial goes in seclusion for alchemy, so regarding management had no experience.

Meng Bo and the others also had no clue, Chen Luzhong also nodded, now inside Dan King Hall there were four relatively good alchemists and a dozen or so ordinary level alchemists, in comparison to the Yao family and Danxiang herbal manor, they had many alchemists compared to other forces.

At night, Chen Xiang and a group of white shinning haired old-men were sitting together, discussing alchemy techniques, Chen Xiang was taught by Su Meiyao, that alchemy technique was very brilliant, combined with his own experience, gave some pointers.Making the congregation of alchemists benefit greatly, everyone admired Chen Xiang, at such a young age, he had comprehended such things which made them exclaim in surprise.

"Chen Xiang, about this morning affront please forgive me!The Yao family once gave me some herbs, therefore I owe them a favour, but from now on between me and them it's written off."Meng Bo face looked ashamed.

Chen Xiang smiles, said:"The past is the past, the Yao family’s hate for me is deeply rooted, after-all I made them lose face."He got one good alchemic furnace and one excellent alchemist now, and this is all thanks to the Yao family, he was secretly grateful to the Yao family in his heart.

"Then we have to work hard, because the King City martial art tournament is about to begin, I have to prepare myself, I have to be first and get that True elemental dan."

Chen Xiang’s eyes glittered with a confident aura, this time everyone once again got startled, because they admire Chen Xiang for his alchemy talent, they completely forgot about his strength, now that they thought about it, Chen Xiang was also one of the strongest martial artists among younger generation!

Chen Xiang with his strength remained unscathed against that 7th level of mortal martial realm Yao family elder, and even defeated him, this type of talent was simply monstrous!

"I will go out and practice, everybody rest early!"Chen Xiang dropped this sentence and walked away.

Inside the forest at the outskirts of King City, Chen Xiang looking at the Profound yang alchemic furnace glittering with a fiery red aura, was somewhat excited in his heart.When he touched the furnace, he knew the furnace was extraordinary.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou the two peerless beauty also came out of the ring, looking at the Profound yang furnace won by Chen Xiang.

"Fire dragon blood jade!"Bai Youyou could not help but retreat a few steps, on ordinary days this elegant beauty was always cold but now actually feared this Profound yang furnace.

Su Meiyao's eyes were shinning while looking at the alchemic furnace, then bent down, and with her delicate hands caressed it gently, as similar to as caressing a baby.

Bai Youyou slowly came over, stubbornly staring at Profound yang furnace on the ground, her tender body wrapped in purple dress was actually slightly trembling, it looked as if she was facing an enemy.

"Yes, indeed it is the Fire dragon blood jade, I did not think that you, brat will get such an extreme treasure!If that half-baked Dan King came to know, he will probably die with grief."Su Meiyao smiled, and her face was full of joy, it was truly enchanting and moving, making people as such they could not wait to take her in her arms with love and affection.

Chen Xiang hastily put away the furnace, although he did not know what the Fire dragon blood jade, but he can see that Bai Youyou was very afraid of this alchemic furnace, with some guilt, he said:"Youyou sister, I'm sorry, I didn't knew you were afraid of this thing."

Bai Youyou complexion eased a lot, whispered:"It's ok, it's not your fault!"Her voice was actually so gentle and enchanting, Chen Xiang could not help but be surprised for a moment, an unspeakable tenderness suddenly surged in his heart, and he felt an inexplicable comfort.

Bai Youyou saw Chen Xiang's complexion somewhat strange, coldly said:"I practice devil exercises and my extreme yin body conflicts with this extreme yang Fire dragon blood jade."

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