Womanizing Mage

Chapter 48: Blood colored bugs’ sea

Chapter 48: Blood colored bugs’ sea

In order to leave this god forsaken place, everyone coincidentally quicken their speed.

“Wa, everyone look, what is that?” Lu Xiya was pleasantly surprised as she yelled loudly.

Everyone stopped, and smile appeared on their face. As a matter of fact, at a distance place they were able to faintly see lush and green waving up and down hills. This meant that they were not that far away from the end of this marsh.

“Everyone, work a little bit harder, very soon we will be living this damned marsh.” Ha Lei loudly shouted. This marsh swallowed two of his team member. Although they had only themselves to blame, but lacking two assistance somewhat increased the danger. He knew that marsh was not that terrifying, because their destination Lost city was even more dangerous place.

But just when six peoples darted towards the edge of marsh in high spirit, everyone inhaled mouthful of cold air, and all the high spirits of just a moment ago disappeared without a trace. Merely 300 meter away, there was light green grassland, but this 300 meter wide region nevertheless was real death zone. This was muddy marsh, which was filled with countless crawling blood red bugs, yes the same type of terrifying bugs, that had instantly chewed Ge Leite and Shi Yan without leaving even the bones.

“Ha Lei, what should we do? Does the map mark how to cross this?” Looking at the blood colored bugs’ sea, Lan Yan’s complexion became pale. He didn’t want to end up like Ge Leite and Shi Yan.

Ha Lei shook his head, and his complexion become solemn. After that he took out the map, and look at it over and over again, they had travelled exactly according to the route marked on the map without any deviation. But such terrifying bugs were not marked here on the map.

“Finished, all of our hard efforts were in vain.” Lan Tian sighed, he honestly didn’t has any confidence to pass through this last 300 meters distance.

And at this moment, Barbarian Bull, Lu Xiya and Leng Youyou reflexively looked at Long Yi, as subconsciously they had already considered Long Yi as their only leader, as for Ha Lei, they had no trust in him as a leader.

Long Yi was also staring at this blood colored bug’s sea in daze, just a moment ago from little far away he didn’t notice, but now he noticed these blood–red bugs seemed to simply stay within this 300 meters wide muddy marsh, without crossing that boundary line, so he thought that this might be man-made, or else how could these bugs seems so obedient.

“Unless every one of us could use float magic like Master Magicians, we cannot get through this.” Ha Lei gloomily said.

“Even if we all can use float magic, we are very unlikely to get though here.” Long Yi said with a wry smile.

“Why?” Ha Lei asked.

Long Yi tore off a piece of cloth from the lower edge of his clothing, and wrapped two hand full of soil in them. After that under the confused gaze of everyone, he threw it in the sky above these bugs’ sea with all his power. And everyone saw, just when this mud wrapped bundle entered the sky of this bugs sea, those bugs crawling on the ground immediately send out ear-piercing sound, then with as sudden as a flash of lightning they flew and enveloped the whole sky instantly which looked just like red clouds, but immediately these blood-red bugs again fell down, and as for that mud bundle, there was not even a single trace of it.

“See? Unless we can fly 500 meters high in the sky, don’t even think that it’s possible to pass this place.” Long Yi said.

This time everyone went silent. Fly past this, but did they have the ability or means of flying? Could it be that they really have to take the loss and retreat?

Very soon the sky gradually dimmed, but they were still unable to find the solution, but under Ha Lei’s instruction, everyone camped on the spot for the night and decided to think the measures tonight.

When everyone finished setting up the tent and were ready to take a rest, the final ray of the sun also sunk down the horizon, and the entire world changed into darkness. But just at this time, Long Yi and others had their mouth wide open, and were thoroughly dumbfounded looking at that bugs sea.

“Wa, so pretty ah.” Lu Xiya couldn’t help but said that. Nobody had expected that these vicious bugs who devoured people without spitting out the bones would unexpectedly shine in the night. It looked very beautiful just like a pure red crystal. This sight of hundreds of millions bugs emitting red light and wriggling in the boundless red sea, looked very beautiful and bewitching in the night.

In just this startled fashion, these six peoples stood at that place, looking at this surging forward in great momentum bugs’ sea in the dim light of night without speaking. Also don’t know after how long, in the midst of this fiery red bugs sea, suddenly air bubble rose, then a crocodile like reptile drilled out from inside the marsh. It appeared incomparable ugly, it’s stuck out triangular eyes emitted faint green radiance, and sharp tooth grew all over inside its long mouth, was somewhat similar to Earth’s long mouth alligator, however even more ferocious. The strange thing was, those blood-red bugs didn’t attack it, instead once they met it, they dispersed.

“What is that?” Long Yi asked. Seeing that crocodile like animal, he felt that he seems to know something, but was not very clear.

“This is Marsh human eating beast, often live in the group of several thousands. As long as one falls into the marsh with them inside, no matter whether he/she is Sword Saint or Master Archmage, it is hard to avoid death. Originally these terrifying bugs are sufficient enough to give us a headache, now these human eating beast. Could it be that we really have to stop here? I truly don’t want to resign.” Ha Lei shook his head and said, then entered his tent.

In the middle of the night, Long Yi woke up from meditation. He always felt that he knew a way to pass through this marsh, however it was rather blurred, and often felt he was about to grasp the key point.

Long Yi left his tent, that fiery red bugs’ sea was shining as before. He walked to the edge of the marsh and sat down, then stared blankly at those bugs and marsh human eating beasts. Human eating beast obviously noticed Long Yi, and several tens of them came towards him, but just like those bugs, they also didn’t dare to cross that boundary line.

Leng Youyou saw the figure sitting on the edge of marsh, and with extremely complex expression, she instinctively withdrew her steps. She risked her life to do this mission of Lost city because she naturally had her own goal too, so she was also very vexed because they were not able to pass through this marsh. But compared to the vexed feeling she had over this man, that vexed feeling couldn’t be considered anything.

These few days, Long Yi’s continuously teasing her made her happy, but she didn’t dare to face Long Yi. From Long Yi’s action, it completely revealed that he had accepted her, but she suddenly felt afraid. One side she was afraid that this was just a gorgeous soap bubble which was break under the touch of sunshine, and on other side, fear that she would implicate Long Yi.

“Wake up, come over and sit.” Just when Leng Youyou wanted to retreat, Long Yi’s voice suddenly transmitted inside her ear.

Leng Youyou jumped frightened, lifted her head and looked over, but Long Yi was still sitting at his original location, then why did she heard his voice right beside her ear? Perhaps she was already accustomed to Long Yi’s endless surprising abilities, Leng Youyou merely hesitated for a bit, then walked over to the side of Long Yi.

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