Womanizing Mage

Chapter 47: One more wife doesn’t matter

Chapter 47: One more wife doesn’t matter

Leng Youyou sensed Long Yi didn’t move for a long time, and the enthusiasm that filled her heart slowly fade away. After that two people intimately cuddled like this together without making any noise. No one speak even after a while, and the atmosphere became very strange.

Don’t know after how long, Long Yi climbed down from the top of Leng Youyou, then arranged his clothing. Right now his heart was in utter chaos, as he had never thought that the one mediating was unexpectedly Lu Xiya, and the sleeping however was Leng Youyou.

“You are leaving just like this?” When Long Yi stepped forward and reached the entrance of the tent, Leng Youyou did her utmost to calm down, but her quivering voice still revealed her chaotic mood.

Long Yi paused, lightly sighed, and gloomily said: “I’m sorry.” Finished speaking, he lifted the curtain and walked out from the tent with large strides.

Leng Youyou quietly finished putting on her clothes. That fiery touch still seemed to remain on her private parts, but her heart however suddenly felt a sharp pain, making her almost unable to bear. “When did I start to like that always grinning cheekily but completely mysterious man? Was it the first time we met and had a spirit battle or at the time when he embrace me in his bosom and cut off the probing of Dark Temptation? Even I myself don’t know very clearly, but I clearly know that I love Long Yi, but does he not like me even a little bit?” She thought to herself.

Leng Youyou didn’t blame Long Yi, she thought that everything was her fault. When Long Yi held her tightly, she already knew that it was Long Yi, the struggle in the beginning stem from her instinct, but afterwards’ pander nevertheless was her selfishness. She clearly knew that Long Yi mistakenly thought that she was Lu Xiya, but she still didn’t make a sound to warn him. She innocently thought that as long as she gave her body to Long Yi, she would become his woman.

Two rows of clear tears spilled over from the rim of her eyes, carrying the deep affection of young girl and fell down, afterwards break apart.

Long Yi agitatedly moved back and forth inside his tent, he suddenly felt somewhat shameless, finished taking advantage and afterwards leaving, wasn’t that too irresponsible. But he was also not stupid, he very clearly knew that a large part of the responsibility for this unexpected mistake incident also lies on Leng Youyou, but she was a girl, and he seized her, also took a big advantage of her, so could he still say that?

“Ai, now she definitely hate me to death, but what can I do in the circumstance of that time? Could it be that I must promise to marry her, but that’s impossible.” Long Yi hit his own forehead, then with a jump, he threw himself onto the big bed.

Long Yi buried his head into the pillow, very carefully thought how he felt towards Leng Youyou. She looked very ordinary, but also not ugly, and her figure was extremely superb. On the surface she was cold but warm inside her heart, and every now and then also very lovely. She cultivate dark magi and spirit magic, this however placed her in the same category as himself. Putting it this way, it was not impossible to accept her, thinking over and over in his mind, Long Yi reached this conclusion.

It seems hereafter he would be developing more intimate feelings with her, in any case, he had already determined three wives, so having one more also doesn’t matter. In any case, in this world as long as you are powerful, no one would say anything for marring multiple wives, instead was a kind of status symbol. After convincing himself, Long Yi thoughtlessly slept, he didn’t knew Leng Youyou had her thoughts in a whirl repeatedly right now.

Early in the next morning, Lu Xiya woke up from her meditation. She stood up and moved her muscles and bones, then turn around but she didn’t find Leng Youyou. Outside the tent, a burst of cold air blew, the earning morning air of this marsh region was moist but not fresh. Lu Xiya tightened her skintight clothing, raised her head and saw Leng Youyou standing not too far away looking into the distance.

“Elder sister Youyou, you woke up so early in the morning.” Lu Xiya went over to Leng Youyou and said.

Leng Youyou turned around, and said with a stiff smile on her face: “Yes, I was unable to fall asleep, so I came out to take a breather.”

Seeing Leng Youyou this haggard within one night’s time, Lu Xiya couldn’t help but was greatly taken aback, then she said with concern: “Elder sister Youyou, your complexion looks so bad, are you feeling unwell?”

Leng Youyou aguishly lowered her head, and sighed: “I’m fine, merely I was not able to sleep well yesterday that’s all.”

Lu Xiya had surprised expression on her face, normally the sleep quality of magicians was very good, because they had formidable backing of spirit power, but she knew that she shouldn’t ask anymore.

Just at that time, the lazy voice came through behind them: “Good morning, two beautiful ladies.”

Hearing the voice of Long Yi, Lu Xiya happily turned around and quickly ran over and pulled one arm of Long Yi with her hands.

“You are flattering me by addressing me beautiful lady, you two can fool around and banter flirtation by yourselves.” Leng Youyou coldly snorted, lowered her head, hurriedly passed Long Yi and walked towards her tent.

“Hey, Leng Youyou, don’t run away ah, having three people to fool around and banter flirtation is more interesting than only two.” Looking at the back view of Leng Youyou, Long Yi said.

Hearing Long Yi, Leng Youyou’s body became sluggish, the heart of a young girl couldn’t help but beat wildly. “In the end what is the meaning of his that sentence? Is he making fun of me or hinting that he intend to accept me?” Leng Youyou didn’t dared to think too much, just quickly entered inside her tent.

“Long Yi, elder sister Youyou seems to have something weighting on her mind.” Lu Xiya worriedly said.

“M-hm, there should be, you know that you womenfolk all have few such days every month with bad mood and love to be cranky.” Long Yi mischievously laughed.

Lu Xiya blushed, and angrily said: “Hateful, don’t talk nonsense, elder sister Youyou’s that day is not this time.”

“Oh, then when is that?” Long Yi engrossingly asked.

“At……why do I have to tell you that, big pervert?” Rolling her eyes, Lu Xiya replied to Long Yi.

“Then tell me yours.” Long Yi said with mischievous smile.

Lu Xiya looked left and right, determined that Barbarian Bull, Ha Lei and others were not around, then she stood on tiptoe and moved closer to Long Yi’s ear.

“At this ** time, satisfied, I am going to accompany elder sister Leng Youyou.” Finished speaking, Lu Xiya didn’t dare to look straight at Long Yi’s passionate expression, she immediately ran away with bright red face.

After casually eating the breakfast, Long Yi and travelling party again began their journey. Throughout the way, Long Yi frequently looked for an opportunity to tease Leng Youyou, but this little girl seemed to be determined to completely ignore him.

“Ha Lei, how long will it be before we can cross this marsh region? Lan Yan weakly asked. As his physique was weaker, very soon he would be unable to stand.

Ha Lei took out the map and carefully looked for a while, then answered: “Very soon, at our current speed, within one day we will pass through this marsh.”

Hearing they would be able to pass through this marsh within one day, everyone couldn’t help but had their spirit lifted, as after passing through this marsh region, they would arrive at Lost city. So the mood of everyone instantly become delighted, and all along the path, they began to chat happily.

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