Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 19

Violent Mistreatment of a Scumbag

“Huo Sicheng, you’re so silly. Why are you so silly…” Gu Qingcheng mumbled to herself, but her nose was sore, and her eyes were hot.

Qin Jun was right. Huo Sicheng would never explain himself, which was why Qin Jun had successfully provoked her in the past.

Even when Huo Sicheng donated his kidney and blood to her, he never showed her the pain.

He did not treat her well with words but with actions to prove his love for her.

The gift in the gift box touched her heart. She was touched and warm.

This was a moon-white phone with a pattern of orchid flowers. It was very beautiful and was her favorite. The fact that he had put in so much effort meant that he had specially customized it for her.

She had been so busy yesterday that she had completely forgotten to buy a new phone.

Based on his understanding of her, he was sure that she had forgotten about it, which was why he thoughtfully prepared a phone for her. However, she did not go to dinner that night and could not accept his love with her own hands.

She regretted not going to dinner last night. Why?

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world. She could only let herself pamper him well in the future and not allow herself to hurt him again.

The next moment, she picked up her phone and turned it on to find a number.

This number wasn’t in her phone book, but when she dialed it, her heart warmed up again.

There was no doubt that she had asked Huo Sicheng for this number. He had not given her his private number at that time.

Before he wrote his number on the paper, he must have thought of giving it to her in this way.

Therefore, he didn’t save his number in his phone book. He must have wanted her to save it herself and save his number with some name.

She typed out two words with her fingertips, a title that belonged to Huo Sicheng alone.

Gu Qingcheng was happy today, even though she had hurt Huo Sicheng by cooking spicy food. Fortunately, Mr. Zhao gave her some advice and made her realize her mistake in time.

However, she still did not go to see Huo Sicheng at noon because she had something urgent to do at the academy.

When she was done with her work, she would give him a big surprise to make up for her unintentional mistake.

At this moment, at the entrance of the Royal Dance Academy, the security guard had a cold expression on his face as he angrily chased them away. “I told you, Principal Gu isn’t here. Please leave.”

Gu Mei had red hair and wore a short purple skirt with sloping shoulders, revealing her proud figure and long legs. She looked flirtatious and delicate.

She glared angrily at the security guard, who refused to let her in. “Scum, I’m your principal’s biological sister. Even if she’s not here, I’m still qualified to enter the academy! Get lost!”

She had never been hit before in her life. Yesterday, her father, Gu Tianhao, slapped her several times because of Gu Qingcheng.

What made her even angrier was that Gu Qingcheng had found out about her affair with Qin Jun. Not only did Qin Jun not announce their relationship, but he also continued to pursue Gu Qingcheng. In the end, he left the Gu family without comforting her, who had been beaten up.

What infuriated her the most was that even her mother, Chu He, had slapped her in the face. Because of her carelessness, Gu Qingcheng had found out about her affair with Qin Jun.

That damned Gu Qingcheng. She had endured this b*tch for so many years, and she couldn’t take it anymore today.

Since Gu Qingcheng had offended her first, she would not heed her mother’s warning. She wouldn’t let Gu Qingcheng off the hook.

Just as she was about to push the security guard aside and barge into the academy, she saw Gu Qingcheng driving over.

She knew that she must’ve been blacklisted by Gu Qingcheng, which was why she couldn’t get into the academy. Besides, she couldn’t block the car with her body. If Gu Qingcheng found out she was having an affair with Qin Jun, she would kill herself with her car.

At this moment, a sinister glint flashed across her eyes. She looked at the security guard who was preventing her from entering the academy and said viciously, “You’re really a loyal dog to your principal! I hate her dog the most, so die!”

As she spoke, she pushed the security guard toward Gu Qingcheng’s car, which was speeding away without any intention of stopping.

Gu Qingcheng could see Gu Mei from afar, but she didn’t have the time to pay attention to her. She wanted to return to the academy to deal with her work, so she could see Huo Sicheng as soon as possible. So, when she was about to drive into the academy, the security guard rushed toward her car.

Her heart stopped, and she slammed on the brakes frantically.

It was her action that reminded her of how she braked crazily before she died.

However, when she died, Qin Jun had tampered with the car, causing the brakes to malfunction. This time, the front of her car was only a foot from the security guard, but she managed to stop quickly.

The braking action instantly reminded her of the scene before her death. Resentment and killing intent burst out in her chest.

She opened the car door, her almond-shaped eyes were furious, and her entire body was emitting a hostile aura. She walked towards Gu Mei like a demon from hell.

Gu Mei was gloating at the sight of the security guard being run over by Gu Qingcheng. If that happened, Gu Qingcheng would become a murderer. Not only would she have to go to jail, but she would also make use of this to make sure that Gu Qingcheng died in Jiang City.

Not only did the security guard survive, but Gu Qingcheng was also walking toward her.

When she saw Gu Qingcheng’s face clearly, her legs went weak. Her eyes were filled with fear, and she instinctively ran toward her car.

She had seen Gu Qingcheng angry many times since childhood, but this time, she was scarier than ever. It was because her eyes had become as sharp as knives. She looked like she wanted to tear her apart.

Before she came here, she had already thought of a way to set Gu Qingcheng up, so she didn’t plan to let Gu Qingcheng run over the security guard.

What made her even more furious was that she had just met Gu Qingcheng’s eyes, and she could clearly see the disdain in them.

She hated Gu Qingcheng, who had stolen her title as the eldest daughter of the Gu family. She hated her contempt for her even more. That was why she pushed the security guard.

However, her plan had failed. Not only did Gu Qingcheng not do what she wanted, but she was even more frightened by her fierce look.

She watched as she ran to the front of the car. Just as she opened the car door and was about to get in, she felt a pain in her head.

“Ah…” Gu Mei screamed. She looked at Gu Qingcheng, who was tugging at her hair. “Let go. It hurts!”

Gu Qingcheng let go of Gu Mei and slapped her face thrice.

“Gu Mei, you’re courting death!”

Gu Mei’s face was red and swollen like a pig’s head again. She was beaten until she was dizzy and fell heavily to the ground.

“Y-you… How dare you hit me…?” Covering her face, she glared at Gu Qingcheng in pain and anger.

“If I feel like hitting you, I’ll just hit you. I won’t pick a day.” Gu Qingcheng’s eyes were bloodshot with hatred as she slapped Gu Mei again.

Gu Mei screamed again and fell to the ground.

Blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth, and her eyes were filled with murderous intent. A conspiracy was brewing in her heart, and she looked at Gu Qingcheng again.

“Sister, your mania is getting worse!!!” She deliberately wailed in pain and squeezed out a few drops of fake tears.

“It’s fine if you hit my parents and me, but you killed someone this morning. I just wanted you to turn yourself in, so you hit me.” Gu Mei cried bitterly and begged, “Sister, killing is illegal. I beg you to turn yourself in, okay?”

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