Wedding Night! A Regretful Marriage to Her Disabled Rival!

Chapter 18

Falling Into Each Other

Gu Qingcheng’s eyes widened as she felt Huo Sicheng’s kiss.

As they moved, he seemed to want to suck all the sweetness from her body.

The water rippled.

In the midst of a domineering attack.

Huo Sicheng’s kiss numbed Gu Qingcheng, and her mind went blank.

She had already forgotten to struggle and resist. She raised her hands and hooked them around Huo Sicheng’s neck. She closed her eyes as if she was responding to him.

The two hearts collided and sank into each other.

“Daddy…” Suddenly, Huo Xuan’s sobbing voice sounded. “Where are you? Daddy…”

Huo Xuan’s voice got Gu Qincheng to her senses, and she realized that she was pressed against his chest, her arms around his neck.

She was shocked that she would do such a thing, but she also knew that her body was more honest than her and responded truthfully.

“Xuan’er is looking for you.” Her face was red, and her heart was beating fast. She did not dare to look at him.

She was so embarrassed that she couldn’t control herself. She could only get up from Huo Sicheng’s arms in a hurry and quickly wrapped herself in a towel. She endured the pain of her leg cramping and left the bathtub.

She wanted to open the door and go out, but when she thought of Huo Xuan’s crying voice, she was obviously in a bad mood. It was unsuitable for her to appear in front of Huo Xuan in this state.

She turned around and looked at Huo Sicheng. Her eyes made her breath stop, and her heart beat faster.

His clothes were messy, and his short black hair dripped with water droplets. The water droplets slid down his sexy jaw and landed on his strong chest muscles. He was so handsome that she could not take her eyes off him.

She swallowed hard and avoided his burning gaze. “It’s inappropriate to go out and see Xuan’er like this. He must have encountered something that urgently needs your help. Hurry up and go out to coax him.”

Huo Sicheng’s breathing was ragged, and his eyes were filled with the desire to endure Gu Qingcheng.

Damn it, he had lost control because of her.

She had treated him like a toy, but he had fallen for her.

She was really a seductive vixen that made him obsessed.

“Help me.” His voice was hoarse.

Gu Qingcheng froze momentarily before realizing that Huo Sicheng’s legs were crippled.

Ignoring her shyness, she quickly went up to Huo Sicheng and helped him up.

Now, she just wanted him to disappear from her sight so that she wouldn’t be so embarrassed.

Huo Sicheng could smell the fragrance of Gu Qingcheng’s body. The light in her eyes made his Adam’s apple roll, and his body felt hot and uncomfortable.

He took a step forward, and then, as if he had thought of something, he furrowed his brows and pressed his entire body against Gu Qingcheng’s.

Gu Qingcheng was so focused on getting Huo Sicheng to leave that she didn’t notice the movement in his legs.

When she felt his weight leaning on her, she really wanted to complain that he was very heavy.

However, she did not say anything about him. She could only use all her strength to support him and let him sit in the wheelchair in time.

Huo Sicheng knew what Gu Qingcheng was thinking. He opened the door and said to her, “I won’t be going back to my room tonight. You should just sleep.”

When Huo Sicheng left the bathroom, Gu Qingcheng let out a long sigh of relief and stomped her feet in frustration.

She was so angry. How could he enter the bathroom without her permission?

That was not right.

The two of them were married. He did not need her permission to enter the bedroom or the bathroom.

“Daddy, I had a nightmare.” Huo Xuan’s childish voice called from outside the door, interrupting Gu Qingcheng’s thoughts.

Gu Qingcheng didn’t hear Huo Sicheng’s comforting voice. Instead, she heard the loud sound of the door closing. She knew Huo Sicheng was deliberately telling her that he had already left with the child.

Gu Qingcheng couldn’t sleep that night because of what had happened in the bathtub. She didn’t fall asleep until the next morning.

When she woke up, it was already noon. Huo Sicheng had already gone to the company, and Huo Xuan had gone to school.

She wanted to go to the kitchen to make lunch for Huo Sicheng, but she remembered what had happened last night. Her face was red, and her ears were hot. She chose not to send him food so she could calm down first.

“Miss Gu.” Mr. Zhao walked into the dining room. He saw Gu Qingcheng cutting chili peppers and said, “There are servants in the villa. You don’t have to cook.”

“There are indeed servants in the villa, but it’s already noon, and I don’t see anyone making lunch for me.” Gu Qingcheng looked at Mr. Zhao. She wasn’t complaining that she was being treated differently. She was telling the truth.

“Miss Gu, you’ve misunderstood us.” Mr. Zhao straightened his back and stood beside Gu Qingcheng. “It’s true that all the chefs in the villa don’t know how to cook spicy food. If we cook spicy food rashly, it might not taste good, and you’ll be angry that we’ve neglected you.”

Gu Qingcheng’s hand froze in the middle of cutting the vegetables. She looked at Mr. Zhao in shock and said, “Sicheng can’t eat spicy food…”

However, Huo Sicheng had eaten the spicy dishes she had made yesterday. It seemed that he could eat spicy food as well as she could.

Mr. Zhao was surprised. He hadn’t expected Gu Qingcheng to understand so quickly.

After all, Young Master had warned him to shut up.

But for the sake of his young master’s health, he had to remind Gu Qingcheng that she couldn’t continue to hurt him.

“Young Master is busy with work all day and doesn’t eat regularly, so his diet is mainly light.”

Gu Qingcheng stared at the chili in front of her. People who didn’t eat regularly would have stomach problems.

People with stomach problems couldn’t eat spicy or cold food. They had to eat light, nutritious, and nourishing food.

Was Huo Sicheng crazy?

He clearly had gastric problems, so why did he still eat her cooking?

For a moment, her heart ached.

In the past, she would have thought that Huo Sicheng was crazy. However, after knowing that he loved her, she understood that he knew that he couldn’t eat spicy food, but he still ate it because it was a meal that she personally made for him. Even if it were poison, he would not hesitate to eat it.

Silly, he was really a fool. It made her heart ache.

Mr. Zhao couldn’t read Gu Qingcheng’s emotions, but he believed that she understood what he meant. “Shrimps are delicious, but some people are allergic to them. Alright, I won’t bother your cooking. If you ever have an allergic reaction, please look for me. We have allergy medicine at home all year round in case of emergencies.”

Gu Qingcheng froze. Huo Sicheng was allergic to prawns, but he had eaten the prawns she had given him…

Mr. Zhao saw the change in Gu Qingcheng’s expression. He knew that she had understood everything.

The next moment, he placed the gift box Huo Sicheng had asked him to throw away in front of Gu Qingcheng.

“Young Master wanted to give this gift to you personally last night. But you weren’t at dinner, so I’m here to give you this gift today.”

When he found out that the young master had slept with the little master that morning, he was surprised that the young master hadn’t punished Gu Qingcheng and was relieved.

After all, what happened last night must have made the young master understand that Gu Qingcheng didn’t care about him. He would stay away from her in the future.

At the very least, he was the last person he wanted to see his young master sharing a bed with her.

As for the gift, he knew very well that he shouldn’t have done so. If he said that the young master had given her a gift, it would increase her arrogance of being favored and improve her relationship with the young master.

However, he knew better than anyone else that his young master had bought Gu Qingcheng many gifts she liked and had never given them away.

This time, although he was caught in a dilemma, he still chose not to let the young master be upset. He decided on his own.

By the time Gu Qingcheng realized what was going on, Mr. Zhao had already left. She stared blankly at the exquisite gift box in front of her, and her heart ached.

She wanted to pamper Huo Sicheng, but in the end, all she did was hurt him.

However, he was not angry and even bought her a present.

Why was he so stupid? Why was he so stupid?

She opened the box with trembling hands. When she saw the gift inside, her eyes widened in shock…

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