Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Choices

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The martial arts competition was over and Xi’er left, leaving Su Mo standing on the fighting ring, speechless.

“I don’t need to understand. I just want to be with Brother Su Mo.”

“Brother Su Mo, I like you!”

After a while, Xi’er’s words still lingered in his ears.

Su Mo felt bitter in his heart. He was incompetent in protecting Xi’er, whom he liked very much.

“Mo’er, let’s go back!”

Su Hong patted him on his shoulder and consoled him. “I believe that you’ll eventually see Xi’er again one day.”

Hearing Su Hong’s words, Su Mo recovered, inhaled a deep breath, and firmly said, “In five years, I’ll bring Xi’er back. More importantly, I’ll keep Shangguan Hao under my foot forever.”

“I trust you!” Su Hong deeply nodded his head and comforted Su Mo.

Then, they left the Mansion of the City Governor and returned to the Su’s.

As the spectators left, what had happened in the martial arts competition had been spread over the entire Sunnywood City.

Su Mo, out of all expectations, had defeated Wei Rufeng of the Wei clan and become the champion in the martial arts competition.

When the competition was just over, two powerful and mysterious men had come to the Mansion of the City Governor and taken that timeless beauty away.

Su Mo had made a five-year engagement with the youth that he would challenge him in five years.

In a word, after the martial arts competition, Su Mo had completely become the man of the hour and the first genius in Sunnywood City.

Regardless of what was happening outside, Su Mo sat cross-legged in his room and swallowed the Energy-boosting Elixir that he had gotten in the martial arts competition.

No wonder Energy-boosting Elixir was in the Upper Lv 1, for tremendous efficacy was hidden inside.

The elixir was transformed into pure energy and spread over his entire body the minute he swallowed it.

Su Mo activated the cultivation method, which led the energy to flow smoothly through his meridians. Finally, the energy ended up in his elixir field.

As the efficacy took effect, the genuine Qi inside his body was quickly multiplied. One hour later, he smoothly smashed through the barrier in cultivation.

He was promoted to the Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm.

Afterward, Su Mo also ate the 100-year red sage.

The 100-year red sage was also in the Upper Lv 1, but it was not as powerful as the Energy-boosting Elixir in efficacy. However, it could not only improve his cultivation but also complement his Qi blood.

With the help of the red sage, Su Mo reached the middle stage of the Lv 8 Qi Cultivation Realm.

Over the following days, Su Mo was immersed in cultivating each day.

His cultivation progressed steadily. Besides, he also made progress in swordplay and footwork day after day. His Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist achieved the Great Completion Realm.

The only thing that Su Mo had faith in was that he must go to Central Continent in five years to find Xi’er.

Nobody could stop him, even though he did not know where Central Continent was or how far away it was.

Time flew by. A half month passed in the blink of an eye. The lunar new year was just around the corner.

In the Master’s yard, Su Mo and Su Hong sat at the table, which was filled with delicious food. Apparently, they were enjoying the family reunion dinner.

Speaking of which, the family had only two members.

Su Mo’s mother had died at an early age and Su Hong did not have any siblings. Such being the case, only Su Mo and Su Hong enjoyed the family reunion dinner each year.

“Mo’er, do you have a plan for the new year?” asked Su Hong.

“Dad, I’m planning to go out and get experience for myself!” replied Su Mo. Based on his ability, he was peerless among all the young inferiors in Sunnywood City.

Moreover, the higher his realm progressed into, the slower his cultivating speed became, so it was time to get himself some practice outside of Sunnywood City.

“In one month, the four sects in Skymoon Country will recruit new disciples. You can give that a try.”

Su Hong sighed, and then continued, “But the four sects have high requirements on the levels of their disciples’ Martial Souls. Their bottom line is a Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul. You’re highly talented, but your Martial Soul is too low. Although there isn’t much hope, you still have an opportunity.”

Su Hong greatly hoped that his son could be recruited by one of the four sects. But he felt also hopeless about Su Mo’s Martial Soul being too low.

“Dad, my Martial Soul isn’t at Rank 1 Human Class.”

After some thought, Su Mo decided to tell him the truth.

“What? Not at Rank 1 Human Class?”

Su Hong was stunned in confusion. Though he had not been at the scene, many elders and inferiors had witnessed Su Mo awaken a Martial Soul of Rank 1 Human Class. Thus, it could not be wrong.

“That’s right, dad. Look!”

Su Mo smiled and let out his Martial Soul.

The black Devouring Martial Spirit suspended in the air with six shining yellow light rings around it.

Rank 6 Human Class Martial Soul!

“What? Six yellow light rings?”

Su Hong was shocked.

Su Mo pulled back his Martial Soul. After a while, Su Hong recovered.

“Mo’er, your Martial Soul is at the Rank 6 Human Class now! No wonder you can cultivate so quickly!”

Su Hong was overjoyed and excited, thinking, “A Rank 6 Human Class Martial Soul is very rare. Sunnywood City hasn’t seen one for decades.”

He did not know how Su Mo’s Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul had progressed to be at the Rank 6 Human Class, but it did not matter anymore.

“Haha! Dad, due to my talent, I’ll have no difficulties being recruited by any Sect,” said Su Mo confidently.

“Haha, you bet. A Rank 6 Human Class Martial Soul is good enough for you to enter any Sect.”

Su Hong laughed, then asked, “Which Sect do you plan on entering?”

“Dad, what are the differences among the four sects?” asked Su Mo.

After some thought, Su Hong explained, “The four sects are the Sky Rapier Sect, the Scorching Sun Sect, Gale Island, and the Sky Yuan Sect. Among them, the Sky Rapier Sect is the most powerful one and the other three are at the same level. Thus, if you want to join in a Sect, the Sky Rapier Sect is the best choice.”

“The Sky Rapier Sect?” Su Mo meditated on that.

“Yeah. The Sky Rapier Sect is famous for its swordplay and over 90% of its disciples cultivate swordplay. Since you’re used to swords, the Sky Rapier Sect is your top choice.”


Su Mo nodded his head. At the present, the Sky Rapier Sect was the most well-matched with him.

Time flew by. Several days passed.

On this day, Su Mo was practicing in his room. “Dong, dong…!” Knocking sounds broke out.

Su Mo stood up, opened the door, and found a servant and a pretty lady standing before him.

Su Mo had met this lady before. It was the maid of Purple Gold Pavilion herself.

“Young master, This is Lady Yue from Purple Gold Pavilion, who asks to see you,” said the servant respectfully as he paid homage to Su Mo.

Su Mo lightly arched his brows, wondering why the maid had asked to see him, and then asked, “Why do you want to see me?”

“Young master Su, our leader dispatches me to invite you to the Pavilion,” she gently said, staring at Su Mo with her bright eyes.

Her eyes were full of mixed feelings, including fear, admiration, and shyness. She was curious about the first genius of Sunnywood City.

“Your leader wants to see me?”

Su Mo felt somewhat surprised. Aside from twice trading Beast Souls, he had no relationship with the leader of Pavilion, Luo Huan. But why did she want to see him?

“Alright! Show me the way!”

After some thoughts, Su Mo decided to meet Luo Huan and figure out why she had asked to meet him.

Then, Su Mo followed the maid and walked toward Purple Gold Pavilion.

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