Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: A Carp Transforming Into a Dragon

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Upon hearing what Shangguan Hao said, Xi’er’s face instantly darkened.

“You… I won’t allow you to talk about my Brother Su Mo like that.”

Xi’er felt furious. Anyone that insulted Su Mo made her upset.

Shangguan Hao lifted his eyebrows as he never thought that Xi’er cared about this native so much.

“Lady, our master orders us to take you back no matter what happens,” said the 13th Elder. Since the master made such an order, he would bring Xi’er back even against her will.

“Brother Su Mo!”

Xi’er anxiously looked at Su Mo.

“Xi’er, don’t worry!”

Su Mo patted her on her hands and said, “As long as I’m here, nobody will take you away.”

Su Mo was very glad that Xi’er could find her biological parents. If she would like to accompany her parents, he would, of course, not stop her. However, since she was unwilling to go back, he would definitely protect her.

“As long as you’re here? How dare you to promise that, you menial ant!” shouted Shangguan Hao. Out of the blue, a rush of air burst out from his body and impacted Su Mo.


With a mouthful of blood escaping his lips, Su Mo was flown backward and fell down on the ground heavily.

“Brother Su Mo!” Xi’er was shocked and held him up hurriedly.


Su Hong was furious and, staring at Shangguan Hao with his eyes full of anger, he yelled, “What do you mean?”

“You’re not qualified to talk to me!”

Without looking at Su Hong, Shangguan Hao just waved his robe, and then Su Hong felt his body being hit by such a great force that he was pushed back several steps with a trace of blood on the corner of his lip.


Su Hong was extremely shocked.

“How is this possible?”

The young man looked only 16 or 17 years old, but with just a wave, he had hurt Su Hong and shocked him backward.

The arrogant, bully and domineering Shangguan Hao had, in his eyes, a very high status that deprived Su Hong and other people of the qualifications to talk to him.

Su Mo clenched his fists tightly and felt absolutely furious that Shangguan Hao was so unscrupulous and overwhelming.

But he did not impulsively move to fight against Shangguan Hao, for he was not his match at all and would end up as a big failure.

Besides, a more powerful elder was standing next to him.

“Well, son of the saint, don’t waste time. The master is waiting for us!” said the 13th Elder to Shangguan Hao. Then, he instantly looked at Xi’er and said, “Lady, with all due respect, we have to return to Emperor Xuan Palace.”

Then the 13th Elder waved his hand, creating a strong wind that brought Xi’er back to his side.

“Xi’er!” Su Mo was stunned. As soon as he wanted to try and help her, his body was shocked by a formidable momentum as if a mountain was on his back and he could no longer move.

“Let me go! Let me go!”

Xi’er furiously screamed, but she could not free herself from her bonds.

“Lady, what the hell do you want to do?” asked the 13th Elder with his face darkened. If she were not the master’s daughter, he would have directly taken her away regardless of her will.

“Leave me alone, and I want to be with brother Su Mo,” yelled Xi’er.

The 13th Elder frowned, glanced at Su Mo and said with his head shaking, “You two will never be together.”

“Why not?” asked Xi’er.

“Because you two will be in totally different worlds.”

The 13th Elder indifferently continued, “He’s a commoner, just like a carp that lives in a small lake forever. He’ll never have the opportunity to see the outside world. But after returning to Emperor Xuan Palace, you’ll become a bird, flying in the sky at your will, and your road will become wider. Do you understand?”

The farthest distance in the world was the distance between a bird and fish.

Xi’er was in a daze, but then she firmly shook her head and said, “I don’t need to understand, and all I want is to be with Brother Su Mo.”

Su Mo was touched upon hearing Xi’er’s words of such deep feelings for him.

The 13th Elder’s said with his darkened face, “Lady, I persuade you to forget him! If the master knows this, he’ll destroy not only him, but also his clan.”

Xi’er completely was completely stunned.

The color seemed uncertain on Su Mo’s face. After a while, he said to Xi’er suddenly, “Xi’er, go with them!”

“Brother Su Mo!” Xi’er was shocked and looked at him with confusion.

“Xi’er, he’s right. You can practice your martial arts better only after you go back with them. I’ll go to the Central Continent to look for you later!” said Su Mo seriously.

Su Mo had thought it through that it was not bad for Xi’er to go back with them. Instead, she would obtain a better start on the road of martial arts.

More importantly, he knew that those two would take Xi’er away anyway and he could not block them.

That was because he could not match them.

Su Mo tightly clenched his hands together as he was desperately eager for power at this moment.

Speechless, she had tears welling up in her eyes.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You’ll never go to the Central Continent for the rest of your life and you’ll never see my sister again.”

Shangguan Hao smiled scornfully and his words were full of thick ridicule.

When he stared at the young man in the brocade robe, Su Mo’s eyes were filled with a frozen chill and a killing thought arose from his heart.

“It’s not your business whether I can go to the Central Continent or I can see Xi’er or not,” said Su Mo coldly.

“You’re asking to die! How dare you talk to me like that! Do you know my status?” yelled Shangguan Hao coldly with his eyes full of a burning desire to kill.

“Your status? Don’t you come from Emperor Xuan Palace?” asked Su Mo.

“Haha! Do you know what Emperor Xuan Palace stands for?”

After scornfully laughing, he said full of arrogance, “I’ll tell you what Emperor Xuan Palace represents. Emperor Xuan Palace’s power is beyond your imagination, you’ll never get close to it in your entire life! It can also decide on the life or death of millions of people in a second.

“Now you know the distance between you and me—you lowly ant!”

Shangguan Hao lifted his head and looked at Su Mo with his eyes full of bold contempt.

Su Mo tightly frowned, felt furious at his contempt, and said coldly, “You keep calling me a menial ant. Now, as powerful as you are, what realm have you achieved?”


Shangguan Hao laughed condescendingly and replied, “My cultivation is what you’ll have been eager for your whole life.”

“That I’ve been eager for my whole life?”

Su Mo disdainfully shook his head and said with surprise, “Since you’re so confident, let’s see how long you can keep me looking up to you. It’ll take me 10 years, no, only five years to exceed you. I’ll challenge you in five years.”

The crowd became instantly silent at his words and all looked at him in surprise.

Even Su Hong felt shocked at his son.

“What? You should challenge me in five years?”

Shangguan Hao was stunned, then he disdainfully laughed and shook his head, speechless. Then he said, “You still don’t get it. You’re like the frog in the well, which is so sad!”

Then Shangguan Hao continued, “I accept your challenge and wait for you at any time. By the way, my name is Shangguan Hao.”

Shangguan Hao said those words jokingly, he did not take the words seriously.

“Is it possible for a menial nonentity to surpass me in five years?”

“Of course, it’s impossible.

Su Mo ignored him, looked at the elder who was in a grey robe, and said, “Elder, you’ve said just now that Xi’er will become a bird in the sky while I’m only a carp in a small lake. I admit that it’s a good and appropriate metaphor.”

The crowd felt astonished at his words and thought that Su Mo had straightened out his thinking.

The 13th Elder lifted his eyebrows at his words, then felt puzzled and thought,“Did he suddenly become reasonable?”

But right at that moment, Su Mo suddenly shifted the topic, “But I want to remind you that even a carp can pass a dragon gate and transform into a dragon. How can you be sure that I won’t become a powerful man just like you?”

Su Mo pronounced his words one by one as if the lofty ambition of a young man became true and then soared into the sky.

“The carp leaps through the dragon’s gate?”

“A carp transforms into a dragon?”

The 13th Elder felt surprised at Su Mo’s exciting words, then he shook his head. After glancing at Su Mo again, he said with a stony face, “Son, you’re too naive. The carp leaps through the dragon’s gate? A carp transforms into a dragon? These are the fantasies of the weak.”

The 13th Elder felt amused in his heart and thought, “This young man has a great but unrealistic ambition!” 

“I’ll make it in five years,” said Su Mo with determination.

“I’ll make it in five years,” said Su Mo with determination.

The 13th Elder smiled, took his words as a joke, and said to Shangguan Hao, “Son of the saint, let’s go.”


Shangguan Hao nodded, looked at Su Mo, and coldly said, “A carp will remain a carp forever and never become a dragon.”

Then together with Xi’er, they flew directly into the sky.

“Brother Su Mo, I like you!”

Xi’er abruptly shouted with her beautiful eyes full of tears.

Su Mo’s heart suddenly beat, for this was the first time that Xi’er told Su Mo her feelings towards him.

“Xi’er, wait for me!”

Su Mo yelled back when seeing her figure gradually disappear in the sky.

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