Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1881 - Advice

Chapter 1881: Advice

Ancientspirit Galaxy, Heavenly Sorcerer Star, on Sacred Mountain, in the Cave.

Saint Elder Jia Shen sat cross-legged as his eyes flashed with raging murderous intent.

“It has finally appeared again!” Saint Elder Jia Shen muttered to himself. He felt that the Demon Sealing Soul Curse had acted up once again and that Su Mo had appeared again.

Immediately after, he squinted and carefully sensed for the place where the curse acted up.

“It is Ah Mi Galaxy, that wretched animal has actually run to Ah Mi Galaxy!” Saint Elder Jia Shen’s eyes lit up. This spelt trouble.

After all, Ah Mi Galaxy was very far away. Even with his speed, it would take close to two months to get to Ah Mi Galaxy.

By then, who knew where Su Mo would have already run to?

“Is he trying to find a way to break the curse?” Saint Elder Jia Shen wondered. Buddha World was full of Buddhist chants and was indeed resistant to the effects of the inner demon. This was how Su Mo had broken through in the Tai Yin Tribe.

As such, he guessed that Su Mo had gone to Ah Mi Galaxy to find a way to break the curse.

“This time, I must completely kill you!”

After a while, Saint Elder Jia Shen got up. Regardless of where Su Mo was, he had to go there to kill him.

During this period of time, the Sorcerer Tribe had gone up and down. Not only were they angered, they were also anxious.

The death of Grand Priest Wu Lun of the Heavenly Underworld Star did not mean that an Elite had been lost, but proved Su Mo’s growth.

A few years ago, he was only a small fry and was actually able to kill an Intermediate Martial Sage Realm warrior. This had startled the entire Sorcerer Tribe.

With regards to the Sorcerer Tribe of the Power of the Empty God Realm, they were naturally unafraid. However, for ordinary people, Su Mo had already become a thorn in their flesh. They would not live in peace if Su Mo was not killed.

They did not know when Su Mo would come back and Su Mo’s talent was so terrifying that the entire Tribe was on tenterhooks and filled with anxiety.

If they were not able to kill Su Mo in a short period of time, their Sorcerer Tribe would have to pay an even more painful price and would result in the death of many.

As for the growth of Su Mo’s speed, he would have the power of a King Sage Rank in a couple of years.

For the Sorcerer Tribe, it was definitely a huge worry. Other than the Power of the Empty God Realm, no one else could control Su Mo.

After a while, Saint Elder Jia Shen left the cave and did not bring anyone from his tribe. He merely left the Tribe and went towards Ah Mi Galaxy.

When Su Mo left the Three Ladies Inn, the others inside, such as Mo Lin, Gao Haoran, Fan Yunsheng, and the others had also left.

At the same time, there were many elites who walked out of the town.

Swoop swoop swoop!!

The sound of air tearing reverberated as a large number of Elites rose to the sky and left town, flying towards the mountain range and towards the edge of the huge crack.

Su Mo’s body flashed as he flew away from town, towards a place not far from the crack in the Empty Space. He hovered in mid-air to observe.

The crack in the Empty Space seemed that they had lasted for a long time, but the wind blowing inside them seemed to have weakened significantly.

Swoop swoop swoop!!

Elites kept coming and stayed in front of the crack of the Empty Space, carefully observing.

There were many Elites, thousands of them, and all of them were living in various Inns of town.

Other than Fan Yunsheng and Gao Haoran, whom Su Mo was familiar with, Su Mo had discovered a few others he recognised.

For example, Sun Taishan of the Battling Sacred Ape Tribe, Yin Jiu of the Undying Tribe, Feng Ling of the Sky Phoenix Tribe, Baili Liqing of the Sacred Sword Sect, and a few Geniuses who had gone to the Tai Yin Tribe previously.

Of course, although these people were demons who had become saints under a hundred years old, they were not the most conspicuous out of everyone there.

Some people’s auras were extremely powerful and unconcealed. They just stood there quietly like a mountain which was insurmountable.

Mo Lin was one of them. There were three other people who were no worse than Mo Lin. One of them was a middle-aged man in a woolen robe. He was not majestic and his cultivation seemed more than an Intermediate Martial Sage Realm. He most probably was an Elite of the Advanced stages of the Martial Sage Realm.

The other two were a lady and a man. The man was in a black robe. He was big and tall and wore a cloak so that one could not see his face. The lady was tall and elegant and she looked beautiful.

One of them stood next to Yin Jiu while the other stood with Feng Ling. It was evident that they were of the Undying Tribe and Sky Phoenix Tribe.

As for the rest of the crowd, more than half of them were Elites of the Intermediate Stage of Martial Sage Realm. Their aura was only second to Mo Lin.

All of them were staring at the huge crack in the Empty Space and were waiting there quietly!

After Su Mo looked at the crowd, he also carefully examined the large number of cracks in the Empty Space. He discovered that there was wind coming out of the cracks and they were getting weaker by the second.

He reckoned that by the time they were weakened to a certain extent, that would be the time when the Ancient Dream Period would come.

“Brother Bai Li, what do you say to joining forces later?” Gao Haoran and Fan Yunsheng brought a lady in purple and walked to Baili Liqing’s said as they said in a low voice.

As they were all Myriad World disciples, they knew one another’s combat powers which was why Gao Haoran invited him.

Although entering the Ancient Dream Realm was mostly dependent on oneself, there would be more of a guarantee and one would be more emboldened if they wanted to snatch treasures.


Baili Liqing did not reject him. After all, they were all Myriad World Disciples. Immediately after, he cupped his fists to Fan Yuunsheng and said, “Brother Fan, the last time we parted I did not expect to see you again so soon!”

“Fortunately, Brother Baili!” Fan Yunsheng said. He had now kept his initial arrogance. After all, Baili Liqing was not a Genius who was weaker than he was.

“This is…?” At that moment, Baili Liqing looked at the lady in purple beside Gao Haoran and asked quizzically.

“This is the lovely lady, Zi Man of our Levitation Galaxy. When the time comes, the four of us will join forces!” Gao Haoran introduced.

“I’ve long heard about Sword Sage Baili. Today, I have actually seen the dragon amongst the people!” the lady in purple chuckled. She slightly raised the jade hand and cupped her fists towards Baili Liqing.

“You are too kind!” Baili Liqing smiled slightly.

Just like that, the few of them chatted for a while and came to an agreement to join forces.

At that moment, some familiar people were also beginning to have exchanges, inviting familiar Elites to work together.

After all, there were too many people who wanted to enter Ancient Dream Forbidden Land. If one’s power did not stand out from the crowd, it was natural for them to join forces.

As for Mo Lin, the middle-aged man in the woollen robe, and the man and lady who stood beside Yin Jiu and Feng Ling, they had not found anyone to join forces with.

Moreover, all of them either intentionally or unintentionally cast fearful gazes. It was evident that the four of them were the most powerful and caused fear in others’ hearts.

Su Mo’s face was dull as he stood at the furthest point. With his cultivation, no one would want to work with him. Of course, he did not need to work with others either.

While the crowd was waiting, the wind in the cracks of the Empty Space continued to weaken. The speed of weakening was extremely slow and had no signs of stopping.

Everyone was prepared. The place was full of Elites. Over 90% of them were Martial Sages and were confident.

Just at that moment, a loud Buddhist voice suddenly came from behind. When everyone turned around, they saw a group of monks that glowed with golden light and were striding from the horizon.

There were about ten monks, all of whom were of Martial Sage Realm Cultivation. Four of them were of Intermediate Martial Sage Realm.

In Ah Mi Galaxy, the bodhisattva of Martial Sage Realm was called High Buddha. As for the bodhisattva of Empty God Realm, he was known as the Great Bodhisattva.

When the crowd saw this, their faces changed. The people of Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain had come.

With regards to this, they were not surprised. After all, Xu Mi Galaxy was the site of Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain. However, there were actually ten people coming from Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain at once. This was unexpected.

“Bodhisattva Xuan Jing!” Su Mo’s eyes lit up as they fell upon a monk. This person was Bodhisattva Xuan Jing, who had the facial features of a teenager.

Previously, in the Tai Yin Tribe, it was Bodhisattva Xuan Jing’s voice that had helped him to break through the shackles of the inner demon.

Su Mo’s heart sank. If there was a chance, he would ask him in person to teach him. Maybe Bodhisattva Xuan Jing had a way to get rid of the curse.

“Amitabha! Everyone who has come to Ancient Dream Forbidden Land, whether you live or die is up to the Heavens!”

The ten Buddhas quickly arrived as the one with both hands clasped together spoke.

This High Buddha looked relatively young and his face was wide. He had a fat head and big ears and looked rather plump.

“Bodhisattva Xuan Jing, I have long heard about you. You are one of the most powerful High Buddhas in Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain. I hope that I can see your profound Buddhist skills in Ancient Dream Forbidden Land!” Mo Lin said loudly when he saw the High Buddha.

When the crowd heard this, their eyes lit up. The ten Buddhas were all famous people and all had shocking talents. The one named Bodhisattva Xuan Jing was the most famous one.

He was not yet a hundred years old and was already of Intermediate Martial Sage Realm Cultivation. His Buddist skills were extremely profound.

“Mo Lin, You are too kind. There will be no difference whether you witness it or not!” Bodhisattva Xuan Jing’s face was expressionless as he shook his head slightly.

Immediately after, he scanned the entire audience and his gaze finally fell upon Su Mo, who had the lowest cultivation. He said in a low voice, “Mister, your cultivation is not yet of Martial Sage Realm. If you enter Ancient Dream Forbidden Land, you will be courting your own death. Take my advice, go back to where you came from!”

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