Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1880 - Arrived!

Chapter 1880: Arrived!

Su Mo was secretly shocked upon listening to Ye San Niang. The danger of Ancient Dream Forbidden Realm was beyond his expectations.

It was no wonder that it was one of the ten Forbidden Lands of the Infinite Region. It was actually so mysterious, however, what exactly was there?

Su Mo looked at Ye San Niang and quietly listened to her explanation.

“In Dream Realm, you will meet with difficulties. From our statistics, there are three aspects. First of all, you will be attacked by an Illusory Beast in the Dream Realm. Secondly, you will face yourselves. Lastly, you will face your closest family and friends, or even the past. Of course, there is also a fourth aspect, however, no one can precisely tell what it is as none of those who have met with the fourth aspect have come out!”

Ye San Niang looked serious and continued, “In Ancient Dream ForbiddenLand, you must remember that everything may be a dream. The most important thing is to be determined and have faith. Of course, danger and creation exists and the creation of Ancient Dream Forbidden Land is enough to benefit one’s life.

Nowadays, there are as many as three layers of Elites on the King Sage Board who have entered Ancient Dream Forbidden Land, all of whom have safely walked out.

There are many types of creation of Ancient Dream Forbidden Land and they are divided into real and illusory objects. Real objects are rare treasures, such as Dream Grass, Holy Relic, Divine Relic and some Archean Relics.

Illusory objects are more precious. One could be enlightened in the Dream Realm or participate in the mystery of Martial Arts, or understand the essence of the Ultimacy, and so on!” Ye San Ning explained slowly.

“Ye San Niang, what kind of exact pattern is it when entering Ancient Dream Forbidden Land?” Someone asked.

“Ancient Dream Forbidden is the Incense Realm of Ancient Dream Buddha. It is extremely vast and ranges tens of millions of miles and over. When Ancient Buddha is not dead, there should be a hundred billion lives living to provide mind power to the Ancient Buddha!” Ye San Niang said.

“Are there still living things there?” Someone asked.

“No. Endless years have passed since the death of the Ancient Buddha. No living thing is able to survive there!” said Ye San Niang.

Su Mo listened quietly and his eyes lit up. Mind power? Was this the mysterious power outside?

He understood that the powerful bodhisattva relied on mind power.

Those high monks of the Buddhist path were definitely believers, or cultivated their own believers to continue to produce mind power for their own use.

The so-called Incense Realm should be the Ancient Dream Buddha, the place to cultivate believers, hundreds of billions of believers of Ancient Dream Buddha, producing a steady stream of mind power, and then the power was used by the Ancient Dream Buddha to become more powerful.

No wonder!

It was no wonder that the Buddha World was so well known. The world was in sync with the super tribes. These cultivation skills were incredible.

Above this Xu Mi Galaxy were countless living beings and most of them were believers of Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain. The continuous mind power entered Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain.

Afterwards, people kept asking questions and Ye San Niang answered them one by one. Everyone had a better understanding of Ancient Dream Forbidden land.

After half an hour, Ye San Niang looked around and said clearly, “That is all for today’s explanation. There is still a month left to the Dream Period. I will assign the subordinates to inform everyone in advance.”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you Ye San Niang!”

Many opened their mouths and thanked Ye San Niang as they immediately left.

Su Mo was very low-key and left with everyone.

On the counter of the first floor, he claimed another month’s worth of Three Ladies Wine and went back to his residence and continued to cultivate.

Time passed by quickly and after half a month, Su Mo cultivated the last Earth-Based Cultivation Skill to the second level of the realm.

After that, he tried to blend it and let the five Based Dark Forces be maintained on the same level.

This did not take up too much time. In a span of five days, the Chaotic Power was once again successfully blended and there was still sufficient time.

At that point, although he did not break through his cultivation, his power was boosted once again.

“I wonder if I can break through the realm with confidence?” Su Mo muttered to himself as he sat in the room.

He wanted to try breaking through to Level 9 Martial Honoured Ream, however, he was worried about the curse attacking, which would lead down a path of no return.

“Try it for a little, just once. If it doesn’t work, I’ll stop immediately!”

Su Mo thought for a long time as he grit his teeth. He could not be intimidated by a curse.

Furthermore, according to the Path Sect Sect Leader, there was hope in relying on one’s mentality to get past this curse.

Immediately after, Su Mo took a deep breath and began to devour Spiritual Crystals and he elevated his Level 8 Martial Honoured Realm to the maximum.

Without wasting too much time, it was easily completed with sufficient crystals.

Immediately after, he began trying to break through to Level 9 Martial Honoured Realm.


With a wave of his arms, a bunch of Spiritual Crystals appeared in front of him as he abandoned distracting thoughts and activated the Devouring Fighting Soul to break through the Realm.

Spiritual Qi entered his body and rolled like a dragon as the Five Divine Pills in Su Mo’s body immediately began to tremble slightly.

Just at that moment, the difference spiked and his consciousness seemed to be spinning as he fell into an abyss.


A streak of sharp Sword Radiance suddenly appeared and burst with a stab. Behind the Sword Radiance was a beautiful woman who was clad in white. She was beautiful, like a Nine Skies Goddess.

This lady was none other than Qian Xunyue.

“What?” Su Mo was shocked. He absolutely did not expect the curse to have this kind of change. He immediately bit down on his tongue and instantly woke up and stopped the breakthrough of the bottleneck of the realm at the same time.


Su Mo heaved a long sigh of relief as his face darkened to the extreme. This Demon Sealing Soul Curse was actually so strange that Qian Xunyue had truly become a demon in his heart.

Luckily, it was only a slight attempt. If it were a violent breakthrough the realm, who knew what would have happened?

“Saint Elder Jia Shen!” Su Mo got angrier as he thought about it. He could not wait to kill the Sorcerer Tribe once again. He was positive that the curse was caused by Saint Elder Jia Shen.

If it weren’t for this curse stopping him, he would have already broken through Level 9 Martial Honoured Realm Cultivation.

Of course, he was just thinking about it. It was simply impossible for him to become an opponent of Saint Elder Jia Shen.

Even if he were to break through the beginning stages of Martial Sage Realm, it was impossible for him to become Saint Elder Jia Shen’s opponent. After all, Saint Elder Jia Shen was a power on the level of Empty God Realm.

After sitting for a long time, Su Mo sighed to himself. He could only give up on breaking through to Level 9 Martial Honoured Realm.

“Previously, the chants of bodhisattva Xuan Jing allowed me to break the curse. I wonder if there is a skill to break the curse on Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain?” Su Mo thought to himself.

However, he would wait until he got Ancient Dream Grass before deciding what to do.

After a while, Su Mo had nothing to do and studied the Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill. He had only scratched the surface of the cultivation of this skill.

It was only by condensing the Chaotic Divine Elixir that he could be considered as truly entering the hall. After condensing the Chaotic Divine Elixir, it would consolidate the Eternal Chaotic Body, which was the most important.

Eternal Chaotic Body was also known as Immortal Chaotic Body and was the ultimate form of the Grand Chaos Five Elements Skill. It was said that the flesh was immortal and could live on forever, being born in chaos and attributed to chaos.

However, it was simply too difficult to consolidate Eternal Chaotic Body, and he had a long way to go,

Just like that, Su Mo studied Grand Chaos Five Elements and while waited quietly for the Ancient Dream Period.

Time passed by, about ten days. A subordinate came to notify the people that the Ancient Dream Period had come.

Without hesitation, Su Mo immediately left the Three Ladies Inn.

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