Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1876 - Dream of Ancient Tide

Chapter 1876: Dream of Ancient Tide

After flying for a while, Su Mo saw a small town. His eyes slightly lit up when he saw the situation of the town.

This town was not big. It took up more than ten miles and its population was not more than a few tens of thousands of people. It seemed to be an ordinary human town and the people in the town were of very low cultivation. The highest level reached was only of Martial King Realm.

However, in this small town, a large golden Buddha statue was located in the courtyard of almost every house.

As for the people in this town, they were chanting Buddhist chants, looking pious. Countless mysterious forces re-emerged in town and gathered in the sky.

“What exactly is this power?”

Su Mo was surprised. He did not stop in the town and continued to fly.

He flew over towns and over cities, seeing similar situations.

Although the majority of the people were not dressed as monks, they were chanting Buddhist scriptures and formed a majestic mysterious power that gathered in the same direction.

“Is this Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain?” Su Mo secretly speculated that these mysterious forces may have gathered in Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain.

However, he did not analyse it further as it had nothing to do with him.

After a while, a monk appeared in front of him. He looked like he was about 60 years old and was dressed in a blue and white shawl. His body was filled with Buddhist Radiance and it was evident that he was an Eminent Monk.

Su Mo looked at him. The monk’s cultivation was of Level 7 Martial Honoured Realm. It was not considered to be weak.


He immediately accelerated and flew towards the place. He then stopped in front of the monk.

“Amitabha, I wonder why you are blocking this poor monk?” the old monk stopped and clasped his hands together, asking doubtfully.

“Master, where is Ancient Dream Forbidden Land?” Su Mo cupped his fists slightly as he asked in a deep voice.

“Ancient Dream Forbidden Land?”

The old monk looked carefully at Su Mo when he heard this. He shook his head and said, “Young friend, I’ll give you a piece of advice. It would be better for you not to proceed.”

“Why not?” Su Mo asked.

“That place is dangerous, deadly dangerous. Moreover, it is the place where elites of various galaxies assemble. Your cultivation has yet to completely reach Martial Sage Realm. If you go to Ancient Dream Forbidden Land, you will be courting your own death!” said the old monk.

“No worries, I just want to see it!” Su Mo shook his head. He continued, “Master, just let me know where it is!”

When the old monk heard this, he shook his head helplessly and said, “In the northwest direction. It takes about half a day to get there. That is where Ancient Dream Forbidden Land is!”

“Thank you Master!”

Su Mo cupped his hands and bowed towards the old monk. His body then flashed as he headed towards the northeast direction.

The old monk shook his head slightly as he looked at Su Mo leaving. He muttered to himself, “It is the busy time of Ancient Dream Forbidden Land again!”

Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was extremely dangerous. During normal times, if the Empty God Realm Powers were to enter, there was a huge possibility that there was corruption.

However, every 50 years, there would be a safety period for Ancient Dream Forbidden Land. This period would last up to two months and was called Ancient Dream Period.

Of course, it did not mean that it was safe during Ancient Dream Period. It was just that it was less dangerous than normal, however, it was still extremely dangerous and those who entered would still be faced with death.

During Ancient Dream Period, many elites in the Infinity Region or the powerful proud sons of Heaven and demons would go to Ancient Dream Forbidden Land to seek fortune.

However, those people were Martial Sage Realm Elites and Su Mo was only of Martial Honoured Realm. As such, the old monk could not help but sigh to himself.

Immediately after, the old monk did not stay for too long and continued on his way.

Su Mo followed the advice of the old monk and headed in the northeastern direction. It is worth mentioning that the mysterious force that floated in the sky also gathered in the northeast direction.

After flying for about half a day, Su Mo saw a mountain that was extremely tall and was tens of thousands of feet high.

However, the mountain was extremely illusory, as if it were not a real entity. It was like a mirage with a dazzling golden light above the mountains and countless Buddhist sounds came from the top of the mountains, resounding through the wilderness.

“Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain?” Su Mo’s gaze was fixed. He knew that this mountain was Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain. The most powerful force of Ah Mi Galaxy was also the top Force of the Infinite Region.

Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain was where Bodhisattva Xuan Jing’s Force was at. The power was extremely strong and was no less weak than the Tiayih Tribe.

However, as it was not a unique Tribe, Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain was not listed on the Ten Thousand Archean Tribe Board.

In Su Mo’s observation, those endless mysterious forces in the air were all gathered in Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain.

Su Mo was not willing to provoke this Superpower. He had far bypassed Xu Mi Spiritual Mountain and headed towards the northeast direction.

After flying for another half an hour, he saw a mountain range. This mountain range covered an area of about ten thousand miles, like a bolt of black lightning that overhung the sky and the earth.

There were endless winds that blew from the cracks in the Empty Space like a destructive storm, ravaging the entire mountain.

This mountain range was already barren. It was completely bare.

Obviously, the mountain rock of this mountain range was already no longer ordinary stone, being able to survive in these harsh conditions.

“Reached!” Su Mo’s eyes lit up. The cracks in the ten thousand foot Empty Space was the entrance to Ancient Dream Forbidden Land.

However, he was in no hurry to enter. Now, his strength was far from being restored to the Peak and he needed to cultivate his based Martial Skills.

Scanning the surroundings, Su Mo discovered a city at the fringe of the mountain range. He sank slightly and displayed an Illusory Technique, changing his aura and appearance as his body flashed and flew in that direction.

As Su Mo walked into the town, he found out that this was not an ordinary town. It was a temporary place for warriors and the town was full of inns.

There was a variety of inns. Some were built into towers, some into mansions and some into palaces.

Although there were not many warriors in the town, the cultivation was amazing. He scanned all corners and found out that all of the people were Martial Sage Realm Elites.

“Are these the elites who wish to enter Ancient Dream Forbidden Land?” Su Mo guessed. Not long after, he came before a magnificent mansion.

On the gate of this mansion was a golden plaque with the words “Three Lady Inn” written in huge cursive writing.

“Sir, would you like to book a room? Our Three Lady Inn has the most unique inns in Ancient Dream Forbidden Land.”

In front of the gate of the inn, there were four young people. One of the tall and skinny ones saw Su Mo coming and immediately greeted him.

“What is so special about it?” Su Mo asked with a smile. He did indeed want to find a place to stay in temporarily. After all, Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was extremely dangerous. He would not trespass and wanted to understand the overall situation first before entering.

While speaking, he looked at this young man and was secretly shocked. This person’s cultivation had actually reached as high as Level 6 Martial Honoured Realm – only two levels lower than his cultivation.

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