Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1875 - Ancient Dream Forbidden Land

Chapter 1875: Ancient Dream Forbidden Land

There was no way of knowing how much time went by before Su Mo opened his eyes as the transmission had stopped.


Su Mo let out a breath of air. He secretly calculated a few times that probably more than a month had gone by.

During this one month, he had only cultivated the Fire-Based Cangyun Sacred Fire Skill to the second level. The Fire-Based Dark Force power surged. As for the other four types of skills, there was simply no time to cultivate them.

However, although he had upgraded the Fire-Based Cultivation Skill to the second level, his power did not increase because of that. Rather, it had plunged a lot and it was estimated that it did not even have the initial combat power of Martial Sage Realm.

Because the Fire-Based Dark Force was increased, it caused his Five Types of Based Dark Force to lose its balance and could no longer be merged. It was even more impossible to display Chaotic Power.

This was a helpless thing. It was an indispensable step to elevate the Cultivation Skills of the Realms.

However, this was only temporary. As long as the other four Cultivation Skills were upgraded to Level 2, not only would his combat power be restored to the peak, it would also make a big jump.

Immediately after, in a flash, Su Mo walked out. This was still True Sage Territory, but it was the True Sage Territory of Ah Mi Galaxy.

Su Mo saw the flagpole of the Nine-Colored Flag. Endless Spiritual Qi gathered towards the heavens and the earth.

“Weird, what exactly is this?” Su Mo’s curiosity was piqued. Every True Sage Territory had this kind of Flag, however, according to Li Tongtian, this was not an item of Myriad World Mountain.

What exactly was this Nine-Colored Flag? Who was the one who had put it up?

Without thinking much, Su Mo stepped out of True Sage Territory and appeared in the outside world.

Similarly, this place was a lonely star where there were weeds and withered old trees in the wilderness of 10,000 miles of red land.

The Spiritual Qi of this star was extremely thin, such that it was slightly better than the Firmament World.

Looking far and wide, Su Mo saw the Nine-Colored Flag in the distance. It had been inserted into the earth and was more than ten thousand feet high. It went straight through the sky. The flag was like the sky, dancing in the wind and covering the sky.

“It is another star that does not function well!”

Su Mo sighed. Every star that had a Nine Colored Flag pole was a star that did not function well. The Spiritual Qi was completely absorbed by the flag.

Ancientspirit Galaxy, Ming Xu Galaxy, Ah Mi Galaxy, every galaxy had a nine-colored Flag. It was said that each galaxy did not just have a flag. There were definitely other things in the entire galaxy in this entire wilderness.

Immediately after, Su Mo’s body flashed as he flew into the distance.

He did not know where there was Ancient Dream Grass and had to ask about it.

After flying for a while, he saw a large city and entered it.

The city was quite prosperous, but the cultivation of the warriors inside was not high. They were generally of Martial King Realm Cultivation and below.

Presumably, it was almost the same as the stars of Ming Xu Galaxy and True Sage Territory. The Elites had all left.

However, what surprised Su Mo was that the city was still considered normal. It was not what he had imagined with all of them being Buddhist monks.

Of course, there indeed was Buddhism and there were many who looked like monks there.

He could hear countless chants as he walked into the city.

Moreover, there were many chanting voices that had actually formed an invisible force that converged in the same place.

Su Mo stayed in the city for an hour and interrogated many. However, they did not know where the Ancient Dream Grass was.

This made him feel somewhat helpless. There was actually no one who knew about Ancient Dream Grass. This spelt trouble.

However, the cultivation of the warriors here was simply too low. Their knowledge would also be superficial only.

Subsequently, Su Mo left the star and entered the starry sky. After a few days, he reached a star with life.

This star was not one that did not function well and there were many high-level warriors. Su Mo spent a day and finally found out some news.

“Ancient Dream Forbidden Land!”

Su Mo muttered to himself as he walked on the streets of the city. According to the news he had heard, Ah Mi Galaxy had a forbidden place called Ancient Dream Forbidden Land. Ancient Dream Grass only grew there.

However, Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was said to be extremely dangerous. It was named as one of the most dangerous places in the Infinite Region and was a restricted area for warriors. Regardless of how high one’s cultivation was, they would be faced with death.

Of course, while this place was sinister, at the same time, there were many creations. It was said that there were many Elites in the Infinite Region and that they had obtained many creations there in the past.

There were even some who were of ordinary talent when they entered Ancient Dream Forbidden Land. When they got out, they flew into the sky in a shot like a rising comet.

This cast a mysterious veil on Ancient Dream Forbidden land, making it famous.

As such, although the place was dangerous, it was well known in the Infinite Region. However, there were large amounts of demonic geniuses in the various galaxies who often went to the hustle and bustle, looking for creations that belonged to them.

According to news they had heard, Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was on Xu Mi Star.

Xu Mi Star was the largest star in Ah Mi Galaxy and where the most powerful force of Ah Mi Galaxy, Xu Mi Spiritual Sword was.

He did not take the transmission line. With his current speed, he would not take too much time even if he were to fly over.

In the stars, he used his sword, his entire being was like a swordlight, leaving a streak of Sword Radiance which left tens of thousands of miles of sword marks.

He sat cross-legged on top of the Natal Spiritual Sword, practising his sword while cultivating the Wood-Based Blue Skies Sacred Skill.

Ancient Dream Forbidden land was known as one of the top ten forbidden places in the wilderness. It was extremely dangerous and he had to use the Five Sage Class Middle Grade Cultivation Skills, all of which were cultivated to the second level before being blended to Chaotic Power and entering the Forbidden Land.

Otherwise, if the Chaotic Power was unable to blend, his strength would be greatly reduced and enter a sinister forbidden place. The danger level would increase sharply.

This was why he did not use the Space Teleportation Formation. He needed time to cultivate.

Of course, even if there was danger in this forbidden place, he had to go in. To get the Ancient Dream Grass, he had to be fearless.

Time continued to fly by as Su Mo crossed the starry sky and flew for more than two months. He had crossed more than half of the Ah Mi Galaxy and finally reached his destination.

A giant star appeared in front of him. It was slightly larger than the Taiyin star, as if it was the core of the world.

Su Mo opened his eyes as he rose up. He kept his Natal Spiritual Sword and his body flashed as he flew towards the huge star.

After a while, he crossed the Nine Skies Hurricane and entered the star and landed above a lake.

“This is Xu Mi Star!”

Su Mo looked surprised as he looked at the boundless land. His eyes were full of suspicion as the air of this star was filled with a mysterious force, like Spiritual Qi and gathered in the same direction.

What kind of power was it if it was not Spiritual Qi?

He scanned his surroundings as he looked surprised. In his perception, there were mosquitoes buzzing and sounding from time to time.

What was even more shocking was that this sound was actually coming from the demons in the lake below, as well as the demons in the distant mountains.

One could see a demon in the water and a demon in the mountains facing the same direction, looking devoted as they mumbled the chants.

There was a mysterious force in the air that was coming from these demons.

“Demons have learnt to read scriptures?” Su Mo was shocked. It was no wonder that Ah Mi Galaxy was called Buddha World. Buddhism was passed to these low-level demons.

However, why was there a mysterious force coming from these demons and where was the power drifting to?

Su Mo reached his hand out and grabbed the mysterious force in the air, but grabbed nothing.

He could feel this mysterious power, however, could not grasp it at all. It was like a dream bubble.

“How strange!”

Su Mo whispered to himself, immediately shook his head slightly and no longer thought about it. Perhaps this was the difference in Budhha World!

Immediately after, with a sound, he flew into the distance. The direction in which he was headed towards was where the mysterious force converged.

He was still not very clear on where Ancient Dream Forbidden Land was and had to ask around.

However, this was very simple. Many people had definitely heard about the forbidden land that was so famous.

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