Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1863 - You Don't Play It Like This!

Chapter 1863: You Don’t Play It Like This!

Once the maidservant left the room, the auction resumed and the second item was brought forth.

The next item was a long whip that was entirely black and mysterious. It seemed to be a venomous snake.

“Not bad. Bai Yiner seems to use a long whip, this would be suitable for her!” Su Mo nodded his head.

“The Dark Black Whip is an Upper Honorable Weapon that is made out of the skin and bones of a Dark Black Snake. Its power is incredible and it is considered a top Upper Honorable Realm weapon!” The Fourth Priest’s voice thundered through the area like a bolt of thunder.

Eyes widened in desire. A top item of the Upper Honorable Realm would be almost as strong as the weakest Lower Sacred Weapon.

“The starting price of this whip is 100,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals, and every increase in bid must be no less than 50,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!” The Fourth Priest announced.

The moment the Fourth Priest’s voice fell, many people shifted through the crowd as they prepared to call out their bids. After all, a top Upper Honorable Weapon was a rare item.

“1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!”

Right at that moment, the same voice rose from room 68.


The voices of those who prepared to call out their bids were immediately stuck in their throats.

Faces fell and eyebrows knitted together. Who in the world was in room 68? How could he throw Spiritual Crystals around like dirt?

Anyone who spent Spiritual Crystals like that was virtually viewing Spiritual Crystals as nothing but dirt!

Many gazes fell upon room 68, but they were unable to see who was inside it.

Helplessness filled their hearts. Those with Spiritual Crystals in the auction hall were the powerful ones. Since the guest in room 68 had called such a high bid, there was nothing they could do.

“Hehe, congratulations to the esteemed guest in room 68 for successfully obtaining the Dark Black Whip!” At that moment, the Fourth Priest grinned widely and said. He didn’t ask whether anyone else would raise the bid and directly concluded the bidding for the second item.

That was because the price called out was much higher than what the Dark Black Whip was worth. No one else would foolishly raise the price further.

Very soon, the Dark Black Whip was delivered to room 68, right into Su Mo’s hands.

The auction continued thereafter. The third item for auction was highly valuable. It was a Spiritual Fruit that saved any top ranked Martial Honorable who used it half a year’s worth of cultivation. Martial Sages in the Initial Stage of the Realm could also save 1 month’s worth of cultivation.

Not only that, the fruit could also nourish oneself and strengthen the physical body.

As such, the minimum bid of the Spiritual Fruit started at 600,000 Spiritual Crystals, much higher than the Fiery Holy Palm.

“2,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!” Su Mo called out once again, successfully taking the Spiritual Fruit for himself.

In the next few moments, the same scene replayed.

“1,500,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!”

“2,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!”

“1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!”

Su Mo’s voice rang through the crowd every single time an item was brought forward. As he raised the bid insurmountably high every time, no one had the ability to fight with him.

Just like that, after a few successive bids, the entire auction was stunned. Even the Fourth Priest who hosted the auction wore a blank look on his face as he temporarily paused the auction.

Everyone stared strangely at room 68 as they wondered who the person in it was.

The man bid for the items without hesitation and he purposely raised the bid to such a high price that no one else could compete against him.

If that continued, what else would there be for the rest to auction?

“Who is that? Why is he bidding so outrageously?”

“This is not how you play it. If he continues to bid, what else are we going to bid for?”

“Could he be intending to take every item of the auction for himself?”

Chaos swept the auction hall as many people started to discuss among themselves with displeased looks on their faces.

They were there with the intention to bid for treasures. However, what they had been doing so far was staring blankly and helplessly as item after item was auctioned away to the same person.

Even Fei Tianyu and Xuan Yuanlong, who were in 2 different rooms, were suspicious. However, the two weren’t agitated as the items that had been auctioned off were of low value that they did not need.

On the auction stage, the Fourth Priest wore a frown. He had organized more than 100 auctions before but had never met such a scenario.

After a moment of silence, the Fourth Priest scanned the scene and yelled, “Everyone, please quieten down, the auction will continue!”

Without worrying over the mysterious guest in room 68 further, the Fourth Priest continued. After all, no matter who the items were auctioned off to, it was a good thing for the Sorcerer Tribe.

Perhaps someone was incredibly wealthy, but the seller will not reject them!

A few moments later, the crowd calmed down. Although they were not happy, there was nothing they could do. The person in room 68 did not do anything wrong. It wasn’t his fault that he was wealthy.

The maidservant once again carried a tray onto the auction stage with a necklace laid across it.

This necklace was silver and white in color but the pendant on it was a deep sea blue that was about the size of a fingernail.

“This is the Blue Sea Heart. It is a special treasure that can suck in Spiritual Qi of the earth anywhere at anytime and store them before allowing a martial artists to use it. The speed of the sucking is also comparable to a top Martial Emperor!”

The Fourth Priest introduced in a loud voice before he smoothly pointed his finger and broke the seal on the necklace.

Instantly, the Spiritual Qi of the surroundings rushed towards the necklace.

Bright eyes lit up among the crowd. What a marvelous item that was. Although the speed of sucking in Spiritual Qi was not high, it was incredible that it could always suck in the Spiritual Qi from the earth.

If the object could suck in Spiritual Qi for a long time, it could amass a shocking amount of Qi for its user.

Numerous hearts moved in eagerness for the necklace as their hearts burned with desire, waiting for the Fourth Priest to announce the starting bid.

However, everyone also knew that the value of such an item was high and typical martial artists would not enjoy the luxury of using it.

“The minimum bid of this item is 5,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals, and every increase in bid must be at least 200,000 Crystals. Let the bid begin!” The Fourth Priest announced.

However, once the Fourth Priest’s words fell, no one started the bidding. Everyone’s eyes fell upon room 68.

The intentions of the crowd were clear, they wanted to see whether the mysterious, rich person would bid for the item.

Su Mo lightly laughed in his room. The item was incredibly valuable and he naturally wouldn’t miss it.

While he had the Devouring Fighting Soul and didn’t need such an item, the Firmament Palace people would need it.

If he gave the item to Emperor Shi, Qing Ya or Hai Mingjiang, it would be greatly beneficial for them.

“15,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!” Su Mo spoke out and raised the bid immediately by 10,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals. In actual fact, he spoke as he pleased and found no risk even if he raised the bid by 100,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals.

Of course, in order not to be too exaggerated, and to prevent others from competing with him, raising it by 10,000,000 Spiritual Crystals was most suitable.

Dark looks instantly crossed everyone’s faces. Good god, the man had actually called a bid again?

What nonsense was this? Was the man going to buy every treasure of the auction?

“Who in the world is in room 68?”

“If this goes on, we won’t be able to bid for anything!”

“Is the Sorcerer Tribe going to turn a blind eye to this?”

In an instant, chaos erupted through the auction hall again as waves of voices crashed over each other.

The Fourth Priest’s face also started to turn sour. Although it didn’t matter who the items were auctioned off to, the price of the items sold were very high. If the man in the room was an enemy of the Sorcerer Tribe, he could purposely be causing trouble for them.

“Continue the auction!” Just as the Fourth Priest was hesitant, a string of words entered his mind.

The Fourth Priest nodded his head silently. It was the Grand Priest’s voice. Since the Grand Priest had ordered him to continue the auction, he would not worry about the mysterious person anymore. The Grand Priest would act accordingly.

“Congratulations to the esteemed guest in room 68 for obtaining the Blue Sea Heart!” The Fourth Priest announced before the Blue Sea Heart was delivered to room 68.

Right at that moment, the Grand Priest sat in the mains seat of the back palace of the auction hall. Beside him were a few experts of the Sorcerer Tribe with 2 Sage-to-bes.

A large number of strange, mysterious items lined the stone table in front of him. These were the items to be auctioned off later and many maidservants stood in front of the table, taking item after item to be displayed.

“Go and check who the person in room 68 is?” The Grand Priest expressionlessly said as a wise flash of light crossed his eyes and he lightly instructed.

“Understood, Grand Priest!” A Sorcerer Tribesman replied.

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