Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 1862 - Robbing Like A Swindler

Chapter 1862: Robbing Like A Swindler

A long queue of martial artists had gathered in front of the Holy Sorcerer Yard, ready to enter it.

Almost all of these martial artists were Martial Honorables. After all, for such a high ranked auction, average Martial Emperors were not qualified to enter.

Su Mo did not see any Martial Sage thus far. Granted, there were so few of them anyway.

If an auction was targeted at experts in the Martial Sage Realm, it wouldn’t be of a large scale.

Around 8 experts of the Sorcerer Tribe stood guard before the gates of the yard, all of them high-ranked Martial Honorables who were in charge of collecting Spiritual Crystals as entrance fees.

10,000 Middle Spiritual Crystals were required to enter the auction in the yard, but this was not considered a rip-off.

Not long later, Su Mo handed over the Spiritual Crystals and successfully entered the yard.

The yard was around 10,000 feet wide and it was built to resemble a fighting ground.

However, the upper most portion of the stands had expensive and grand rooms that surrounded the entire area.

Su Mo fell silent and walked towards the entrance of the rooms through the stairs. There were additional guards before the entrance and after a round of asking, he found out that he had to hand over 10,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals to be able to enter the room.

Spiritual Crystals to Su Mo were nothing considering the vast amount that he had. After handing over the Spiritual Crystals, Su Mo entered room 68 on the upper stands.

This room was designed elegantly. Water crystals lined the wall and chairs were suited with animal skins.

Through the water wall in front of him, Su Mo could see everything that happened in the auction.

“There isn’t any Martial Sage yet!” Su Mo muttered to himself as he scanned the area. Around 10,000 people had gathered at the auction and there was still a long stream of people waiting to enter it.

However, there wasn’t any Martial Sage, while there were quite a number of Sage-to-bes.

Granted, other rooms may have had a strong Martial Sage. Yet, Su Mo was pretty sure that for such a scale of an auction, there wouldn’t be any strong Martial Sages.

“Fei Tianyu!”

Right at that moment, Su Mo’s eyes narrowed as he recognized someone familiar, Fei Tianyu of the Flying Spirit Clan.

At that point, the aura of Fei Tianyu was broad and pure as it filled with the sage aura. He was evidently a Martial Sage already.

“He is actually here?”

Su Mo wasn’t surprised that Fei Tianyu had become a Martial Sage. After all, Fei Tianyu had been a Sage-to-be the last time Su Mo saw him. Su Mo was only taken aback that Fei Tianyu would appear at Green Jade Star.

Fei Tianyu was strong and, as a Martial Sage, he could travel to other galaxies. Touring Ancientspirit Galaxy would be a walk in the park for him.

“Not bad, to become a Martial Sage in 100 years!”

Su Mo nodded his head silently. Someone had finally become a Martial Sage within 100 years after so long.

In actual fact, Su Mo didn’t have ill intentions towards Fei Tianyu. Although Fei Tianyu was harsh to him in the Sky Dragon Contest, it was understandable since everyone there was trying to be the champion.

Speaking of which, Fei Tianyu’s Holy Sword was still in his hands.

The moment Fei Tianyu arrived at the yard, a wave of people went forward to greet him.

Yet, Fei Tianyu did not converse much with the others and moved directly towards a room. As a Martial Sage, he naturally didn’t sit in the general stands.

More and more people gathered at the auction as Su Mo silently waited for the beginning of the auction. He made a mental note to bid for all the valuable items of the Sorcerer Tribe.

“Xuan Yuanlong!”

Not long later, Su Mo saw another familiar person. It was Xuan Yuanlong, the Divine Son of Shenwu Academy.

The Xuan Yuanlong now had a sharp aura around him. However, Su Mo noticed that he was still in the Sage-to-be Realm.

Xuan Yuanlong’s increase in cultivation rank was high, as expected of the Spirit-devouring Fighting Soul that could devour the Spiritual Qi from heaven and earth.

Xuan Yuanlong was also considered a top talent who became famous after the Sky Dragon Contest. Many people recognized him and went forward to greet him.

After acknowledging the crowd, Xuan Yuanlong entered a room.

About half an hour later, the auction hall was filled with people. More than 100,000 people were gathered there and the place was filled with activity and life.

Right at that moment, the doors to the yard closed and prevented anyone else from entering it.

The stage in the middle of the grounds was a circular and it linked to a small palace not far away.

An elder strode out of the palace and walked towards the auction stage.

White hair lay over the elder’s head and he had a skinny body. With a long robe that was black and white in color, he appeared to be full of energy and alert, although wrinkles lined his forehead.

“The Fourth Priest!” Su Mo’s eyes immediately narrowed upon seeing the man. The elder wasn’t the Grand Priest but the Fourth Priest of the Heavenly Underworld Star.

Back at the Young Priest selection contest in Heavenly Underworld Star, Su Mo had seen the man.

Su Mo could tell at a glance the elder’s cultivation rank. He was at the Initial Stage of the Martial Sage Realm.

His eyes narrowed together. The Fourth Priest had appeared but the Grand Priest was still nowhere to be seen.

Evidently, the Grand Priest was in the palace overseeing the event.

A slight smirk wiped across Su Mo’s face, he would ensure the utter loss of the Sorcerer Tribe in the auction this time.

“Everyone, welcome to the Holy Sorcerer Yard to participate in the auction of the Heavenly Underworld Star Sorcerer Tribe branch. I am the Fourth Priest of the Heavenly Underworld Star…!”

After the Fourth Priest stepped up the stands, he introduced himself and briefly went through the formalities of the auction.

The formalities of the auction were done to incite the crowd to participate in the auction by presenting and exaggerating the value of the items that were to be auctioned that day.

Once the length of words were done, silence filled the scene and the auction officially began.

“Below is the first item for auction!” The Fourth Priest yelled out. The moment his words fell, a chubby Sorcerer Tribe maidservant walked out from the palace at the back. A tray held in her hands carried a pure white jade bangle on it.

Many nodded in realization. The first item up for auction was a martial skill but they wondered what type and rank it was.

“This first item for auction is a Lower Sacred Weapon called the ‘Fiery Holy Palm’!” The Fourth Priest announced.

Everyone was shocked upon hearing the Fourth Priest’s words. It was actually a Sacred Class martial Skill. Typically, Sacred Class skills were released only in the later stages of an auction. Yet, it proved that the auction would be a grand event for a Sacred Class martial skill to appear as the first item.

The Fourth Priest’s pair of eyes scanned through the grounds, observing the shining eyes among the crowd. Thereafter, he smiled and said, “The starting bid of the martial skill is 400,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals. Everyone increase can be no less 50,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals. Let the auction begin!”

Bright eyes flashed among the crowd. The starting bid for a Lower Sacred Class skill was not high.

“1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!”

Right in the midst of it all, a light voice erupted from one of the rooms on top.


Shock filled the crowd and there was a collective sucking of breaths. Heads turned towards room 68, trying to find out the source of the voice.

People were at a loss for words. Who was that? Wasn’t he a dumb fool? Who would raise it straightaway to 1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals? Was there anyone who bid like that?

The starting price of the Lower Sacred Class martial skill was low and the Fourth Priest did not introduce either. It was evidently a low-ranked Martial Skill even in the Lower Sacred Class skill. A 1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystal price was too high.

The bidding spirit in everyone’s minds instantly perished. At such a high price, there was no room to raise further. Furthermore, the person from room 68 must be very rich. It was meaningless to compete against such a person.

The Fourth Priest was also momentarily stunned as he never imagined someone to raise the bid directly to 1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals. However, a wide grin soon appeared on his face.

At the very most, the martial skill would be worth 800,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals. It was incredible to sell it for 1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals.

Coughing slightly to clear his throat, the Fourth Priest yelled, “Our esteemed guest in room 68 has bid 1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals. Is there anyone willing to call a higher bid?”

After 3 successive calls, no one replied. None of them were dumb enough to raise the bid even higher.

“Alright, congratulations to the guest in room 68 for successfully obtaining the ‘Fiery Holy Palm’!” The Fourth Priest shouted as his voice echoed through the crowd.

With that, the maidservant carried the tray and delivered it to room 68.

Su Mo wore a light smile in the room. A Lower Sacred Class martial skill was already considered a valuable item for the Firmament Palace.

After all, there were more than 1,000,000 people in Firmament Palace and Sacred Class martial skills and weapons were a shortage.

It was impossible for the numerous disciples of Firmament Palace to cultivate the same martial skills. Talents and strengths differed and, correspondingly, the martial skills they required were different.

The more martial skills they had, the better. Every disciple would be able to choose a martial skill that was most suited for himself.

As such, Su Mo threw out the bid straightaway and obtained the Sacred Class martial skill.

He had no intention of paying the Spiritual Crystals and he wanted to rob the auction hall like a swindler.

Very quickly, a knocking sound came from the door. Under Su Mo’s beckoning, the chubby maidservant carried a tray into the room.

“Young master, this is the item you obtained. Please pay the 1,000,000 Upper Spiritual Crystals!” The maidservant arrived before Su Mo and politely asked.

“Mm, I will be auctioning for a lot of items. Can I pay up after the auction has ended?” Su Mo requested.

“Yes!” The chubby maidservant immediately nodded her head and agreed. This was a natural thing and she did not ponder much over Su Mo’s request.

With that, Su Mo took the Jade Bangle and the maidservant took her leave after bowing towards him.

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