Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Rank 5 Human Class

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Wei Lin’s two lackeys rushed at Su Mo without hesitation.

However, they were thrown back much faster.

Bang! Bang!

With two crashes, the men flew back and fell to the ground heavily with painful screams.

“Wei Lin, do you really think these two degenerates can break my limbs?” Su Mo said with a disdainful smile.


Wei Lin had not expected that Su Mo could defeat them in merely a second, so he felt very angry.

“Humph! You’re at Lv 3 Qi Cultivation Realm. No wonder you’re so arrogant.”

Wei Lin laughed at him and threatened. “But your strength is nothing compared to mine. Today, I’ll not only break your limbs but also destroy your cultivation and make you a truly useless piece of trash.”


As Wei Lin shouted out loud, he fully released his Lv 4 Qi Cultivation, and his Martial Soul rose up behind him, bathed in yellow light.

His Martial Soul was a demonic wolf of Rank 3 Human Class, so it had three yellow halos.

His talent was only average, but he was older and had awakened his Martial Soul last year, so he was able to reach Lv 4 Qi cultivation Realm.

The commotion had already attracted many spectators.

They all burst into a discussion since the two were both “well-known”.

“He’s Su Mo, the young master of the Sus. He’ll get a really bad beating today for insulting Wei Lin, the second son of the Weis!”

“Yeah! He might be capable of defeating those two subordinates, but he can’t defeat Wei Lin.”


Standing behind Su Mo, Su Qingqing instantly became pale after seeing Wei Lin releasing all his spirit.

She was only a normal girl who had not awakened her Martial Soul, so Wei Lin’s menacing aura made her very nervous.

“Brother Su Mo, I shouldn’t have gotten you involved. It’s best if you leave! Don’t worry about me,” Su Qingqing said to Su Mo hastily.

Su Mo smiled and said, “Qingqing, relax. He’s all bark and no bite.”

“Hum! Su Mo, you’re so arrogant and ignorant.”

Wei Lin punched toward Su Mo’s lower abdomen, shouting, “Go to hell!”

He intended to destroy Su Mo’s elixir field first.

“You’re asking to die!”

At the same time, Su Mo punched toward Su Heng’s fist, channeling his genuine Qi and sevenfold fist force coupled with the strength of his body.

“Ninefold Ocean Wave Fist!”


The two fists crashed into each other, releasing a blast wave around. Su Mo stood in place, while Wei Lin was knocked back and exposed his vulnerable torso.


Su Mo seized this opportunity to quickly rushed forward and punched toward Wei Lin’s lower abdomen.

“You piece of trash! How dare you?”

Wei Lin was very shocked, but he did not have enough time to dodge it. In a hurry, he tried to use his left arm to block the attack.

Crack! Pop!

After the sounds of breaking bones followed a sound similar to that of popping a balloon.

Wei Lin’s arm was snapped by the powerful force, and his bare bones exposed.

Even though his arm had blocked Su Mo’s fist, his elixir field was shattered.

“You… you destroyed my elixir field?”

Wei Lin became numb shock, then he instantly started to scream.

“Since you want to destroy mine, you run the risk of having yours destroyed. Get used to being a useless waste!” Su Mo said coldly.

He would never hold back against such dirtbags.

Wei Lin was at Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm, but he had indulged so much in wine and women that his genuine Qi was weak. Therefore, he was barely better than Su Heng, who was at Lv 3 Qi cultivation Realm.

After saying those words, Su Mo pulled the shell-shocked Su Qingqing away, leaving the stunned crowd behind.

In the mansion of the Sus—

After coming back to the mansion, Su Mo went to his room.

He took out his storage pouch and poured out over 200 gray crystals.

These were Soul Crystals, which were used to contain Beast Souls.

Since the beasts’ level were too low, the Beast Souls had lost their consciousness after death.

If not contained in the Soul Crystals, Beast Souls would vanish in a very short time.

Su Mo released his Martial Soul, a dark vortex, floating behind him with three shining yellow halos.


Su Mo crushed two Class 4 Lv 1 Soul Crystals, and the Beast Souls instantly floated out.

He hurriedly channeled his Devouring Martial Spirit, which immediately produced a strong suction and devoured the two Beast Souls.

His Devouring Martial Spirit did not change after devouring two Beast Souls, so he continued to crush the crystals.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

10 Beast Souls!

20 Beast Souls!

40 Beast Souls!

As he devoured the 60th Class 4 Lv 1 Beast Soul, the Devouring Martial Soul abruptly trembled, and the fourth yellow halo burst out.

Rank 4 Human Class Martial Soul!

Su Mo felt excited and continued devouring.

When he finished all Class 4 Lv 1 Beast Souls, he started to devour Class 5 Lv 1 Beast Souls.

He could clearly feel that these Beast Souls were more powerful than those before.

10 Beast Souls!

30 Beast Souls!

50 Beast Souls!

100 Beast Souls!

140 Beast Souls!

Even after he devoured the 140th Beast Soul, he was depressed to find that his Martial Soul had still not progressed.

The higher the level of his Martial Soul, the harder it was to progress.

“I hope the last 10 Beast Souls won’t disappoint me.”

Crack! Crack! Crack!

After he crushed and devoured the last 10 all at once, his Devouring Martial Soul finally changed.

Another yellow halo appeared again.

Five yellow halos. It was Rank 5 Human Class Martial Soul!

He was overjoyed and immediately used his Martial Soul to absorb the aura from heaven and earth with all his strength.

Strands of aura quickly convered to him and entered his body.

After his Martial Soul leveled up, it absorbed aura 10 times faster than it did at Rank 3 Human Class.

After a long time, he stood up in high spirits.

“Su Yu, you’re called the first genius of the Sus, and you have a Rank 5 Human Class Martial Soul, right? Just wait until I crush you in the clan meeting.”

Su Mo smiled. “Also, Liu Yushan, you’ll know how stupid your choice was.”

Then, he went to the clan armory and picked out a steel long sword.

He needed to practice swordsmanship.

He could not use the Spirit-slayer Sword often because its level was too high.

He knew that it was not smart to show off his wealth.

He would cultivate not only Divine Wind Swordplay but also Shadow Steps andPrimordial Qi Manual .

These three manuals were Lower Lv 3 Cultivation Skills. His strength would greatly increase when he had successfully cultivated them.

Divine Wind Swordplay belonged to the Wind System and had four moves.

The first move was Gale Blade.

The second move was Separating Remnant Clouds.

The third move was Wind Roaring in the Sky.

The fourth move was Divine Wind Kill.

Each move was harder to practice, and more powerful than the one before.

The key point of Divine Wind Swordplay was speed. The moves must be fast beyond the limits.

Shadow Steps was a profound footwork. When he reached its Great Completion, he could move shadowless.

As to Primordial Qi Manual, a cultivation skill, the practicer could cultivate Primordial Genuine Qi, which was 10 times more powerful than the genuine Qi in Clouds Skill .

In the following days, he practiced swordsmanship and movement in daytime and cultivated Primordial Qi at night. As a result, his strength was stably improving.

One day, he was practicing swordplay in the yard.

The water-like sword radiance formed a shining sword curtain, and the unstoppable sword Qi sliced the air into pieces.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Right at that moment, someone began knocking furiously on his door.

Su Mo frowned and thought, “This man isn’t knocking on my door, he’s pounding on it, like he wants to smash it to pieces.”

“Who is it?”

Su Mo opened his door with a cold face.

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