Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Luo Huan

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Luo Huan

“Young Master Su, welcome to Purple Gold Pavilion.”

Luo Huan smiled coyly, giving off an air of seduction. Even the sound of her voice held a hint of charm.

Su Mo quickly regained his composure while secretly scolding himself for losing focus and almost being captivated by her.

However, this woman was truly exceptional. He had rarely seen anyone like her, even in his past life.

“Please take a seat, Young Master Su.”

Luo Huan arched her thin brow slightly and could not help but feel impressed by Su Mo.

She was very confident about her looks. Any man who saw her was often rendered speechless or would have a lewd expression on his face.

Meanwhile, this 14-year-old young man was only slightly stunned before regaining his composure.

“Thank you, Her Excellency.”

Su Mo sat down, confused by the fact that she knew his name.

However, Su Mo soon realized that he was now “well-known”.

“Ha ha! Don’t be so formal. My last name is Luo, and I’m a couple of years older than you, so you can call me Sister Luo,” Luo Huan said with an unwavering and charismatic smile.


Su Mo was dumbfounded, and then immediately nodded his head.

Luo Huan continued, “I heard that Young Master Su wants to purchase 200 Class 5 Lv 1 Beast Souls, but our pavilion only has 150. Would Young Master Su be willing to have the remaining 50 replaced by Beast Souls of other levels?”

“Class 4 Lv 1 Beast Souls would be fine!” said Su Mo.

He did not mind that Class 4 were less effective because he could simply take more.

“Yes, Young Master!” Luo Huan nodded, took out a gray pouch, and handed it to him.

“Here are 150 Class 5 Lv 1 Beast Souls, and 85 Class 4 Lv 1 Beast Souls. That’ll be 500 kilograms of gold. Also, this storage pouch is a gift from me to you.”

Su Mo was shocked by her generosity.

This storage pouch was definitely not cheap. Even the cheapest pouches cost over 35 kilograms of gold.

“Ha ha! Thank you so much, Sister Luo!”

Su Mo did not object and accepted the storage pouch.

After buying the Beast Souls, Su Mo immediately said his goodbyes and left.

“My Lady? I heard that young master Su only has a Martial Soul of Rank 1 Human Class, why are you…?” asked a frowning old woman, who appeared silently in the hall.

“Aunt Xu, Su Mo isn’t as simple as he seems. I can feel that he has incredibly strong Qi blood, much stronger than that of other martial artists of his level.”

While Su Mo was out purchasing Beast Souls in Purple Gold Pavilion, there was a meeting going on in the Su meeting hall.

“First Elder, why have you called this meeting?”

asked Su Hong, who was seated at the head of the table and eyeing the First Elder.

“Master, I heard from the Accounting Department that you took out 500 kilograms of gold today. What were you planning on using this money for?”

The First Elder Su Yue, a grumpy middle-aged man in his 40s, interrogated Master Su Hong as soon as the meeting began.

As the First Elder of the Sus, Su Yue was second only to the Master in power and status.

He was also the only person in the Sus who had the nerve to speak to Su Hong in this manner.

“These 500 kilograms of gold were funds for Su Mo to purchase resources for his cultivation,” admitted Su Hong frankly.

“What!?” The First Elder was shocked.

All the elders were also completely shocked!

“Su Hong, are you insane?”

The First Elder came to his senses, sprung to his feet, and roared, “Su Hong, how dare you use 500 kilograms of gold to cultivate your failed son! As the Master, what right do you have to spend that much gold on your own son? The Sus doesn’t consist of only your family. I won’t allow it!”

“That’s true. Su Mo is a failure. We shouldn’t waste so much on raising him!” agreed the Fourth Elder, Su Tai.

“Exactly, Master. It’s so selfish of you to care only about your own son!”

“How could you waste so much gold on raising your degenerate son?”


All the other elders spoke to echo the First Elder.

“Are you all done talking?”

Su Hong waited for everyone to quiet down and scanned the room of elders coldly. “I’ve already spent the 500 kilograms of gold. This issue is over. If there’s nothing else to discuss, let’s end this meeting!”

“What? It’s all been spent already?”

Everyone was stunned.

The First Elder’s countenance hardened.

His son, Su Yu, had awakened a Rank 5 Human Class Martial Soul and was regarded as the first genius in the Sus, yet all his monthly cultivating expenses barely exceeded 50 kilograms of gold.

Yet, a piece of trash like Su Mo somehow managed to use up over 500 kilograms.

After successfully buying his Beast Souls, Su Mo was extremely excited and impatiently ran home.

He was eager to see what level his Martial Soul would advance to after devouring these Beast Souls.

“It should be enough to advance to Rank 6 Human Class!” thought Su Mo.

“Ha ha! Little lady, with me, you’ll feel like a goddess every day.”

“Get out of my way!”

“Damn, don’t flatter yourself. It’s an honor to be selected by me.”

Suddenly, Su Mo heard a ruckus and saw three young men ahead of him surrounding a maid in blue.

She was extremely pretty, with a stunning face, pale skin, and willowy figure.

The leader of the young men was about 16 or 17 years old and sickly pale, and he was staring lewdly at the maid.

The maid was terrified but could not escape, since she was surrounded.

“Ha ha! You have nowhere to run!”

The young man cackled perversely and reached out to grab her hand.


Suddenly, a palm reached out and cast away his hand.

“Damn it, what nuisance has the nerve to interfere with my business?” the young man yelled angrily.

He turned around to see who it was, and immediately chortled, “Wow! Look who it is, the top ‘genius’ of the Sus!”

The young man heavily emphasized the word “genius” with a jeering expression on his face.

It was indeed Su Mo.

“Come here, Qingqing!”

Su Mo gestured for the maid to stand behind him.

This maid in blue also belonged to the Sus and was called Su Qingqing. Although Su Mo was not close to her, he still knew who she was.

He could not bear to watch the inferiors of the Sus being bullied without doing something.

“Brother Su Mo!”

As soon as Su Qingqing saw Su Mo, she hurriedly hid behind him like he was her savior.

“Only you, Wei Lin, would be so shameless to harass women in broad daylight!” chuckled Su Mo at the perverted young man.

The young man’s name was Wei Lin. He was the second son of the Master of the Weis.

He was notorious in Sunnywood City for using his clan’s power as an excuse to commit all kinds of atrocious deeds.

Countless women had been violated by him.

“How dare such a piece of trash like you interfere with my business. You must be tired of living!” said Wei Lin in a wild and boasting tone.

“Are you calling me a piece of trash?” Su Mo’s expression hardened. He was instantly enraged by the title.

“That’s right. You have a Rank 1 Human Class Martial Soul. That makes you a piece of trash!” scoffed Wei Lin.

“You have two choices: One, give Su Qingqing to me, kneel and bow your head to me in repentance, and call me grandfather three times, so that I will let you go. Two, I’ll shatter all your limbs, then take Su Qingqing with me.”

Wei Lin was determined to have Su Qingqing today. He had pined for her beauty for a long time, and he was not willing to give up his opportunity to have her.

Although Su Qingqing belonged to the Su clan, she was only a common inferior, and her parents had little status in the clan. Even if Wei Lin forced himself on her, there would be few consequences.

“Kneel and bow my head in repentance? Call you grandfather three times?”

Su Mo’s eyes flashed with rage. “Are all members of the Wei clan the same? Both Wei Long and Wei Lin love to make people bow down to them!”

“I’m giving you the span of three breaths to disappear from my sight, or you’ll have to deal with the consequences,” said Su Mo coldly.

He was not at all scared of these three people.

Aside from Wei Lin, who was at Lv 4 Qi Cultivation Realm, the other two with him were both at Lv 3.


Wei Lin was shocked and then scoffed, “Deal with the consequences? How dare a piece of trash like you say such bold things to me!”

“You two, attack him! Don’t beat him to death. Just break his limbs,” ordered Wei Lin.

“Ha ha, don’t worry young master. Leave it to us!”

His two companions cackled and rushed toward Su Mo.

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