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Chapter 818 - I’m Your Wife on Paper. Do You Think I am Embarrassing You?

Chapter 818: I’m Your Wife on Paper. Do You Think I am Embarrassing You?

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She shut the car door and urged him to drive. “Let’s go!”


Gu Jinzhi watched the military car sped away into the distance and continued smiling with an unreadable expression.

After a while, he hopped into his own car and left the place.

Back in the military car, awkwardness filled the space between Wen He and Huo Chen.

The latter focused on driving and did not spare a glance to his passenger.

Wen He carefully sneaked a look at him and saw his cold expression. Whatever courage she worked up to speak vanished instantly.

She was about to look away when Huo Chen spoke up crisply.



Wen He was caught off guard and could not respond immediately.

She pursed her lips and finally spoke again with reluctance.

“Thank you.”

Their relationship had not changed. Huo Chen remained distant to her in an almost hostile way.

Nevertheless, when the time came, he would give her a helping hand.

Huo Chen’s eyes widened slightly. He replied plainly, “No worries, I was only stating a fact.”

Wen He digested his sentence slowly.

Wasn’t their marriage already dead although not officially dissolved?

Announcing their marriage to such a large audience earlier would create waves round them.

Besides, if she asked for a divorce with Huo Chen soon after the incident, it may not go smoothly.

Wen He frowned at the quandary that was presented to her, but she soon found her peace. After all, their marriage was not affecting her current lifestyle.

Huo Chen did not seem to be in a rush to finalize things either. Perhaps they would wait a little longer.

When the news got old and people moved on to the latest newsflash, they would proceed quietly with their divorce.

“Huo Chen.”


Wen He wanted to explain her reasoning but found that he did not seem to be in a pleasant mood. Moreover, she recalled that the last few times they tried to speak to each other ended up into arguments.

“Nothing.” She decided to stop repeating history.

Let things progress naturally.

She did not want their relationship to deteriorate any further.

Huo Chen did not press her and continued to drive silently.

The atmosphere in the car stagnated.

He quietly took a quick side glance at the woman beside him, who seemed to be in a mood. His gaze turned softer.

Compared to the last few times they shouted at each other, he enjoyed this rare moment of silence between them.

After some time, he broke the silence…

“You should get a new job.”

Huo Chen offered abruptly.

Wen He frowned deeply and looked offended. She said, “Why? I love my current job. It pays well and has flexible hours. Besides, I can dress myself up nice and pretty whenever I want. More importantly, Gu Jinzhi is my boss. Based on my history with him, he will definitely protect me.”

What was her relationship with Gu Jinzhi?

Huo Chen was bothered by the question but kept it to himself. His gentle gaze turned harder.

“If he really cares for you, he will not let you work as a dancer at the Golden City.”

“What’s wrong with being a dancer?”

Wen He was only slightly annoyed by his question at first, but she was beginning to understand his concern. She chuckled snidely and said, “I see that you and Lin Kang are the same. You think that a dancer is a lowly occupation, right? Are you asking me to get a new job because you think I am dragging you down? As your wife on paper, do you think I am embarrassing you? Am I smearing your sparkling reputation?”


The spot between Huo Chen’s eyebrows creased deeply. He turned to look at her.

“What nonsense you are talking about?”

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