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Chapter 817 - I’ll Loan Her to You. Please Enjoy Yourself.

Chapter 817: I’ll Loan Her to You. Please Enjoy Yourself.

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Presidence Lin was thinking of slipping away unnoticed when he heard a flat voice spoke from behind him.

“President Lin of Shang Ran, if this happens again, I will charge you with defaming a family member of military personnel in military court. You can trust that I will keep my word.”


President Lin shuddered and quickly forced a smile on his face.

When he turned around to apologize, he saw that Huo Chen was not even looking at him, as though he did not even warrant his attention.

Huo Chen looked to his wife, who looked surprised but still composed. He said to her with characteristic brevity, “Let’s go.”

Wen He hesitated before nodding at him.


After all, the man had just gotten her out of a fix and even announced their marriage.

If she rejected him, it would be extremely humiliating for Huo Chen.

“I’ll be leaving now, Gu Jinzhi.”

Gu Jinzhi smiled at her and said, “Let’s leave together.”

He followed behind Huo Chen and Wen He as they headed unhurriedly for the exit.

Lin Kang looked daggers at his brother, his narrow eyes glowing with rage.

Suddenly, he announced icily, “Gu Jinzhi, I kicked you out of the Lin family ten years ago. I will do it again. Just you wait, you will not get away with this!

Gu Jinzhi did not turn back but merely waved dismissively at him. “I’ll be waiting.”

Lin Kang was further enraged by the way his brother responded. His ugly features twisted in fury!

The d*mn b*stard!

He would kill Gu Jinzhi, for sure!

The trio who disrupted the evening left the ballroom. On the other hand, the other guests were treated with excellent drama and felt satisfied with the night.

They cast furtive looks at Lin Kang and shook their heads in disapproval. Then, one by one, they left the ballroom without giving Lin Kang the opportunity to explain himself.

In just five minutes, all the guests had left!

Without their connection to the military, the Lin family was no longer worth siding with.

Crash! Smash!

Lin Kang unleashed his rage at the furniture and decorations in the ballroom and cursed the man who ruined his life.

Outside the ballroom, Gu Jinzhi followed unhurriedly behind Huo Chen and Wen He.

A military car arrived before them. Wen He dawdled a little before entering the car.

Huo Chen was about to take his seat too when he heard Gu Jinzhi chuckling behind him. “Thank you for today, Officer Huo.”

Huo Chen turned back and looked at him sharply.

His gaze focused on Gu Jinzhi without betraying the slightest bit of emotion.

“That was fine work, Mr Gu.”

Gu Jinzhi raised an eyebrow and did not continue on the topic. Instead, he threw a quick, teasing look at Wen He.

“You get two days off. Come back to work when you have enough fun.”


Wen He frowned in disgust.

The unspoken intention behind his words was totally lewd and vulgar.


She shut the car door to avoid looking at him any longer.

Gu Jinzhi shrugged and turned to Huo Chen with a dubious smile.

“Goodbye, Officer Huo. I’ll loan her to you temporarily until the morning of the day after tomorrow. Please enjoy yourself.”


Huo Chen showed no emotional response, but Wen He was infuriated.

What did he mean by “enjoy yourself”?

Does he think I’m an inflatable doll?

An inflatable doll that he can loan?!

“You, scram!”

Wen He could not stand Gu Jinzhi’s unscrupulous mouth anymore. She stepped out of the car and dragged Huo Chen to the driver seat.

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