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Chapter 597 - Keeping The Satyr Out!

Chapter 597: Keeping The Satyr Out!

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“No. We sleep together,” Lu Zhaoyang said without thinking when she sensed his intention.

“Should I tell him that we are husband and wife?” Huo Yunting threatened. Did she really think that he had run out of the way to deal with her? What would Huo Xu think if he found out that his mommy and the man whom he called Daddy were not husband and wife?

“You are really going out of your way for the so-called husband and wife ‘obligation.’” She could not care less if Huo Yunting revealed their relationship. If worse came to worst, she would tell the child the truth, Lu Zhaoyang thought as they were about to arrive at the mansion.

That night, she had emotionally told him that she never made him a cuckold. Blame himself for not hearing it as he passed out at the crucial moment—so much for his intelligence.

“It’s late today, I will stay here for one night.” Huo Yunting gave her a look and determined to stay.

“I refuse!” Lu Zhaoyang had been letting Little Huo Xu sleep in a separate room to train him to be independent. If Huo Yunting stayed, he would scramble into her room, just like what he did in Huo’s residence. She knew what he was capable of better than anyone else.

“Objection! This is not your home. Do you think Lin Yazhi would dare to decline me?”

Lu Zhaoyang could not form the words to respond.

Just as expected while they were enjoying the ice cream, Huo Yunting told Lin Yazhi about his intention to stay. She patted her chest and agreed at once.

Lu Zhaoyang was exasperated as she looked at the father and son happily savoring their ice creams.

Suddenly, Lu Zhaoyang got an idea. “Xuxu, since you like Uncle Yunting, why not let him sleep in your room tonight?”

“No problem!” The little guy obeyed everything Lin Zhaoayang said to the letter and replied with a quick nod. He then looked at Huo Yunting, blinking. “Uncle Yunting, would you?”

“Of course.” Huo Yunting patted the little guy’s hair while thinking that this would not balk him.

“Then I will leave you guys to it while I go upstairs to sleep.” Lu Zhaoyang slipped away. Lin Yazhi, who did not want to face her boss alone, followed behind Lu Zhaoyang.

Now, the father and son were the only ones in the living room. The little guy scooped a spoonful of ice cream and sent it to Huo Yunting’s mouth. “Uncle Yunting, eat.”

Huo Yunting did not have much of a sweet tooth but in the face of this cute little face, he lowered his head.

Little Huo Xu happily looked on as Huo Yunting ate the ice cream. “Xuxu likes Uncle!”

“Uncle likes you too.” Huo Yunting smiled, unaware of the doting expression in his eyes.

Lu Zhaoyang, standing on the flight of steps on the second floor, looked down on the father-son interaction with a faint smile and was happy to see the close rapport between them.

She did not stay there for long. What she urgently needed to do now was to lock her bedroom door and keep the satyr out. However, she could not hide forever.

At midnight, Lu Zhaoyang suddenly felt a strange feeling in her sleep. It was as if she was in a dream, her body floated up weightlessly.


Then her body felt cold before a warmth covered her.

It was not a dream! Lu Zhaoyang came to her senses and opened her eyes abruptly.

As the room was dark, she could only see a man’s outline under the faint moonlight. The man buried his head in her breasts; who would it be if this was not Huo Yunting?

It turned out that the feeling of weightlessness in her dream was him holding her body up to undress her.

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