WARNING! Tsundere President

Chapter 25 - Investigate This Man For Me

Chapter 25: Investigate This Man For Me

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“Huo Yunting, I’m warning yo—” Her mouth was stuffed as she felt the pair of cold lips intruding her, trying to force an opening. The stronghold was weak as the monsters broke through—taking a taste of the elixir of life within.

The breath of the woman and the groan of the man were smudging the silence with their loving gestures, as the slapping sounds of impalement filled the void soon after.

Lu quickly got out of bed the next morning, after the mere two hours of sleep she had after the event. Mumbling a bit, she glared at Huo who was soundly asleep after his victory.

She went to the wardrobe, picked a clean shirt to cover the sleeping man and tiptoed outside. Unlike the office alpha, she had a lot of reforms to do in order to keep their affair in the dark. She needed a shower, a dress, and probably makeup too.

It was almost time to start the day, as her colleagues arrived at the corporation.

Her absence did not catch their attention at first, till her seat remained empty by ten.

Yu Man’er’s instincts were tingling. Knowing Lu’s relationship with the president, she felt something had happened as she took her phone out beneath her desk— as she rapidly typed a situation report to Mo Shan. Before she managed to put a full stop, the phone rang before her.

She lifted her head and picked up the call immediately. Apparently it came from the President’s Office.

“Yes, sir?”

“Where’s Lu Zhaoyang?”

Huo Yunting was rubbing his head on his throne, still slightly annoyed by Lu’s disappearance upon waking up. His call was never picked up either.

Is Ms. Princess Lu throwing a tantrum again? Was that why she risked losing her job by skipping it?

“Yes, sir, umm…” Yu Man’er took a look at Lu’s seat, unoccupied, “Secretary Lu is not here.”

“Oh well, you’ll do. Get me a cup of coffee.” He then hung up.

The situation report remained as an unsent draft, as Yu Man’er stormed to the pantry for coffee.

With coffee carefully held in both hands, she walked into the President’s Office after an answered knock. The president was apparently on the lowered back of his throne, taking forty winks.

She courteously placed the cup on the table and their gazes met the moment she stood right back up.

“Yes, sir! The coffee is here.”

Huo glanced at her briefly and paused. He then snorted, “You are looking good lately.”

That little bit of tease made her heart race.

“Thank you.”

“Well, that’s all.”

An overjoyed Yu Man’er was overjoyed inside. She turned away to leave.

It must be her lucky day.

The president had just complimented her fashion sense!

She turned the doorknob. “Oh by the way,” the laid-back voice rang behind her.

“When Lu Zhaoyang arrives, send her here.”


The door was then shut.

“Hmph.” Huo looked at the girl leaving, as he snorted in despise.

He knew the culprit behind that contract. He knew it well.

This Yu was clearly a pawn under the queen. And we all know who that queen was.

Mo Shan had been visiting the corporation like a library and Yu Man’er, this pesky little secretary was bold enough to do these little tricks to the contract? I would have been a fool if I did not guess the mastermind behind this.

But well, I have zero interest in Mo Shan’s Barbie and Ken. Please, it’s a waste of time.

He took a sip of the coffee.

It was truly only a sip it deserved.

He frowned, as he placed the cup down.

It seemed like only Lu knew how to do coffee right after all.

By the way, who the f*ck is Chen again?

He swept up the phone and dialed, “Huo Li, investigate this man called Chen for me.”

“Chen? C-h-e-n Chen? You do know we have lots of Chinese characters that sounds like Chen don’t you? Like seriously, type Chen on your phone you get at least a hundred characters to track, yo—”

“How the hell do I even know which Chen that is, just f*cking look it up yourself!”

Like he was not already pissed enough in the first place. If only this naggy man could do his work right.

“Ahh… Brother Huo, the most handsome and the kindest, how could you… This is ruthless… but…”

Huo Li could not help but hang up bitterly. It looked like he had many pages of the dictionary to go…

Huo laid slanted on his throne. The computer was turned off. The documents were sent out. It seemed like none of the things in this world pleased him anymore.

He closed his eyes, looking fatigued.

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