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Chapter 24 - Let Me Go!

Chapter 24: Let Me Go!

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The broad shadow of the man rested upon Lu in her slumber, under the dim light of the office at midnight. She snoozed with her rosy cheeks laid on her arm. Her tousled hair scattered across the desk, covering half of her sleeping face.

Huo Yunting, as soon as he reached his muscular arms to embrace her, froze upon a shudder his wife made. The grimness of his expression increased, “It’s cold at night and she did not have her coat, now she’s sleeping here with the door wide open, is she plotting a sick leave tomorrow?” He snorted, as he took off his coat, gently he intended to place it over her, till…


Very softly the sleeping beauty muttered.

If it was not for the dead silence of the office and their almost negligible distance between each other, he would never have been able to perceive such name, of a stranger, obviously man, coming from his woman.


Who’s Chen? 

Who’s that?

He inched towards her, only to see the dried stream of tears over her revealed cheek, behind the strands of hair that stuck on it.

She cried before, it seemed like an awful one too.

How dare she cried for other men!?

Huo Yunting was not really delighted of this discovery, as the coat was then flung to the ground the moment he lifted his woman like an angered caveman, heading back to his own cave.

On the way walking back to his office, Huo lowered his head to observe the woman in his embrace. Twitched, he realized it was not a simple flow of tears, as he saw her eyes were completely swollen.

What man was so worthy crying so hard for?

He was displeased, very displeased.

The door to his office was slammed open with a soccer kick, the thunderous sound shocked Lu awake, who found herself in the devil’s embrace.

When did he come back?

Why is he carrying me?

And he looks… pretty mad…

But then she recalled the bit of her dream, it was a nightmare, a heart-wrenching episode that distracted her from the upcoming intimacy.

“Let me go!”

She pushed herself away from his chest, trying to make distance.

“Let you go?” Huo snorted, “I am here to pay my tax as a responsible husband, so how about no?”

He smiled. Terrifyingly, he smiled.

“Well, the tax is abolished. You may *go* now! Just let me go, I have works to do!”

She just had a dream about Chen, no way she could have intercourse with Huo right away. She needed a transitional period!


She started pounding his chest vigorously, as her legs flipped all around, disobeying their fate to be spreaded wide open.

The resistance aroused Huo, his smile grew, although his eyes darkened. The grip tightened.


Lu was thrown to the bed in the resting room. She tumbled away immediately, only to be grabbed again by her wrist.

She tried backing away but the grip was just too strong as she was dragged all the way below him.

“I think someone has forgotten her identity, her role and her duty. How about a revision on those? Darling?”

The last two syllables rang as the steaming call at her sensitive ears, which led to a bite on the earlobe right after.

“Huo…Huo Yunting…” Lu Zhaoyang quivered.

She shook her head, struggling, yet her arms were fully beneath his huge hands. She tried to plead, “Please…” But the slippery warm feeling slid through her neck, as frigidity of the air-conditioner raided her shoulders. It was then she realized, her shirt was torn open.


“Don’t stop?”

The piping hot whisper engulfed her sanity.

“You might be getting a cold from being so revealing at the office. No worries, I’ll give you a few shots.” The sound of unzipping was heard, “You’ll be good as new tomorrow.”

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