Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy

Chapter 31

31 Contract Marriage (29)

It was quiet for a few seconds. Even the air was still.

Jiang Yuan could clearly feel that Gu Xichao’s hand had tightened to the point where it was painful.


She frowned and looked up at the beautiful gentleman.

Why was he not happy?!

Wasn’t he the one who gave her the divorce settlement agreement?

Jiang Yuan couldn’t help but grumble in her mind.

“Someone had shredded the last copy, so I have printed a new one.

“Please sign it again.”

With that, Jiang Yuan then pushed the divorce settlement agreement in Gu Xichao’s direction.

Her smile was brighter than usual, her brows bent. It made her seem like she didn’t care.

The man’s beautiful face darkened a little, as his cherry-blossom red lips were pursed.

His face seemed to say, ‘I am not happy’.

At first, he didn’t say a word.

Then, he let go of Jiang Yuan’s hands and picked up the divorce settlement agreement on the table.

He looked down at it without paying much attention. When he saw the words ‘Jiang Yuan’ on it, his blue eyes grew darker.

The corner of the man’s cherry-red lips lifted, forming a pretty, cold arc.

In a flash.

His long, pale fingers shredded the papers in his hand into pieces of papers.

Jiang Yuan was surprised.

She looked at him with her large, beautiful eyes. Her tone slightly raised as she asked, “Gu Xichao, what are you doing?”

Why did he suddenly tear up the divorce settlement agreement?

Why did he suddenly go mad?


The man’s brows didn’t even move as he slowly took a piece of tissue paper to clean his long fingers.

“I shredded the last one.”

Jiang Yuan choked at his words as her eyelids twitched. “Why?”

Didn’t he want to divorce?

That was Jiang Yuan’s first thought. However, she couldn’t think of any other reason why Gu Xichao would change his mind.


She then looked back at this man’s weird actions.

A shocking thought appeared in Jiang Yuan’s mind.

‘Could Gu Xichao have fallen in love with me?’ she wondered.

Jiang Yuan then looked up at the man sitting opposite her and then looked at his beautiful, cold face. She then quietly erased such a ridiculous thought from her mind.

How was that possible?

“I have thought hard about it. We should not divorce at this time.”

The man was calm, and his tone serious and intellectual as if he was dealing with official work.

“Grandfather wouldn’t agree, and there are too many business relationships between the Jiang family and the Gu family. Divorce wouldn’t do any good to both our families. Not to mention that you couldn’t possibly want my father-in-law and mother-in-law to be worried about you?”

His voice was raspy, and like music to the ears, and the way he put it was logical and reasonable.

Jiang Yuan had almost let him have his way.

However, she still didn’t stop herself from saying, “We can get the divorce paper done first. We don’t have to announce it to the public…”

Jiang Yuan quietly shut her mouth up as the man stared at her.

Gu Xichao’s lips turned into a sneer as he asked, “Why? It seems like you can’t wait.”

His voice low, and his whisper seem to hang the air.

Jiang Yuan looked at him, confused. “What?”

The confusion on the woman’s pale, beautiful face was genuine. Her cold, black eyes stared at him, and she blinked slowly.

Gu Xichao shook his head and said, “Nothing, let’s eat.”

Att this time, their dishes were served, and both of them didn’t speak as if they had a mutual understanding.

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