Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy

Chapter 30

30 Contract Marriage (28)

The man tugged at his necktie. His thin lips were pursed as his eyes were frozen upon the computer screen.

He could see it.


On the computer screen that he had yet to switch off.

It was a picture of two people sitting opposite each other in a café.

Perhaps it was the angle of how the picture was taken. The woman seemed to have looked down with a faint smile on her face. She was gentle and quiet.

However, that smile…

It made someone’s eyes burn in pain.


Gu Xichao knew who that man sitting opposite of Jiang Yuan was.

Mu Feng.

The male protagonist of the charade some time ago.


He raised his slender fingers and closed his laptop. His pale, handsome face didn’t show much expression. His beautiful blue eyes seemed to be covered under layers of emotions.

His eyelashes were thick and curled, and when they were half-closed, it seemed somewhat sorrowful.

Gu Xichao massaged his temples. His cherry-red lips stretched into a straight line.

He didn’t know why.

However, he had sent someone to follow Jiang Yuan to take pictures of what she did, and who she met.

The very handsome Gu Xichao was depressed.

This was the first time that he had done something so unclassy.


Half an hour later.

In a French restaurant.

Jiang Yuan looked up at her surroundings nonchalantly. She noticed that all the patrons looked like couples.

She looked at Gu Xichao, who was the opposite of her, and then took the menu from the waiter expressionlessly. However, she was quite curious.

Why would Gu Xichao bring her to a place like this for lunch?

This was obviously a restaurant for couples.

After finishing her order, she passed it back to the waiter.

However, she still couldn’t hold back and said, “Gu Xichao…”

When the man heard Jiang Yuan calling his name, he raised his blue eyes that were bright and gorgeous. He then asked, “What?”

Jiang Yuan cleared her throat and said, “This seems to be a restaurant for couples.”

The man squinted slightly. His eyes were like a lake covered with snow and ice.

“And?” His voice was calm and natural.

Jiang Yuan said nothing.

‘What do you mean by ‘and’?!’

With their current relationship, Gu Xichao should know what they should and shouldn’t do. And he had dared to bring her to a restaurant like this?!

Looking at the stunned Jiang Yuan, Gu Xichao merely smiled.

“You are my wife.”

Though his voice wasn’t loud, he sounded quite serious. Each word entered Jiang Yuan’s ears clearly.

Confused, Jiang Yuan blinked.

What the hell?

In the woman’s startled stare, Gu Xichao continued, “We are husband and wife. Isn’t it normal to come to a place like this for lunch?”

With that, he extended his hand, touching Jiang Yuan’s hand that was resting on the table.

His grip slowly tightened.

Jiang Yuan was shocked and wanted to pull back to escape his hands.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Gu Xichao’s grip was quite firm, despite his usual gentlemanly guise.

He caught the woman’s slender and pale fingers.


He intertwined his fingers with hers, one by one.

Their fingers intertwined as they held each other’s hands.

Jiang Yuan was initially shocked by Gu Xichao’s action. She instinctively pulled her hand back but to no avail.

She wasn’t someone conventional, so she simply let him take her hand.

The woman’s thin and elegant brow was raised. Her beautiful, fair face seemed to come alive. “Gu Xichao, what are you doing?”

When he heard that, his handsome face relaxed as he said, “Carrying out the duty of a husband and wife.”

Jiang Yuan’s eyes twitched, and she looked like she wanted to say something but couldn’t.

God damned duty of a husband and wife!


She took out a set of documents from her purse and placed the stack in front of Gu Xichao, and said boorishly, “This is the divorce settlement agreement.

“Sign it!”

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