Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 969

.Chapter 969

969 Chapter 969 was just going to disappear like that?

After learning of Gu Feis accurate information, the heaven-defying experts no longer had to worry about it. They continued to boldly embark on their gaming careers with confidence. Other than them, most people did not even realize that thousand miles drunk, this great expert, had not appeared in the tavern for a very long time, flipping the table and shouting Bounty Mission.

Apart from one person, this person had been staring at thousand miles drunks name every minute since he entered the game. He knew that thousand miles drunk had not appeared for a day; he also knew that thousand miles drunk had not appeared for two days; he was pleasantly surprised when thousand miles drunk had not appeared for three days; he suddenly felt lonely when thousand miles drunk had not appeared for a week, he realized that if this person was no longer around, then what meaning did he have in the game? Where should he go from here?

Ye Xiaowu only had information about the game. He did not have a network of friends like sword demon and the others, so no one would think to explain to him why thousand miles drunk had disappeared. Ye Xiaowu wandered around the game, not knowing if thousand miles drunk, whom he had not seen for a week, had really left the game. Ye Xiaowu even wanted to ask sword demon and the others about it, but when he thought about how those people disliked him.., he was probably going to say something when he asked them about it. Could there be any truth to it?

Ye Xiaowu, who was at a loss, could not make up his mind. At this moment, he received a notification from the system that the game was being maintained and updated.

It was very normal for the game to be maintained as a routine, so no one took it seriously. However, after this maintenance, it immediately caused a huge stir. Why? Because the newly popularized efficiency levelling methods were no longer effective. From Yunduan City to Yueye City to Baishi City, in all the developed levelling areas of the main cities, the efficiency levelling methods had suddenly become suicidal levelling methods.

Smart players had long understood that the efficiency levelling method was to completely understand the attack patterns of the monsters. Then, they would use their own set of attack patterns to bring out the counterattack patterns of the monsters. This was repeated, so the efficiency was safe. However, after this update, the pattern was no longer effective. The reason was very simple: the monsters attack pattern had changed.

Many people actually understood what was going on. The game company wanted to boycott the efficiency training method. However, the players didnt care. Too many people spent money on the efficiency training method. They were unwilling to spend this money, so they immediately wanted to seek an explanation. Who should they ask for this explanation from? Who should they ask for it from

The unlucky ones might look like the workshops, but they were not. The bosses of the workshops were all smart people. The efficient leveling method was very sensitive. The game company would make a move sooner or later. Nitrite was not the only one who understood this point. All of them understood it. Although they were trying their best to make money on the efficient leveling method, they knew that this was a one-time deal. As long as the game company made a move, they would immediately stop.

Hence, from the start, they had foreseen this update and the reactions of the players after it was updated. Therefore, they would explain everything that they needed to explain in advance. However, they had not expected the game company to act so quickly this time. Although there were many people who had objections against them, they were embarrassed to say that the studio was cheating because they wanted to learn beforehand, they had already been informed by the studio that something like this would happen.

In the end, the ones who were more unlucky were those second-tier peddlers who had learned the efficiency leveling method in the first wave and then started selling it at a low price. Their business was not big, and they did not have much strength either. At this moment, they were all being chased by people demanding a refund, and they were in unbearable pain.

When ye Xiaowu went online and found out about this update, he was pleasantly surprised. This cancer that he thought would destroy the game had finally been eliminated. However, this method was ultimately just a temporary cure. What about thousand miles drunk? This was the source!

Thousand Miles drunk was still offline.

Ye Xiaowu felt like he was hugging his friend list every day when he was online, staring at this name. He could not tell if he was hoping for Gu Fei to show up or hoping that Gu Fei would not show up, so he felt miserable. Ye Xiaowu felt that he could not go on like this. What on Earth was going on with this person? He had to tell them the truth! He just left like that? He did not even greet them? He was too disrespectful to his opponent.

Ye Xiaowu did not have these peoples good friends, so it was useless even if he did. They would definitely be blacklisted, so he could only wait and wait pitifully where these people might appear.

Ye Xiaowu was finally blessed with a bit of luck. Sword Demon was one of the people he had met after waiting for so long.

If he could get the truth from the elite group, that person could only be sword demon. Before ye Xiaowu could rejoice, he discovered that young master Han was also traveling with sword demon.

One of them was the person he had taken the initiative to ask, while the other was the person who had taken the initiative to tell him that he did not even want to hear it. Tears streamed down ye Xiaowus face as he realized that he was in a dilemma.

Just as he was still in a dilemma, the two men had already spotted him. Young Master Han pointed at him and said, Look, its that idiot. Whats his name again?

Fleeting smile,sword demon said.

How is he still alive?Young Master Han asked.

How Vicious! Ye Xiaowu gritted his teeth and really wanted to turn around and leave, but when he thought about the endless struggle he was in, he finally stood up and took a deep breath. Wheres Miles? I want to look for him.

Young Master Han casually fished out an item and wrote down a number before handing it over to Ye Xiaowu.

This is?

Werent you looking for miles?Young Master Han asked.

A contact number?Ye Xiaowu was excited. What was going on? Did Heavens eye open or Earths Eye Open? How did young master Han become so kind-hearted.

Ye Xiaowu hurriedly took the call and hurriedly found a place to log off.

Sword demon watched him leave and asked doubtfully, Milesnumber?


Then, what is it?

How would I know?

Ye Xiaowu held the precious number in his hands and tried his best to memorize it, but..

Is this a 0 or a 6?The 0 was not drawn neatly, and it looked a little like a 6.

Is this a 5 or a 6?A 5 was scribbled, and it looked like a 6.

Is this an 8 or a 6?The head of an 8 seemed a little small, but it also looked like a 6.

Six, six, six, why does it all look like a 6? Ye Xiaowu broke down and stopped in his tracks on the street. With so many possible combinations, how many numbers were there?

Ye Xiaowu was not so foolish as to log off and try them out one by one. Considering that this number was given to him by young master Han, Ye Xiaowu was already certain that he had been fooled again.

Ye Xiaowu tried his best to calm himself down. Being fooled by that young master Han was something that should be expected. It was not worth getting angry over, nor was it worth getting angry over..

The tenacious ye Xiaowu continued to wait for someone who could make him understand.

He waited for war without wounds to arrive, and war without wounds swung him into the corner of the wall with a single swing of his sword, accompanying the lady as they continued to chat merrily as they passed by.

He waited for Royal God call to arrive. When he was 60 meters away, the arrow had already arrived before he even arrived, so he was now over 600 meters away from royal god call in a straight line in the air.

When he waited for Brother Assist to arrive, brother assist had already heard about it from these guys in the mercenary channel. Brother assist had never been a simple guy, and brother assist was also very sinister.

Brother assist did not make a move. He quietly listened to ye Xiaowu say that he wanted to look for thousand miles drunk.

I do have thousand Milescontact number, but I dont know if you believe it,brother assist said.

I believe it.

Alright, 500 gold coins.


You dont believe it again, do you? Sigh!Brother assist sighed.

I believe it!Ye Xiaowu gritted his teeth and decided to take a gamble.

Brother assist happily accepted the 500 gold coins and swiftly took out his notebook. Im not lying to you. This is really a phone number for miles.Brother Assist wrote down the number.

Thank you.

But my phone has been switched off recently.Brother assist tore off the page and handed it to Ye Xiaowu.

Ye Xiaowu swore! If he was not a priest, he would definitely fight brother assist to the death. He had to.

The number is real. There will always be a time when the phone is turned on.Brother assist reminded ye Xiaowu that he was not lying.

When do you usually turn it on?Ye Xiaowu asked.

I dont know. It hasnt been turned on for a week,brother assist said.

Ye Xiaowu swore! He swore again! He really swore again!

Actually, why are you looking for miles? Maybe I can help you,brother assist suddenly said.

Ye Xiaowu was still swearing, so he had no time to respond.

Of course, theres still a fee. My information has never been cheap.Brother assist suddenly found the meaning of his life.

Thousand miles drunk hasnt been playing the game during this period of time, right?Ye Xiaowu asked.

Ye Xiaowu… Ye Xiaowu swore that there was nothing new about it. He gritted his teeth and took out his wallet, but he changed the question. Where has thousand miles drunk gone in the past week?

With a wallet in hand, if he were to count the gold coins now, it would seem that his image would not be handsome enough. Brother assist thought about it and did not count the gold coins. After keeping the wallet, he answered the question, Hes busy.

Ye Xiaowu turned around and left. He did not have the ability to risk his life, and he did not want to be fooled by others anymore. He regretted not calling broken water arrow; otherwise, it would still be enough to deal with Brother Assist. Speaking of which, ye Xiaowu did not expect that the person who made him feel the most aggrieved this time was actually brother assist.

Dont be in such a hurry to leave! Next, you can ask What are you busy with?arent you about to find out what you want to know?Brother assist and the others knew that ye Xiaowu was targeting Gu Fei, thus, they already knew what ye Xiaowu was trying to find out about Gu Fei.

Ye Xiaowu stood still once more, the corner of his mouth twitching a few times. Finally, he turned around and asked, What is he busy with?With that said, he tossed a coin pouch over.

A martial arts tournament,brother assist answered.

A martial arts tournament?Ye Xiaowu was puzzled.

A question?Brother assist asked.

A coin pouch.

The game company used virtual reality technology to collaborate with their kung fu world to organize this martial arts tournament,brother assist said.

Ye Xiaowu was stunned..

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The story is over, there will be no new development, everyone will see is just the end of everyone.

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