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Chapter 968

.Chapter 968

?968 Chapter 968, martial arts tournament

The newcomer finally walked up to them. War without wounds and Royal God call finally recognized this person. They were not familiar with this person, but they had met him once before. Sword Demon had introduced him as thousand miless cousin. Back when they were in white stone city, they had fought against a group of veterans organized by a priest called fleeting smile. In their eyes, this person was also an insanely strong person. However, no one could understand why miles had said that he did not know kung fu. They had not seen this person since then, and this person was not a player from Yunduan city. Yet, he had suddenly appeared here?

While War without wounds and royal god call were reminiscing, Gu Xian had already arrived in front of them. The two of them straightened their backs and were about to greet him when Gu Xian walked past them without even looking at them.

The two of them froze for a moment before turning around. Gu Xian was already about to enter the tavern when he hurriedly shouted, Hey!

What?Gu Xian did not even turn his head around. He was already too lazy.

Dont you recognize us?War without wounds asked.

After hearing this, Gu Xian was finally willing to turn around and look at the two of them. He then nodded, No.

The two of them broke out in a cold sweat before continuing, Were friends of thousand miles, thousand miles drunk.

Oh? Friends of his? Thats perfect. I was just about to look for his friend. He said that he would often appear in this tavern. Just ask the owner of the tavern and youll know. It really is him!Gu Xian was pleasantly surprised.

Whats wrong with thousand miles?War without wounds and royal god call were shocked. Did something really happen to thousand miles? He could not enter the game and specifically asked this relative to come and greet them?

He cant come to the game anymore,Gu Xian said.

Whats wrong with him?The two asked in unison.

Why dont we go in and have a seat?Gu Xian suggested. After he said that, he entered the room.

War without wounds and Royal God call looked at each other. Seeing how unhurried this cousin of Miles was, it did not seem like it was a big deal. The two thought as they followed him in, quickly sending a message to sword demon and the others.

Rays Tavern was fully occupied at the moment, so Gu Xian did not pick a spot. He simply found an empty table and sat down. He did not order any drinks and just folded his arms on the table.

War without wounds and Royal God call followed closely behind. They were no longer in the mood to wait for sword demon and the others to arrive. All they wanted to know was what had happened.

Gu Fei cant come to the game anymore,Gu Xian repeated as he looked at the two inquisitive gazes.

This was thousand miless real name, which the two knew. However, since they were only using the name of the game, it was a little awkward to hear his real name all of a sudden, but they did not bother with it, they quickly asked, Why? Why Cant I come to the game?

I have something to attend to, so Im going to participate in the martial arts tournament,Gu Xian said.

War without wounds and Royal God Calls jaws dropped.

No Way. Is there really going to be a martial arts tournament?Royal God call had only casually said that a few days ago. He did not think that it would actually come true.

You guys know about it too?Gu Xian looked at the two of them in surprise.

No, were just guessing,the two of them quickly replied.

Then when is the tournament going to start?The two of them asked.

I dont know the details. Its just the preparation period, and there are some technical details that need to be studied and adjusted,Gu Xian said.

Studied and adjusted?The two of them felt that it was a little strange to use the term martial arts tournament.

Its a rather special tournament that requires holographic simulation technology. Its just that the technology used is a little different from our current game…

Gu Xian was really lazy. He was simply too lazy. If he could even speak half a sentence, he would never say a word. When war without wounds and Royal God call asked him a question, he would answer them like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. If they did not know that this person was a great expert.., war without wounds and Royal God call had long wanted to beat this person up. Sword Demon and the others who were dawdling arrived one after another. They continued to squeeze the tube of toothpaste until everyone finally understood what was going on.

The fact that the Gu family wanted to buy parallel world was nothing more than a rumor created by a misunderstanding. However, the fact that the Gu family had noticed this game was the real deal. The person who played the role of matchmaker was none other than Gu Xian, who was too lazy to make others gnash their teeth.

He was the one who explained the situation of the game to his family. The main point was not the game itself, but the holographic simulation technology used in the game. This technology was clearly capable of solving the current problem of communication in the kung fu world.

The kung fu that Gu Fei and the others learned was not martial arts. Martial Arts was to strengthen ones body. Meanwhile, the kung fu that Gu Fei and the others learned had only one purpose: to kill their opponents.

The phrase that killers often used to act pretentious was actually very true to Gu Fei and the others. What they learned was only to kill, not to perform.

Such a technique would not be able to display its true essence in the sparring environment. As it was passed down from generation to generation, it had become more and more apparent and devoid of meaning. There were too many moves and techniques that the practitioners would only learn according to the book. If they continued to teach, how would they dare to casually use these heavy moves that would either kill or injure others when they were sparring?

This problem troubled not only the Gu family, but the entire kung fu world.

Kung Fu was entering a dead end because the most valuable essence could not pass the test of actual combat, and future generations would not be able to improve it. Kung Fu had no development, only blindly inheriting. This was already a kind of degeneration. What followed was the weakening of the spirit that kung fu represented. More and more of the younger generations understanding of Kung Fu was just a concept, and more and more people began to give up on kung fu. Giving up was the opposite of the indomitable spirit that kung fu represented, never giving up. Although the spirit of tens of millions of people was already on the verge of defeat, it was the opposite.

This situation made people worry, but no one had a better solution. Finally, the holographic simulation technology used by the parallel world let them see the light of dawn. This technology was originally used for military purposes, but it was now in the hands of the game company in parallel world. After the Gu family realized this, they immediately contacted the entire circle, they discussed the feasibility of using this technology to change the current lack of communication in the martial arts world.

Martial Arts was not something that could be used by just anyone, and the same was true for technology. After the leaders of various factions in the kung fu circle discussed and agreed to this possibility, they immediately contacted the game companies in parallel world to see if they could cooperate in this area.

This kind of high-end technology symbolized wealth, and the kung fu circle was already a disadvantaged group, so they did not see any commercial value. Moreover, their goal in seeking this technology was not to create wealth with this technology, how could the other party be willing to cooperate with them so easily? Therefore, the people in the kung fu circle were ready for a long and arduous negotiation process.

However, unexpectedly, the people in the parallel world seemed to be quite interested in the idea of cooperation. It could be said that they had given the green light and proposed using this technology to hold a martial arts competition that the kung fu circle had never had before, it was to strengthen communication and expand influence.

However, according to the original intention of the Kung Fu Circle, they only wanted to seek a means of communication, and did not want to put themselves on display. Moreover, their game was a standard killing and wounding tactic, and a harmonious society did not need to promote it. The game company wanted to hold a competition, but it seemed that they wanted to pursue commercial value, which was not in line with their philosophy.

To their surprise, after a simple communication, the game company actually expressed a great understanding, and then agreed to help host an exchange competition that was limited to the kung fu circle.

The discussion between the two parties was very pleasant, but for people in the kung fu world, holographic simulation had different requirements from online games. Online games used data to determine the quality of the characters, but the kung fu world wanted the system they participated in to be based on the peoples own qualities in the simulated environment, including strength, stamina, speed, and so on.

Although this was not the gaming companys specialty, it was not impossible for them to do so. Hence, the two parties decided to cooperate. The gaming company would be responsible for supporting the technical aspects of the game, they would also design virtual competition scenarios and so on.

Recently, the gaming company had already completed all their technical work, and the competition had begun the substantive preparation phase of the registration process. Gu Fei had called home that day after logging off to ask his family if they wanted to purchase parallel world, but his father had urgently summoned him home and shut him up.

Shut him up for what? To practice his kung fu in seclusion! His father meant that this time, it was a real fight, and he needed to make proper preparations before the competition. Gu Fei felt helpless and excited, and he could not help but look down on himself for being so slow this time. He had been playing the game for so long, yet he had not realized that the skill used in the game could be used to solve their current problem in the kung fu world. The person who had realized this was actually Gu Xian, who was regarded as the most useless person of his generation. Gu Fei was truly ashamed of himself.

Everyone, who were extremely heaven-defying, finally understood what was going on. They looked at each other, and after a long while, Royal God call beamed with joy. See, I told you! I told you that were going to have a martial arts tournament, Haha!

Then, will miles return to the game?Sword demon asked Gu Xian. Everyone suddenly fell silent. They understood that if it was such a system, it would be far more attractive to Gu Fei than parallel world. In parallel world, it was not the first time they had heard Gu Fei complain about having no strength or speed.

Looking back at everyones eager and expectant gazes, the lazy Gu Xian could only roll his eyes, Probably! He asked me to look for his friends because he wants me to give you guys a message.

What?They asked.

He leaves temporarily, you dont want to be too afraid.Gu Xian said.

DAMN! ! ! !A bunch of masters give the middle finger.

Whos Afraid?

Damn, what a shame! !

We are the Masters! The Masters!

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