Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 154 - End of the Second Round

Chapter 154 - End of the Second Round

Sakurazaka Moony no longer bothered with Gu Fei after saying his piece and hurriedly made his way to a nearby hilltop together with his fellow brothers. They were lying down with their chests on the ground, hoping to catch sight of passing-by babes down the hill.

Fearlessly leaving their backs exposed to him, Gu Fei was at a loss on how to emotionally react to it. For a bunch of skirt chasers, aren’t you guys being too straightforward and upright right now? I am your enemy, after all! Gu Fei yelled inwardly. Walking up to the men, he said, “Hey. This is a guild versus guild tournament, so—”

Sakurazaka Moony impatiently interrupted him, “Your guild is sure to win anyway since we’re not fighting seriously, so why must you be so particular about things? Let me tell you; all my brothers that you killed off are currently bawling their eyes by the plaza outside the Main Hall of Guilds. You better think of an explanation!”

“Explanation? Why must I explain my action?!” Gu Fei asked indignantly, saying, “Bro, we’re competing right now! It’s wholly justifiable for me to slay you all!”

“Since it’s a match that your guild is bound to win, why must you be so serious? It’s LIFE! Just get by with what you can! Come here. Why don’t you introduce me to some of your guild’s babes, instead?” Sakurazaka Moony was still young, yet his warped logic sounded mature and sensible.

“I don’t usually mingle with them, so I’m not really familiar…” Gu Fei trailed off as he actually did not know how to respond to the other’s request.

Sakurazaka Moony looked disgusted, “Don’t be a miser! You’re dominating over fifty women, yet you’re still not satisfied? Leave some for us, too! Why must you be like this?”

“I really am not familiar with them!” Gu Fei finally lost his sanity just like Svelte Dancer, albeit for a different reason.

“How heartless. You’re truly unsympathetic to your fellow brothers’ plight, man!” Sakurazaka Moony said in an extremely aggrieved voice.

Gu Fei did not respond to his biased statement.

“Fine, you are ‘not familiar with them’. Still, you should know where they are right now, yeah?” Sakurazaka Moony asked.

“Oh. They are all at that forest,” Gu Fei answered as he pointed to a certain direction. Since he had no way to deal with these men, he might as well send them over to Svelte Dancer! That girl had it tough. While Gu Fei already had 14 kill points, she only managed to earn 5 kill points so far.

Sakurazaka Moony looked at where Gu Fei was pointing and was immediately aghast, “F*ck! Those b*st*rds must have lured the babes there. No wonder we didn’t even see a strand of hair of a woman here. Those louts must be thinking of keeping the babes for themselves! Comrades, let’s go. CHARGE!” With a wave of his hand, the players lying prone on the ground majestically stood up and secured their equipment to charge toward the forest.

“Thanks, bro!” Sakurazaka Moony amiably patted Gu Fei, who was smiling bitterly, on his shoulder and said, “We still have four more teams; go find them if you wanna earn some kill points!”

Gu Fei was at a loss for words! What sort of guild was this?! Did people even look up to this sort of guild leader? Unexpectedly, none of Sakurazaka Moony’s followers had any negative reaction to what he had just said.

“Brothers, let’s go chase skirts! We’ll also take care of those d*psh*ts for attempting to take all the ladies for themselves.” Sakurazaka Moony rallied his men before reminding Gu Fei, “Don’t tell the other men where the babes are at!”

Gu Fei silently looked on as the five men rushed down the hill, thinking that he could only chase the other targets now.

At least, Sakurazura Moony was a little more upstanding than Fireball as he sent out this message on the guild channel: “Be careful of that guy from Amethyst Rebirth. He’s strong!” He had the responsibility to do this as a guild leader, after all.

The other four teams stayed in their respective formations and waited with bated breath… yet they were still swept away by Gu Fei in the end.

The PvP in the forest slowly concluded as well. The five Hunters ran all over the place but did not move to kill the ladies even once. In the end, they were rounded up by the ladies. What else was there to say about the ensuing battle? Apparently, the Hunters stood their ground firmly and defended themselves until their last HP, giving off the misconception that they were some heroic men making their final stand.

As for Sakurazaka Moony’s team that hurried over, they did not know that their ‘Hunting Babes with Trap’ method had already been busted by the ladies, so they went in and set up traps like the idiots that they were. This act of setting up traps only made the ladies know that some men were nearby and allowed them to quickly encircle the fools. Sakurazaka Moony, who was hoping that some ladies would step on his trap, saw the ladies skillfully move around it instead. By the time Sakurazaka Moony realized that something was off, he had already received an exceedingly vicious attack.

Although Sakurazaka Moony’s speed was fast, it was still not faster than Svelte Dancer on Fleetfoot. In the process of his escape, he got bludgeoned by Svelte Dancer before over fifty ladies surrounded and bombarded him with their attacks.

When Sakurazaka Moony thought back to this incident, he described it like so: “Back then, I darted out to escape the scene. In the end, one of the Five Unyielding Experts, the beauty Svelte Dancer, caught up to me with her Fleetfoot and hit me with Bludgeon right on my temple. Over fifty ladies surrounded and attacked me together in the next moment... They were probably afraid that I would explode in anger once I recovered. Even the Priests struck me with their Holy Ball! Did anyone of you receive such a special treatment like me?”

“That’s Moony for you!” His Forever in Flowers’ members sighed in admiration.

The second round of this guild versus guild tournament ended like so. Had Forever in Flowers fought seriously with its greater number of experts, it would not have been possible for Amethyst Rebirth to win this guild match with mostly Gu Fei and Svelte Dancer’s effort. Due to the unique aspect of these two opposing guilds, Amethyst Rebirth once again attained a ‘perfect’ score. The luck for such an ending to occur was truly miraculous.

At the same time, Amethyst Rebirth’s mercenary group also successfully made it into the third round of the PvP event. Compared to the guild versus guild tournament, the mercenary PvP tournament had many small mercenary groups similar to Young Master’s Elite. Beating such groups was easy for the level 1 Amethyst mercenary group with its twenty members. As for Young Master’s Elite meeting one of the six strongest mercenary groups in the second round, it could only be said that the group had the worst of all possible bad lucks.

Although they managed to eke out a win, the impact of their action was huge.

With no way to vent the frustration for their loss, the Cloud Herder’s players could only condemn Young Master’s Elite’s members in speech inside the game and in writing on the forums by calling their tactic shameless and a blight to the entire event of Parallel World.

This was considered as the most controversial occurrence in the two rounds of the mercenary PvP tournament, attracting even the players from other cities to visit this post.

In this post, Cloud Herder detailed how Young Master’s Elite had made a few strong members act as suicide bombers to take down a greater number of opponents first before making its final member with fast movement speed run around the map to waste the allocated PvP time.

All the mercenary groups participating in the PvP tournament were naturally aware of this rule, yet they did not expect that a six-man mercenary group would actually win over the ranked sixth Cloud Herder mercenary group through it. Other mercenary groups that had the same size as Cloud Herder suddenly felt threatened, as getting beaten through such a roundabout and unscrupulous method was indeed very frustrating.

Young Master’s Elite was obviously privy to this talk on the forums. Even Gu Fei checked the post after hearing all the hubbubs about it.

Over at Ray’s Bar, some members of Young Master’s Elite were currently reluctant to talk with Young Master Han and opted to giving him a cold shoulder with a sullen look on their faces.

If this tactic was forced on them to achieve victory due to the helplessness of the situation, these experts would not feel bad about other people berating them and might even feel proud of their method. However, Young Master’s Elite could do more than just that. With Young Master Han’s prodigious mind, Gu Fei’s extraordinary fighting prowess, and the other experts’ abilities, they could easily wipe the floor with Cloud Herder mercenary group. Only the experts of Young Master’s Elite knew of this fact, however. Thus, their resentment to Young Master Han over this tactic that required sacrificing some members could not be measured by mere words.

The current atmosphere in the room was stifling. Young Master Han silently drank his liquor as Brother Assist introduced today’s opponent. Young Master’s Elite’s luck was back to normal this third round after the last round’s misfortune as it was matched up against a five-man mercenary group.

“Hmm… For today’s match, I think that we should just kill one of them and maintain our formation. They shouldn’t be able to do anything to us. We will easily win by dragging this match till the end just like that,” Royal God Call proposed sardonically.

Everyone looked at Young Master Han. After yesterday’s match, all left to do their personal businesses or participate in the guild versus guild tournament. Quite some time had passed since then, yet Young Master Han was still not saying a word about the matter.

Young Master Han drained the last bit of liquor from his glass before speaking, “Mhm. The method Royal proposed sounds viable, so let’s go with that.”

The room descended into an uncomfortable silence.

“Alright. Stop this childish bickering and get serious, everyone,” Brother Assist laughed bitterly. Royal God Call’s immaturity was expected with his age, but the smart Young Master Han actually engaging him into a verbal fight was simply outrageous!

After Brother Assist brokered a stalemate between the two, Young Master Han finally adjusted his attitude accordingly, “Yesterday’s match ending purposely like so is to give the large mercenary groups a wake-up call. I admit that we could easily annihilate the entire mercenary group yesterday, but one of the crucial requirements for that was for me to carry out my commands from a high ground. However, commanding from a high ground will expose me to the enemies. Thankfully, yesterday’s PvP arena had good concealment and exploitable vantage point. Many conditions have to be fulfilled when using a tactic that relies on high-ground commanding, and it is still not guaranteed to work all the time. Thus, I used the opportunity we were given yesterday to achieve such a victory to set something in motion for the upcoming matches with the other large mercenary groups. Even the criticisms we are currently receiving on the forums are exactly what I want. As for what use those will bring, you’ll find out the next time we meet a large mercenary group.”

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