Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapter 153 - An Unprincipled Spirit

Chapter 153 - An Unprincipled Spirit

After clearing the first hill, Gu Fei quickly headed toward one of the other hiding spots of the Forever in Flowers’ teams, which turned out to be a sunken piece of land by a hillside. Four men were currently glancing about from inside the pit.

“Hey!” he called out to them as he stood by the pit’s edge. In the time the four men lifted their heads, Gu Fei had already leaped down and insta-killed one of them with a downward cleave. He resolved to not exchange words with these men from now on as those would only result in more questions from them.

Killing one right off the bat was indeed the right thing to do, as the remaining three men seriously pitted themselves against Gu Fei following his action. Of course, he still easily took care of this team in the end.

Meanwhile, Svelte Dancer was still chasing after Fireball and his buddies all over the forest! PvPing in this type of terrain was truly difficult for her. Not only did she have to watch her every step, she could not fully utilize her fast speed here as well. Svelte Dancer felt endlessly annoyed by all these, especially when she saw Gu Fei’s score climb up to 10 kill points in the blink of an eye. Now that Gu Fei’s claim of discovering over thirty enemies was proven to be true, Svelte Dancer could feel pangs of regret flowing through her. Although she wanted to hurry over to his side, she still had to take care of these few men first, right?

The six men’s crude and simple traps had long been identified by the Amethyst Rebirth’s ladies. They only had to watch their steps and they would not get trapped by them. However, by doing this, the ground that they could cover was severely restricted.

The five Hunters beside Fireball saw that their traps were no longer effective against the ladies, so they returned to their roots as Archers and began to employ guerilla tactic inside the forest. They split up and fired off arrows from five different directions, leaving the ladies thoroughly confused and disoriented. They were obviously far stronger than these ladies at level 40, yet their intention to merely tease the ladies had them merrily putting their lives on the line.

“Ha ha ha! I shot one!”

“Hey, beautiful! Come catch me!”

Such arrogant shouts drifting through the forest annoyed and angered the ladies further.

Honestly speaking, there were no guarantees that the ladies could catch these five Hunters even if they were chasing after them out in the open instead of the forest. These level 40 Archers’ movement speed alone was faster than them, so, besides Svelte Dancer, the ladies could only helplessly watch their steps as they pursued the men.

Fireball, who had previously been euphorically casting spells on the ladies, was feeling very lonely right now. Employing guerilla tactic to ambush the ladies was a difficult thing to do for a Mage with slow movement speed, after all. When the six separated, Fireball was the first to find himself being tailed by Svelte Dancer.

Quickly closing in on Fireball with her Fleetfoot, Svelte Dancer promptly lifted her hand to Bludgeon him on the nape.

Although Bludgeon would inflict the Dizzy state to its victim, his or her awareness would actually remain intact, as what the ‘Dizzy’ status effect actually caused was to forcibly restrict the victim from speaking, sending messages, or other similar functions instead of really causing the victim to feel dizzy.

When Fireball was bludgeoned by Svelte Dancer, he still had the audacity to admire her fighting prowess and beauty. F*ck! This forest’s lighting is really bad, was what crossed his mind at this moment of peril.

“Let’s see how you’re going to run away from me now!” Svelte Dancer was incensed! Gu Fei already had 10 kill points, yet she was still stuck at 4 kill points. Finally catching one target after so long, she absolutely did not intend to let him escape her.

What a pretty voice… With lust-filled thoughts, escaping from Svelte Dancer was of course the last thing in Fireball’s mind.

“Watch how I’m gonna f*ck you up!” Svelte Dancer continued to curse at him.

She’s feisty, too. I love it! Despite the effect of Bludgeon wearing off, Fireball was still lost in his intoxication as he continued to sleazily check Svelte Dancer out.

“What are you staring at?! Have you never seen a beauty before?!” Svelte Dancer fearlessly taunted the enemy Mage, as she believed that he would not be able to escape her at this close range. Unexpectedly, Fireball actually nodded his head in response to her exclamation. “You rascal!” Svelte Dancer cursed as she pulled out her dagger.

“Oh, great heroine, please stay your hand,” Fireball hurriedly pleaded.


“Thousand Miles Drunk is my bro, so please spare me some dignity!” Fireball replied.

“Oh?” Stunned, Svelte Dancer prepared to send Gu Fei a message as she asked, “What’s your name?”

A babe is actually asking for my name! In his excitement, Fireball momentarily forgot an important matter as he said, “Fireball.” A ball of fire quickly ignited before him.

“Despicable!” Svelte Dancer fully assumed that Fireball was trying to surprise attack her by distracting her with his words, so she quickly went to Fireball’s back and viciously used Backstab on him.

Fireball did not manage to explain himself as he was insta-killed on the spot and got teleported out of the PvP arena via a white light. “I HATE MY NAME!” Fireball’s bellow resounded at the plaza outside the Main Hall of Guilds as he beat the ground with his fists in frustration; tears ceaselessly streamed down his cheeks.

It was at this moment that Svelte Dancer received Gu Fei’s reply: “Ah, yeah. I do have a friend from our opposing guild. His IGN is Fireball.”

“Fireball? That’s really his IGN?” Svelte Dancer asked, stunned.

“Yep! Why are you asking?” Gu Fei asked back.

“Ah… Nothing…” Svelte Dancer could only reply weakly.

“Alright. I’ll continue doing what I’m doing, then.” Gu Fei sent out this message as he yelled, “Oi!” Dashing toward several people, his sword streaked through the air and the ensuing white lights awarded Gu Fei his next batch of kill points.

The system would give off a sound every time a change in the kill points occurred. Looking at the additional five kill points to Gu Fei’s score, Svelte Dancer vexingly knocked her head against a nearby tree, “Argh… I have so much regret. Had I known, I wouldn’t have entered this forest to begin with. If I wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be tangled with these Hunters; if I’m not stuck here, I won’t be left behind point-wise. Ahhhhh….”

“Xiaowu, what’s the matter?” Luo Luo and several other ladies happened to be passing by as she was acting like this.

“Nothing! None at all!” Svelte Dancer quickly wiped the bitter tears off her face as she ran onward once more. “Wherever the hell you all are hiding, you better get the hell out!” Her roar rang through the forest.

“Over here, beautiful!” With the voices coming from five different directions, Svelte Dancer’s remaining sanity finally broke.

Over by Gu Fei’s side, his rapid takedown of three separate teams finally drew the attention of the Forever in Flowers’ remaining members. The men who had been sent out of the PvP arena by Gu Fei were currently condemning him, lamenting how they did not even manage to ‘trap’ one ‘flower’ due to him. Naturally, these lecherous men could not stomach this sad result.

When Gu Fei got to the fourth team, he realized that it was unlike the other teams that only cared about searching for the ladies. The players in this team displayed readiness to take him on once they spotted him in the distance.

He felt gratified by this and eagerly dashed toward them, yet the Mages and Archers in this team did not assault Gu Fei despite him entering their attack range. Drawing nearer, Gu Fei saw a teen that resembled Royal God Call step forward and address him sagely, “Friend, you and I walk the same path of chasing skirts so why must we antagonize each other?”

Gu Fei got what this person meant and smiled wryly, “It’s a big misunderstanding. I have no wish for it, either.”

Someone born with a silver spoon would truly not know the desperation that true hunger could bring! All the Forever in Flowers’ members, especially Sakurazaka Moony, felt very indignant on how Gu Fei just brushed off his lucky situation like it was nothing. With the mentality of avenging for his fellow guildmates, he said, “No one else butt in. I’ll duel with him.”

“What a great suggestion!” Gu Fei nodded his head. He did not mind whether his PvP was one on one or one versus many.

Sakurazaka Moony unhitched the bow on his back, tugged the bowstring twice, and yelled to his brothers, “Call me quickly if you see a babe.” Only when all had nodded their heads in agreement that he felt at ease to face Gu Fei, “Let’s begin!”

“Yeah!” Just as Gu Fei finished saying this, he stabbed forward at his opponent’s direction with the sword in his hand. Sakurazaka Moony was also a straightforward person, so he straightforwardly turned around to run without a word.

Gu Fei quickly chased after him, yet the distance between the two only lengthened as time went by. Sakurazaka Moony’s speed was swift, and Svelte Dancer’s speed should be somewhere around his current speed if she did not activate Fleetfoot. Archer was the job class that would benefit the most from the Agility stat, so if an Archer had a full-Agility build, he or she would not need a top-grade footwear, such as Windchaser’s Boots, to reach the speed that was possessed by Svelte Dancer, the full-Agility Thief. Even the full-Agility Mage Gu Fei seemed like a second fiddle when compared to the speed that those two had.

Sakurazaka Moony ran a swathe away from Gu Fei before turning around and smiling calmly as he fired off an arrow at him. He then called out to his brothers, “Any babes yet?”

“Nope!” With this reply from all his men, Sakurazaka Moony nodded his head. Seeing that his arrow had been dodged, he merely continued to extend the distance between him and Gu Fei. He fired off an arrow on Homing Projectile as he ran onward.

Gu Fei was inwardly surprised. Truly, many unique and amazing characters existed in the online gaming world; Svelte Dancer could use her skills while on Fleetfoot, and this Sakurazaka Moony could shoot arrows while in motion. It was true that Homing Projectile had the ability to trace after its targets, but it was still necessary for the players to lock properly on their targets before that could happen. Since he could even lock on and fire off an arrow on Homing Projectile while in motion, it would naturally be easy for him to use his other skills as well.

Although Parallel World had a system that aided Archers when firing arrows, achieving this level of accuracy while they were running was not easy. At the very least, Gu Fei could not do it. Although he had been practicing kung fu for so many years, he had never once dabbled in the field of archery.

Still, Sakurazaka Moony having superb archery skill and actually managing to hit Gu Fei with his arrow were two entirely separate matters. With a raise of his sword, Gu Fei easily knocked the arrow on Homing Projectile off. Sakurazaka Moony’s movement speed was indeed way faster than the average players, yet his attack speed was just slightly faster than others. No matter how superb Sakurazaka Moony’s boots were, they could only increase his movement speed and could not affect his attack speed.

Sakurazaka Moony also felt surprised when he saw Gu Fei strike down his Homing Projectile. He ran a few more steps forward before turning around to release an arrow on Snipe. Gu Fei did not dare block this arrow with his sword this time, as Snipe’s speed was truly fast; instead, he turned his body sideways and the arrow quickly whisked past him.

“F*ck! You can even dodge that?! Let’s just stop for a while!” Sakurazaka Moony hollered and Gu Fei really halted his movement. “I am sure you realized that we can’t go on like this. I can’t hit you, and you can’t catch up to me. The most we can do is to settle with a draw, so I don’t see the point of fighting anymore. Why don’t you go and play elsewhere?” With that, Sakurazaka Moony ran toward his other brothers as he yelled out, “Have the babes appeared yet?”

Gu Fei was speechless! He finally knew what it meant for a person to have an unprincipled spirit.

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