Versatile Mage

Chapter 876 - Scum, I Was Talking About You!

Chapter 876: Scum, I Was Talking About You!

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Even though they were suspicious that the place was the Black Vatican’s secret base, they needed some solid proof to back up their speculation. Once Mo Fan retrieved the soil and let Lingling examine it, they would soon learn the truth!

“Are…are you alright?” Guo Wenyi’s voice came from behind him.

Mo Fan put some of the soil in his pocket and rose to his feet. He was quite surprised to see Guo Wenyi back even though she was scared. The girl seemed to have a kind heart.

Mo Fan smilingly said, “I checked the area, but I didn’t find anything. The soil doesn’t seem to be soaked with blood before, either. Oh, I’m studying in a police academy, so just trust me.”

“Rea…really?” Guo Wenyi seemed quite nervous.

“Of course, you must have seen it wrong. Think about it, it was very dark, so maybe an injured horse was lying there. A kid was trying to stop the bleeding, and got his hands and face full of blood, so you thought he was eating the horse…” Mo Fan comforted her.

Guo Wenyi recalled the incident. What Mo Fan said was fairly reasonable.

“Thank…thank you,” said Guo Wenyi softly.

“Alright, it’s settled. Let’s head bac…” Mo Fan was about to say something when he heard movement in the grove.

“What is it?” asked Guo Wenyi.

“Nothing, are you able to go back yourself? I want to take a walk around,” said Mo Fan smiled.

Guo Wenyi thought about it. If she wanted to overcome her fear, she had to walk the path on her own. Besides, she was not as scared after listening to Mo Fan’s explanation.

“Sure,” Guo Wenyi nodded with a firm look.


After sending Guo Wenyi away, Mo Fan stared at the shrub hidden in darkness.

He was about to take a look when he saw his communication device blinking, implying that someone with the same device was nearby.

Mo Fan purposely waited for a while. Some time later, Mu Ningxue, dressed all in black, came out. She was as attractive as a black rose blooming under the moonlight.

“Did you find anything?” asked Mu Ningxue.

Mo Fan stared at her sexy black stockings for a prolonged moment. Her round bottom looked even more alluring under the black stockings, speaking of leg fetishism!

“I asked if you had found anything!” snapped Mu Ningxue furiously.

“Oh, the horse-eating thing that Guo Wenyi mentioned, I think it’s a Dark Beast Monster. We’ll know for sure once Lingling examines the soil I collected. There’s some movement in the grove. I was about to take a look when you came,” said Mo Fan.

“Let’s go together.” Mu Ningxue quietly approached the grove.

Mo Fan followed behind while enjoying the view of the black stockings. Tsk tsk tsk, he had the urge to tear the thin stockings in half, and enjoy the pleasant view of the tender, white legs under them…

If Mu Ningxue knew what Mo Fan was thinking, she would immediately have tossed an ice chain at him.

The grove was abnormally dark. There were not many weeds around, but the trees were densely packed together. It was difficult for the light to penetrate through the leaves.

The duo walked quietly on tiptoe and approached the spot where the movement came from.

“It seems like someone is injured,” Mu Ningxue interpreted when she heard the sound.

Mo Fan frowned and said, “I don’t think so, based on my experiences.”

Mu Ningxue ignored Mo Fan’s words. She proceeded further, went past a row of trees and arrived at a spacious spot. She clearly saw two figures stacked on top of one another under a thick trunk.

“Mm, Mm, Mm, Oh, Ohhh!” it started off as a hum, before a cry filled with pleasure was heard.

The woman’s moan was like a fire in the quiet night. It instantly set Mu Ningxue’s cold face aflame, her ears and neck immediately blushed.

Meanwhile, Mu Ningxue felt a puff of hot air behind blowing at her neck. She quickly dodged aside sensitively…

“Holy crap, the people here are pretty extreme!” Mo Fan lowered his voice. His eyes widened, it felt like his eyeballs were about to fly toward the ‘crime’ scene.

As a matter of fact, they were very close to the figures. They already saw a leg slowly lifting into the air and the two heads stacked together. One belonged to a curly figure leaning against the tree, while the other bulky figure was continuously ramming forward.

They could not see the man’s face, but they could easily see the woman’s face. The blushing face covered in sweat was none other than the rather attractive female butler, Carly. The alluring expression in her eyes served as a great contrast to her professional, courteous appearance during the day. Mo Fan felt a hot surge in his nose. He subconsciously stuck closer to Mu Ningxue.

Mu Ningxue did not dare to make a noise, yet she would not allow the asshole Mo Fan to take advantage of her. She was about to react when she heard Carly talking.

“I thought…I thought I heard something?”

“You must have heard it wrong. I didn’t hear anything even though I’m a Magician.”

“Captain Feng, I know…I know we had some… insignificant problem… ah… but we’ll settle it… so… can you… go easy on us tomorrow?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll surely do you a favor since you’re willing to show up tonight, as for you, hehehe.”

After some fierce movement, the two laid still on the ground. Carly was able to speak more fluently, “Who sent you here this time?”

“No one, I came on my own. I have already set my eyes on you a long time ago, so I decided to come when I learned about the incident. I didn’t expect you to be so cooperative, you even contacted me before dinner, hahaha!” The man burst out laughing. He did not seem to care, even though they were out in the open.

“So you’re saying that you’re here on your own? There isn’t anything serious?” Carly confirmed once again.

“Well, it turns out that you do have some problems. As the captain of the City Hunters, I must carry out my job.”

“Oh, oh, that’s a relief,” Carly let out a sigh.

“What is it? Do you have some other problems too? If you come to the mountain with me during the weekend, there won’t be any problems anymore, HAHAHA!” laughed Captain Feng.

“There are some, but can you please clean up the records, you know we are doing businesses with rich folks. They aren’t willing to come if they hear about the rumors. There was an incident before, but it was only someone being poisoned. We already dealt with the poisoned object,” said Carly softly.

“It’s nothing serious, I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

“Mm, see you tomorrow night.”


“Scum!” Mu Ningxue uttered coldly.

“Yeah, he’s scum, why would the City Hunters have a jerk like him? How disappointing! This is why the Enforcement Union is having trouble collecting information accurately and messing up their operation!” swore Mo Fan furiously.

Mu Ningxue was so enraged that she had the urge to kill someone. She turned around and said one word at a time, “I was talking about you!”

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