Versatile Mage

Chapter 875 - Traces of Broken Bones

Chapter 875: Traces of Broken Bones

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“Why would the City Hunters come now? Were they here because they somehow learned about the Black Vatican’s secret base too?” asked the surprised Mo Fan.

This was a serious problem. Even though City Hunters were under the Hunter Union, they were closely working with the Magic Association and the Enforcement Union, too. The people of Black Vatican would surely tighten their anuses and hide their fox tails.

Mo Fan, Mu Ningxue, and Lingling were thinking of busting the Black Vatican’s tails while they were unprepared. However, the City Hunter’s involvement completely disrupted their plan!

“I’ll call my sister and ask her to call the City Hunters off. Otherwise, we will only end up going back empty-handedly,” said Lingling.

Mo Fan shook his head and said, “Don’t, we still don’t know if the Black Vatican is watching. If the City Hunters withdraw for no reason, they will be even more suspicious. Didn’t you say they are investigating a different case? Maybe they will leave once they get the information they want.”

They had entered the tiger’s den. Even if they failed to accomplish their mission, they could still guarantee their safety. It would be easier for them to stick with their cover now, since the Black Vatican would be focusing on the City Hunters.

“Let’s continue to eat and play,” said Mo Fan.

The three soon regrouped with the others after a brief discussion. The facilities were scattered across the place, so they had plenty of time to look around for clues.


After spending a whole day having fun, Mo Fan discovered that the club actually had quite a number of people present. Many had come as families, or as social gatherings. The three ranches had over a thousand guests in total. If all the workers were included, there must be around two thousand people here!

At night, Mo Fan saw the girl called Guo Wenyi after dinner. Since it was meaningless to wander around aimlessly, he decided to call for her.

“Guo Wenyi, can I ask you something… the thing you saw eating a horse, where was it?” HE asked.

Guo Wenyi was stunned. Her face was immediately filled with fear.

“Don’t be scared, I was just worried myself, so I was hoping you can tell me where it was so I’ll avoid the spot,” Mo Fan smiled reassuringly.

Guo Wenyi was slightly relieved. She walked to the window and pointed at a grove close to the horse-riding field. “It was somewhere close to that grove. Before the land was bought, I was able to take that path home, but since they built the iron fences after the land was bought, I’ve never been to this area.”

“Oh, ok, thanks. I was thinking of taking a stroll, I was hoping that I wouldn’t go anywhere close to that spot,” breathed Mo Fan.

“You’re welcome. I feel bloated from dinner too. Let’s walk together,” Guo Wenyi smiled.

Mo Fan did not reject her. Guo Wenyi was a local; perhaps he could learn some insightful information from her.

During the stroll, Mo Fan subconsciously walked toward the spot that Guo Wenyi mentioned. It was around five hundred meters away from the stables. They could hear the horses neighing in the quiet night.

Guo Wenyi gradually pulled a face. She pulled Mo Fan’s sleeves and said, “Let’s…let’s go somewhere else. This is the spot that I was talking about.”

“I feel like taking a look. I love adventures,” said Mo Fan.

“Don’t, it’s really scary!” screamed Guo Wenyi.

“You know what, if you’re scared of something, the fear will continue to grow in your heart. I bet it has been troubling you every night since you saw it. Do you want to live in fear for the rest of your life?” said Mo Fan.

“Well…” Guo Wenyi was lost for words. The truth was, she was indeed troubled by the fear. She would even feel like something was behind her whenever she closed her eyes while she was taking a shower.

“Maybe you only imagined it. If you don’t go back there and overcome the fear in your mind, it will follow you around like a nightmare. You should gather your courage and visit the place, and you’ll soon realize that the fear is gone on its own,” said Mo Fan.

Guo Wenyi looked at Mo Fan. She seemed convinced by his words.

After a while, she bit her lips and nodded, as if she was prepared to go all out.

Mo Fan was rather impressed by his own eloquence when he saw the girl actually agreeing to his suggestion!

Maybe he should stop being a Magician and work as a counselor instead. It would be cool to convince people to turn from evil and help people with their relationship problems!

Mo Fan led the way. Even though Guo Wenyi had agreed to face her fear, she seemed to be taking two steps back every time she took three steps forward…

They soon arrived at the grove that Guo Wenyi had mentioned. The rocks scattered across the ground told Mo Fan that it used to be a path between the two towns, but it had been destroyed. It was the path that the girl was taking when she saw something moving in the grove.

The night was dark. There were no stars or moonlight. The horse-riding field was already closed. The lights from the stables were too weak to reach their position.

“Is this the place?” Mo Fan went forward and saw some underbrush.

“Yeah, this is it… don’t go any closer, it’s dangerous!” Guo Wenyi was slightly panicking. She could still recognize the shrubs nearby.

Mo Fan did not seem to be bothered. The creature would be gone after all these years, and even if it was still around, Mo Fan could easily skin it alive!

He pushed open the shrub to look for clues.

However, if something actually happened, the people of the Black Vatican would have gotten rid of the clues. Why would they leave them behind…

“F**k me!” Mo Fan suddenly cursed.

Guo Wenyi was frightened by the curse. She quickly lifted her skirt and ran away.

Mo Fan did not stop her. He pushed open the shrub further and saw a bone stuck in the mud, tangled up with the grass.

Mo Fan thought the traces would have been erased by now, yet the outcome was totally the opposite. He simply found the clues just by pushing open the shrub!

It was clearly the remains of a horse. The bones were from its face and mouth. It was obvious just by looking at the teeth…

If what Guo Wenyi saw in the past was a Dark Beast Monster, it seemed like the people of the Black Vatican had not noticed that the creature had eaten a horse here…

Mo Fan continued to search around to look for more clues. He soon discovered a big patch of barren land, even though the surroundings were covered in thick shrubs.

Why was the spot empty, when the whole place was covered in shrubs?

“It must be a Dark Beast Monster or a Cursed Beast. The saliva of that filth is extremely corrosive. It can easily stop plants from growing for years. Hehe, I’ve finally found some clues!” Mo Fan grinned.

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