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Chapter 3099 - 3099 Exposing His Own Lies

3099 Exposing His Own Lies

Hundreds upon thousands of people in “Sky Holy City” were terrified. The outcome of the battle of the century remained unknown.

The people had thought the Holy City was undefeatable. Today, the Holy City on the land turned into ruins. They realized the city had just been Michael’s illusory realm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At the horizon, a booming sound approached. It grew progressively deafening.

A flaming dragon swept across the plain of Holy City and chased after an angel with broken wings. It looked like a cannonball shooting toward the Holy City ruins!

The duo fought from the Holy City to the distant mountain, then flew to the ocean. They continued the fierce battle from the Mediterranean Sea along the mountains and rivers back to the Holy City. People had looked upon Michael like he was a god descended from heaven in the past. He vented out the wrath that belonged to the gods. However, at that moment, Michael looked just like a mere mortal that had been struck and forced back to the Holy City ruins. He was wounded. There were blood stains, burns, and dents on his body.

When the flaming dragon landed in the Holy City, it resumed its original form—a demonic form interwoven by two types of flames. He stood at a long bridge and gave off a terrifying aura that belonged to a destructive demon lord. His aura overwhelmed the angels and the Holy City with infinite glory.

“Michael!” Ramiel found him in the middle of the ruins and helped him up.

Michael shrugged Ramiel off. He raised his hand and reduced the messy rubble to ashes. First Avenue was destroyed. Mo Fan stood at the long bridge near the entrance of the city. Michael regained his footing and stared at Mo Fan angrily.

The Holy Shadows and Divine Judges moved out of the way. Even the Light Dragon sensed Michael’s wrath. They dared not approach him.

Sixteen-Winged Blazing Angel’s soul birth appeared behind Michael. Although four pairs of his wings had been broken, he possessed the sixteen-winged angelic divine souls.

The soul birth of the Blazing Angel formed a tiered golden mountain of heaven. The mountain was originally behind Michael, but it descended to where Mo Fan was.

The Heaven Mountain formed by Sixteen-Winged Blazing Angel landed on Mo Fan from above suddenly. A moment ago, there was nothing above him. The next moment, a sacred Heaven Mountain fell on him. The Heaven Mountain pressed hard against Mo Fan’s shoulders. Despite his strong demonic aura, the heavy Heaven Mountain forced him to kneel!

The long bridge was unharmed. The land did not crack. Some people did not see the magnificent Heaven Mountain. However, Mo Fan looked strained, and his entire body trembled. He looked like Atlas condemned to hold up the sky. He could not let go. If he did, the Heaven Mountain would crush him into powder.

Michael kept putting pressure on the Heaven Mountain. He wanted to crush Mo Fan to death!

“This is the divine power given by Heavenly Father. Mortals will not feel any pressure under the mountain. The mountain only executes a suppressive level of punishment to the people with evil and sinful dispositions like you!” Michael exuded an air of superiority as he pointed at Mo Fan, who was on his knees.

Michael was the Son of Heavenly Father. He was the messenger of the creator of the magic civilization. There was no way any demons or heretics could be compared to him!

The Heaven Mountain was a sanction for people like Mo Fan, who abused evil magic to defy the Holy City.

“How funny! Why would I be suppressed for eternity if my power doesn’t come from orthodox magic? You use the origin of magic to suppress the people bent on pursuing supreme magic and its mystery. Is this what you meant by your Heavenly Father of Magic’s judgment?” Mo Fan could feel that his magic had been stifled.

Mo Fan cultivated orthodox magic. Since he was awakened, he possessed the Stardust and Star Son. His soul grew stronger because of the variety of magical star systems. Michael used the origin of magic to cast Heaven Mountain. All mages in the world would be crushed if they stood under the Heaven Mountain.

How could a true heretic be suppressed by the origin of magic when none of their power originated from that magic system?!

“Magic made you become who you are today, but you turned your back on the origin of magic. Your parents gave you life, but you took their lives away. How can you not call this a sinful and heretical evil being?!” rebuked Michael.

The Holy City protected the human magic civilization. Without the magic rules and magic conventions formulated by the Holy City, the people would still be living in the Stone Age. They would still be like monkeys and end up as food for the more powerful creatures!

“Michael, your expectations limit how you view the world and the realm,” said Mo Fan.

“Are you saying that I have a low realm? Hahaha! Stand up and shake off the Heaven Mountain, then. The world is watching you. Let the people see if your demonic power has exceeded the orthodox magic!” Michael burst into laughter.

Could Mo Fan’s Demon Element truly break free of the orthodox magic system?

Mo Fan did not believe so. His Demon Element only allowed his power to reach a certain realm. He had not completely broken free of the realm of all magic.

Mo Fan had never broken free of the power from the beginning. Michael was aware of it. Hence, Michael used his angelic soul birth to manifest the origin of magic and suppress Mo Fan’s soul.

The Heaven Mountain was nothing but a void mountain. The suppressive force from the origin of magic was analogous to complex arithmetic. The profound arithmetic would never be established if the essential conventions of addition and subtraction were removed from arithmetic.

Michael formed the Heaven Mountain by breaking the rules of the Stardust-Star Son connection. As a result, neither the basic Star Orbit and Star Pattern, nor the profound Star Constellation and Star Palace would work.

Only the angels could use their angelic soul birth to suppress all the magic rules. Perhaps, that was the reason why Michael always thought himself equal to god.

The people who set foot on the path of magic had to obey the convention of the origin of magic, whereby the Stardust would always connect to the Star Son. This meant that Michael had reached the realm of a Sixteen-Winged Blazing Angel and mastered the origin code of magic. The mages in the world couldn’t defeat him!

Michael denounced Mo Fan for being a heretic. However, the people in the angel rankings were aware that, even if Mo Fan cultivated orthodox magic, he would still be suppressed under the Heaven Mountain. His power never deviated from the rule.

The moment Michael used this power against Mo Fan, it was equivalent to telling the world that Mo Fan was not essentially a heretic and that he executed Mo Fan simply because he was bent on doing so!

Ramiel frowned. Michael should not have used that power. He was exposing his own lies.

Soon, the world would learn that Michael executed a mage who followed the rules of the origin of magic.

The Holy City had been making mistakes from the start and making them worse. This would tarnish the Holy City’s prestige.

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