Versatile Mage

Chapter 3098 - 3098 The Order Of Time

3098 The Order Of Time

Mo Fan had not only broken Michael’s wings but also ripped away a large part of flesh and skin from his back.

Michael twisted his hand to grab Mo Fan’s throat. Mo Fan raised one of his hands and swung his fist at Michael’s right cheek.

Mo Fan broke Michael’s teeth. Michael smashed into the plain of a mountain because of Mo Fan’s punch. An infinite phoenix rose from Mo Fan’s punch. The phoenix charged at Michael, whose body was pinned against the pine mountain range.

The flaming phoenix razed the mountain to the ground. The mountain was connected to the Alps Mountain Range. The flaming phoenix did not look like it would dissipate anytime soon. It reduced the plains and mountain range to a charred canyon.

The end of the charred canyon was connected to another mountain range in Italy. Michael was the Sixteen-Winged Blazing Angel. His physique had long transcended the realm of mortals. He climbed up from the flaming gravel in the mountain range. He flapped his blood-soaked fourteen wings and soared into the sky.

Michael flew at a breakneck speed, like a beam of light arching across the sky. By the time Mo Fan saw it from afar, he sensed a frightening aura surging from hundreds of kilometers away. Michael’s glowing body somehow looked enormous, like a heavenly deity.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The sky and land, where Mo Fan stood, began to shake. Michael finally made his way back from the sky. When he dived down from the high point in the sky, his magnificent green light wheel charged at the land.

The land cracked, and the streams truncated. Whenever the green light arched across the sky, it resulted in a terrifying crack. The crack stretched from the southernmost tip to the northernmost tip of the prosperous city. It could even cross some territories of European countries. It was truly a crack from heaven.

The green light wheel headed for Mo Fan. Mo Fan flew low above the land. He traveled through the tunnel of space, which allowed him to cross several plains and mountains in just a few seconds. However, Michael located Mo Fan. Michael’s green light wheel was like a blade ready to slaughter all living creatures in the land. Even the wild beasts on the plains and the birds in the forests were not spared…

Mo Fan headed south and flew to the Mediterranean Sea.

Many European continental plates surrounded the Mediterranean Sea to the south. The sea looked calmer compared to other areas.

A pair of enormous wings were reflected in the sea. One side of it was the Vermilion Bird’s sacred flames, while the other side of it was the black, demonic flames. When Mo Fan spread his wings above the calm sea, the sight was shocking to behold.


Suddenly, a terrifying, green heavenly blade cut across the sea and separated it in half. Even the bottom of the sea was split apart, and it was at the center of Mo Fan’s enormous wings.

It was at that instant that Mo Fan flipped sideways in midair and narrowly escaped the green light wheel. His wings resembled a flaming sail above the sea.


A green storm stirred up from the sky above. The furious Michael caught up with Mo Fan from the edge of the sky. Michael unleashed a green light wheel and frantically cut across the calm sea. Even the distant island and land were split apart. One could imagine how crazy Michael was at that moment.

Mo Fan did not avoid him. Mo Fan faced the green storm and stared at Michael.

Suddenly, everything before Mo Fan seemed to have come to a standstill. Regardless of how fast Michael’s terrifying green light wheel was, it moved extremely slowly in Mo Fan’s sight. The aggressive green storm was like a disorderly airflow. Mo Fan easily found the center point of the storm and destroyed it in a single blow.

Mo Fan’s irises expanded. He focused on Michael alone. Time seemed to stop the moment Mo Fan concentrated on him!

The waves from the sea were visible and froze in midair. The broken branches on the land because of the storm stood still suspended in the air like an oil painting. Michael was diving down from the air. His hideous look remained unchanged.

Mo Fan controlled the order of time with his eyes.

Time did not slow down. It completely came to a halt. But Mo Fan did not stop moving.

When time froze, he stepped on the surface of the sea. He spread his gorgeous wings that gave off an aura of the divine and the demonic, then he broke through the barrier of air and time. He transformed into a magnificent dragon with majestic wings!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The wind once again wreaked havoc on the sea and the land. The arrogant Michael shouted furiously. He raised his heavenly, holy blade and slashed at Mo Fan. The next moment, Mo Fan showed up before Michael. Mo Fan had already gathered a powerful force, and he confronted Michael like an ancient, devilish dragon!

Michael was dumbfounded. ‘How is this possible? Regardless of how fast he is, he can’t possibly counterattack me in such a short time…’

Michael immediately turned to look at the seawater from a little distance away. He found that the fluctuation of the seawater from that distance was different from the fluctuation of the seawater below him. It seemed that, to achieve consistency between the two sides, the sea below him was trying to catch up in a “fast-forward shot”.

Mo Fan had frozen time in their area!

Michael was horrified. It was only then that he realized Mo Fan had mastered the supreme realm of the Chaos Element—the order of time!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Mo Fan’s attack was more aggressive than Michael’s. Mo Fan shattered his green light wheel that came from the sky. The green storm behind Michael dissipated. Michael protected his head and heart with his feathered wings.

Michael moved backward. Mo Fan, who was in the form of a flaming dragon, roared and forced Michael to move in the direction of the Holy City. Michael flapped his twelve wings with all his might to stop Mo Fan’s attack. However, two pairs of his wings began to burn.

The black flames burned Michael’s holy feathers. The black flames gradually engulfed two pairs of his protective wings…

The third pair of wings also caught fire…

Then, the fourth pair of wings…

Michael’s angelic wings were broken. His agony was unbearable. Michael’s wings were burned. As a result, the flesh and bones attached to his wings were burned, too. He felt as if his limbs were being roasted alive!

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