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Chapter 2716 - Mutant Sea Anemone  1  

Chapter 2716: Mutant Sea Anemone

The wetlands covered a vast expanse of land. At first glance, only reeds covered the area but there were some bright dandelions too! At night, they glowed like some deep-sea creatures.

“The dandelions are so beautiful.” Shu Xiaohua found everything interesting. She leaned over to blow on a dandelion.

“This kind of dandelion especially grows on soil nourished by corpses. It absorbs nutrients from the decaying flesh and also takes away their souls. When the sea breeze blows at night, the souls on the dandelions turn into ghosts. They will enter eaves and window sills and suck on other people’s souls. When you feel so tired in the morning without a reason as though you had participated in some strenuous physical activity, then it means a ghost had probably sucked some essence of your soul at night,” explained Mo Fan.

Shu Xiaohua froze. She was still leaning over but had stopped blowing on the dandelion.

The other girls from the group had also liked the dandelion. But after listening to Mo Fan, they did not want to get near them.

Mo Fan told them about a sinister and cunning dandelion he had encountered in Penglai. That dandelion was the real devil. It used its pure, natural, and beautiful appearance to confuse other creatures. When the creatures got close, it trapped them into the Heavenly Crown Purple Satin Sacred Tree. It was really cruel and vicious!

From the looks on their faces, the girls probably would never have a fondness for another dandelion in their entire lives ever again.

There were other similar traps in nature. They looked beautiful and pure but were very harmful and poisonous. People should not be fooled by their appearance if they want to survive. Mo Fan wanted the girls to learn that early.

“Isn’t this a sea anemone? Why is it growing in such a place?”

“It looks like a dandelion and a sea anemone at the same time. I wonder what kind of weird creature this is.” Le Nan walked over and observed it carefully.

“Be careful!” Mo Fan rushed in front of Le Nan.

The Anemone Dandelion suddenly opened its petals to reveal a hideous tongue with barbed, poisonous thorns.

The huge fangs were ready to strike at Le Nan. It aimed for her head. If she was caught, it would bite her entire head off!

The sudden attack caught Le Nan by surprise. She tripped over by the reeds behind her and fell. A simple defensive spell that was cast over her lost its effect.

The fangs of the Anemone Dandelion attacked but Mo Fan was faster. He grabbed the stem and pulled it out with brute force. There was a loud ripping sound. The fangs got more aggressive, striking at Mo Fan. But he dodged it quickly.

Its body hidden under the wetlands was like a sea earthworm. It sucked the wetland and grew like Tengen. When Mo Fan uprooted it, the worm-like body squirmed and writhed leaving deep gash in the ground.

The young women Island retreated in shock and fear. There were many such Sea Anemone Dandelions around them. They were stunned. How could these aquatic plants be even more ferocious than some beasts?

Mo Fan flung the Anemone Dandelion with force. It smashed against a big rock and splattered it with blood. It was as shiny as fresh paint.

“Let’s go. Let’s go!” said Mo Fan glancing around to see that many Anemone Dandelions were now crawling close to them. “Don’t stop. Let’s keep moving.”

“Run!” Big Sister Ruan also realized that the Anemone Dandelions were definitely not easy to deal with.

Fortunately, their cultivation was relatively high. Several Wind Element female Mages of Licheng Afterglow Island evoked the wind wheel. A strong airflow spread under the feet of everyone and formed a curved surface a few meters in front. The airflow curved and pushed them forward making it easier and faster to leave.

The curved surface of the airflow also had a strong protective effect. Those strange Anemone Dandelions surrounded them and t spread their terrifying fangs wide to form a Fang Formation. The wind wheel ran over them allowing the girls a safe path forward.

In the wetlands, more Anemone Dandelions seemed to notice the disturbance and opened up their hideous petals. They had no faces but when they opened, it felt that they were looking directly at the humans who were trying to escape.

The girls also looked back. When they saw the Anemone Dandelions converging, they were terrified.

It had been a beautiful wetland with pretty dandelions, reeds and sea anemones. Why did it have to turn lethal so suddenly? If their cultivation wasn’t high enough to be able to create a wind wheel, they would have been dead.

“What the hell are those? I’ve never seen them before. They are so scary. They don’t look like they’re just Servant-class.” Le Nan whimpered. Cold sweat beaded her forehead.

As an Advanced Mage, Le Nan wasn’t stupid. She had used her hidden sense to explore and examine the Anemone Dandelions before approaching them. She had sensed nothing until they opened their maw at the last minute.

“It must be a mutant. After the land waters overlapped with the ocean waters, some marine species might have combined with land species to give birth to hybrid creatures. The Anemone Dandelions might be something of that sort. These hybrids are stronger than their parent species. Their toxicity, concealment, raiding methods, reproduction speed, and growth can’t be measured in the usual way,” Mo Fan said.

Mutant monsters were a relatively difficult and almost intractable problem encountered by coastal and inland lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. The Salamander was a typical example of such hybrids.

The aggressiveness of the Anemone Dandelions was far more extreme than the Salamander, though. They survived in a pack and hunted demons and humans alike.Their group had been lucky enough to spot it, otherwise it would have been almost impossible to escape had they gone deeper into the wetlands.

“Mr. Mo Fan, you said you are a Super Level Mage. Didn’t you sense those demons?” asked Big Sister Ruan. She was shaken by the incident.

Mo Fan shook his head. That was what was so terrifying. Mo Fan was indeed a Super Level Mage and even he had been unable to sense them. He felt that even his dragon sense wouldn’t be enough to see through them.

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