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Chapter 2715 - Refund!  

Chapter 2715: Refund!

The group of young women from Licheng Afterglow Island were obviously familiar with Mingwu Ancient City. Even if the topography had changed a lot due to the rise of sea level, they could easily find their way to the Mingwu Ancient City.

“There is a wetland park in front, and it seems to be occupied by a group of Mud Dragon Seals. I heard about it from others when I was in the Northguard Fortress,” Big Sister Ruan said to the girls behind her.

“Is the Mud Dragon Seal powerful? I heard from the elders that creatures with dragon blood are especially ferocious and terrifying,” said one of the girls.

She must be about the same age as Shu Xiaohua, but she was obviously more shy than her. During the journey, she hardly looked at Mo Fan, let alone speak with him.

Mo Fan recalled that others called her Le Nan. Her cultivation was actually the highest among the group.

Mo Fan had always prided himself on his talent for achieving the Super Level at a young age. But Le Nan was only in her twenties and already an Advanced Mage.

‘Not only can Licheng Afterglow Island defend itself from Ocean Demons, but it can also raise such a group of young female Mages with high cultivation. I must visit this island if I can!’ Mo Fan said to himself.

Raising such a group of people with a high level of cultivation meant that they had a wise and powerful teacher in Licheng Afterglow Island. It also meant that the island might have a precious treasure.

Mo Fan had cultivated serially. He knew very well that the path of cultivation was far from simple as people usually imagined. It was hard work. Additionally, one needed to train in a dangerous environment to stimulate the full potential of one’s cultivation.

These girls had almost zero actual combat experience, but still had high cultivation. Mo Fan was curious. There must be some kind of treasure on that island that nourished the local Mages.

“Can anyone smell anything? To me, it smells like the stench comes out of the butcher’s house,” said Du Mei.

The smell got stronger as they drew closer to the wetlands covered with reed. They were all terrified. Some even vomited because of the strong smell. They no longer looked calm. Mo Fan shook his head.

He could understand that corpses were hardly appealing, but did they really need to react to this extremely? They were very careless. The corpses were still fresh. The intestines, liver, bile, and blood had not even had time to change color. It could attract wild animals and vultures. It also meant that the predator which had done this was nearby. Mo fan thought they needed to learn to be more vigilant.

“The Viscera Hunters did it. A large group of Mud Dragon Seals died.” Big Sister Ruan said calmly. He was among the few who were still maintaining their composure.

The method of killing was smooth. Most of them were disemboweled, and their intestines were pulled out. The scratches all over the ground meant that the Mud Dragon Seals were alive for a few minutes after the attack. They had tried to escape the Viscera Hunters. Unfortunately, they had lost a lot of blood and died eventually.

Viscera Hunters were indeed the most vicious and cruel among the Ocean Demons.

They particularly enjoyed their prey struggling to death after being disemboweled. They were described perfectly as hook-claw devils in the ocean.

“Aren’t the ones with the word ‘dragon’ in their names particularly powerful? Why did they die so miserably?” Le Nan said in a low voice.

“When the Ocean Demons come, humans aren’t the only ones in danger. These indigenous monsters and tribes are also facing the fate of being slaughtered,” sighed Mo Fan.

The Ocean Demons were so powerful that even monsters became their food. The Mud Dragon Seals were related to the Ocean Demons, but they still ended up tragically. This wetland had become their slaughterhouse.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for the Mud Dragon Seals to migrate. They could only survive in the wetlands. If they migrated to the plains or forests, they could not win against more ferocious and stronger monsters. If they went to the sea, they would be attacked by Ocean Demons. Their plight was pitiful.

In the face of such disaster, many species that could not adapt to change were destined to go extinct. The Mud Dragon Seals were the most obvious of examples. It was unknown how long humans could last if this happened to them.

“The Mud Dragon Seals have a forehead similar to the western giant dragon. They don’t share any bloodline with actual dragons. Mud Dragon Seals aren’t very powerful. They just become food for other monsters in the wetlands…,” explained Mo Fan.

“They are so pitiful,” said Shu Xiaohua sadly.

“Lucky for you to pity them. If you don’t prepare yourselves, the wild animals and vultures will pray before us soon.”


“In some cultures, they pray before their meals.”

“What! I don’t want to be eaten! I don’t want to die so horribly.”

Mo Fan was speechless. After a while, a group of vultures did fly over them. They all had white feathers and long bodies, which made them look beautiful from afar. However, they were expert at eating carrion, corpses, mice in the fields, dead fishes in the ditch, and fat worms in the ground.

Vultures were Servant-class Demons, and they had a certain aggressiveness about them. Sometimes when they found any animal or human on the verge of death, they would try to help. But mostly, they would wait for them to die.

“The predator must have left by now,” said Big Sister Ruan.

She glanced at Mo Fan questioningly as though waiting for him to confirm. Seven-star Hunter Master had much more experience in this area than her. Mo Fan nodded to her.

Her judgment was correct. The predator had indeed left.

“We haven’t reached Mingwu Ancient City, and the Viscera Hunters already appeared. In the wetlands no less…,” said Big Sister Ruan worriedly.

Viscera Hunters were the real deal. Claw Spirit and Hunter Dirty Demons were nothing compared to them. Big Sister Ruan did not know how many of these girls she could save if they happened to meet the Viscera Hunters.

“Don’t worry,” assured Mo Fan. “If Viscera Hunters appear, I’ll take care of them.” He meant it.

“But you alone can’t protect all of us!” said Big Sister Ruan nervously.

“Nothing to worry about. There are many things you can’t take care of. It’s normal in a fight for a few people to perish,” said Mo Fan.

Big Sister Ruan’s eyes widened. She was so angry that the scarf covering her cheeks on both sides slipped off. She was angry, but she restrained herself. She could not believe that an expert would say something so abhorrent.

‘What a repulsive man! I want a refund!’

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