Versatile Mage

Chapter 1905 - Bone Whip of Fury 

Chapter 1905: Bone Whip of Fury

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Mo Fan did not kill all the parasitic grasshoppers. He purposely used his Rebelling Shadow to keep the burning locusts busy just so the Vast Sea Monster would assume the insects were dealing with him.

The method was surprisingly effective. The Vast Sea Monster was keeping the focus of its attention on the outstanding Space Spells from the advisor in the silver outfit. His spells were obviously the real threat to it. More blood-red Parasitic Steam Grasshoppers appeared from the other side of its body to protect it. The Vast Sea Monster did not notice Mo Fan moving boldly closer to it.

“Phew, it hasn’t noticed me yet. I can finally see its deadly bone whip clearly!” Mo Fan let out a relieved sigh. Even getting closer to the Vast Sea Monster to learn its traits was like walking on thin ice.

Mo Fan stayed between the shadows, as it was quite dark in the area. He looked through the curtain of water that was pouring down ahead, until he could finally see the real appearance of a huge mountain behind the clouds!

Mo Fan had to admit that he had only seen the tip of the iceberg, which was the Vast Sea Monster’s back and shoulders. Unlike most ocean creatures with strange shapes and sizes, the Vast Sea Monster was more like an enormous mountain beast. It had a neck, shoulders, backbone, and the two sides of its stomach were like cliffs with lines of gills that acted like valves, everything covered in gleaming scales. It looked like the huge machinery that served as the core of an automated factory!

The scorching parasitic locusts were flying out of its gills like squadrons of fighting jets leaving a huge aircraft carrier. It was lucky Mo Fan was relatively experienced. Ordinary Mages would immediately lose their will to fight after witnessing the astonishing sight of the creature’s true appearance!

“What’s going on here? The bone whip that killed the Super Plant Mage is still on this side!” Mo Fan looked up and noticed the bone whip attached to the back of the Vast Sea Monster’s right shoulder!

The creature had a ravine on the back of its shoulder. The deadly bone whip was currently inside the ravine, but as Mo Fan looked to the other side, another bone whip was clearly attacking the advisor there!

There were two bone whips hidden on the back of the Vast Sea Monster’s shoulders!

“Crap!” Mo Fan blurted out.

He had witnessed how deadly the bone whips were. No defense was going to save him if the bone whip was flung at him with full strength. He was going to die just like the Super Plant Mage.

Mo Fan was only bold enough to go closer because he saw the bone whip attacking someone else. To his surprise, the Vast Sea Monster had two bone whips. He had exposed himself inside the range of the bone whip. He had found himself in an inescapable situation!

As he thought, the terrifying bone whip started moving. It was like a bone serpent that had just regained control over its joints. It was slowly extending from the fold in the creature’s body as it swung in the sky like it previously had before killing the Super Plant Mage.

Mo Fan was going to die without a doubt once the bone whip landed on him!

Cold sweat started falling like rain. Mo Fan was already extremely cautious, but the Vast Sea Monster had outmatched him with its cunning. Mo Fan did not actually trick it. It simply allowed Mo Fan to come closer so he would not have a chance to leave in one piece!

“Screw you, I’m not afraid of you!” Mo Fan was enraged.

The terrifying Ruler-level creature was no reason for him to cower. Besides, many Mages were around to keep it under control. The only threat he was facing was the bone whip. It was only one of the weapons that the Vast Sea Monster possessed!

He had no idea whether he could survive if he backed away now. The bone whip could reach up to a kilometer away. Mo Fan’s Blink was not strong enough to relocate him a kilometer away, even if he combined it with the Fleeing Shadow.

“Seal of the Nine Laws!”

Mo Fan did not withdraw from the scene. He started drawing the Star Orbits as soon as he saw the bone whip moving!

A Star Palace consisted of three hundred and forty-three Star Orbits. Hundreds of Lightning Star Orbits rapidly connected with one another precisely in Mo Fan’s Spiritual World to construct a purple Star Palace.

“Quick, hurry up!”

Death was approaching from above. The bone whip had reached its highest point. It was seriously going to destroy everything once it came down. Mo Fan had to be quicker than it!

Mo Fan’s speed when casting a Super Spell was something he was trying to work on. Cultivating in safe environments would only help familiarize him with the process, but situations of life and death were able to make him concentrate, thus increasing his speed when drawing the Star Orbits, Star Patterns, and Star Constellations. Mo Fan could not remember how many times he had exceeded his limits in situations where his life was being threatened. He did not back away, as he believed he could do it this time too!

“Lightning Halberds!”

Nine lightning halberds appeared after Mo Fan’s roar, combining into a powerful Magic Formation!

The deadly bone whip was hanging above Mo Fan’s head. Mo Fan had a hard expression as he forcibly targeted the back of the Vast Sea Monster’s shoulders with the Super Lightning Spell. The lightning halberds landed continuously at the end of the ravine, where the root of the bone whip was anchored!

The Super Lightning Spell, the Seal of the Nine Laws, might not be enough to imprison the massive creature, yet it had no problem sealing off a certain body part of its target!

The bone whip suddenly stopped as dense lightning Runes crawled onto it, freezing it in mid-air.

“That Lightning Mage has managed to Seal its bone whip!” The Sound Mage could clearly see the lightning halberds of the Seal of the Nine Laws hanging above the creature’s shoulder.

“He did well!” the advisor in the silver outfit agreed.

“However, I must say that I didn’t expect the monster to have two bone whips. If we had known that before, the Plant Mage wouldn’t have died,” the Sound Mage sighed.

The cunning Vast Sea Monster was reluctant to show its true appearance, trying to keep one of its bone whips hidden. The Super Mages might die a horrible death to the bone whip if they were being careless.

Luckily, the young Mage was extremely calm, even when his life was in danger!

A breeze came from behind them. The Sound Mage turned around and saw a Mage who had been heavily burned approaching on his Wind Wheels.

“Senior, that creature’s field of vision is around two hundred and seventy degrees. It has a blind spot behind its head, extending from the back of its neck to its bottom. Its head and body aren’t very flexible when turning around,” reported Zhang Xiaohou, who was now suffering from severe burns.

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