Versatile Mage

Chapter 1904 - Parasitic Steam Locusts

Chapter 1904: Parasitic Steam Locusts

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Zhang Xiaohou nodded seriously. He cast a spell to refresh the Wind Wheels’ duration so Mo Fan could find a better spot to observe the Vast Sea Monster.

Mo Fan rode the wind and flew above the fierce waves of the strait. He reached a spot close to the sand island that had been destroyed. His job was to observe the clawed tail on the Vast Sea Monster’s back. He had noticed something very minor previously when the creature was attacking with the spinal whip.

Assuming the spinal whip was located along the monster’s backbone, which extended along its back to its lower body, it was impossible for the tail to be snapped perpendicularly to the strait, judging from the sea monster’s current position.

The angle of the whip had to match the angle of the force. Demon creatures had their own body structures, even though there were some with unusual shapes. However, in order to fully utilize their strength and land their attacks accurately, their attacks still had to follow certain patterns. It was similar to a person maximizing their force by throwing their fist ahead. It would be weird to throw punches backward!

Maybe the Sound Mage made a mistake? The bone whip isn’t on the Vast Sea Monster’s back, and is on its arms instead?, Mo Fan thought.

The Vast Sea Monster’s body was extremely massive. Mo Fan was currently studying it from the side. He could barely see the creature’s outline amid the waterspouts, like it was hiding in a mist.

It was reluctant to show its true appearance. It was a very cunning approach, since the human Mages were struggling to target its body parts.

The sea monster attacked once again. The spinal whip Mo Fan was asked to take care of sprang out of the waterspouts once again. It had just killed a Super Plant Mage in Mo Fan’s direction not long ago, yet it had already appeared on the other side. Luckily, the clawed tail was targeting the advisor in a blue outfit. He was a very powerful Mage, so it was unlikely he would die so easily to the bone whip.

How strange, the bone whip shouldn’t be able to go from one side to the other so quickly, even though we couldn’t see it clearly in the heavy rain! Mo Fan was quite confused.

The bone whip was surprisingly large. It was not even exaggerating to describe it as an evil serpent. Mo Fan had been staring at the clawed limb from the beginning. He could faintly see the bone whip extending out from the back of the Vast Sea Monster’s right arm. He did not notice it moving, so how did it suddenly move to the Vast Sea Monster’s left and attack the advisor in the blue outfit?

Mo Fan frowned. He felt like he had to go a little closer. Otherwise, he would not be able to figure out where the bone whip was coming from, or where it was hidden on the creature’s body.

The heavy rain was pouring down from the clouds like a waterfall, while waterspouts were rising continuously from the strait to the clouds. The combination formed a spectacular sight of hundreds of water pillars connecting the sky and the city.

Mo Fan boldly flew to the spot where the island had sunk in the mist. He was able to see the Vast Sea Monster more clearly from there.

The Vast Sea Monster had extremely sharp senses. However, Mo Fan was not really posing any threat to it. After all, it was busy fighting the three advisors, while nine other Super Mages were backing them up, not to mention the hundreds of Advanced Mages close to the bridge.

Mo Fan stood on what was left of the island. The Vast Sea Monster immediately opened a line of valves like gills on the side of its body to release some blood-red steam!

Mo Fan had no clue what the blood-red steam was. He immediately moved three hundred meters away with Blink when he noticed something did not feel right. However, the steam kept chasing after Mo Fan eerily!

“What’s going on? Does it have eyes too?” Mo Fan was dumbfounded when he saw the blood-red steam approaching him.

“Damn it, it’s a bunch of parasitic grasshoppers!”

Mo Fan was not the kind to panic so easily. He soon noticed the blood-red steam was actually groups of flying grasshoppers. These insects were most likely another species of parasite living off the sea monster like the demon leeches. The only difference was that these flying locusts were living inside the Vast Sea Monster’s body!

The parasitic grasshoppers were constantly emitting heat, almost like they were burning. They would pounce at their target and melt their enemies with the heat they were generating.

Luckily, Mo Fan was not afraid of flying species with overwhelming numbers. Little Flame Belle’s Ardent Sunset was the nemesis of these creatures. Were they planning to burn him with their heat? He would let them have a taste of real fire instead!

Mo Fan did not have to control the Ardent Sunset himself, as it would spread swiftly among the insects. Mo Fan soon reduced the blood-red cloud to ashes, which scattered across the strait.

“Demon leeches, parasitic grasshoppers; it seems this creature is raising a lot of strange species. It’s using them to attack nearby enemies that are posing a threat to it! It’s most likely one of its abilities!” Mo Fan murmured to nobody in particular.

The Ardent Sunset was extremely effective against the parasitic grasshoppers, or those creatures might have troubled him. Even though his life was not in danger, the creatures could keep him busy for a long time. More people were going to die if the bone whips continued to attack the Super Mages freely.

Mo Fan quickly eliminated the parasitic locusts, but did not recklessly get any closer. It was obvious that the sea monster was still observing its surroundings while it was busy fighting the Super Mages. It was not giving people like him any chance to intervene in the battle.

He purposely waited for a while before Summoning a shadow clone that looked exactly like him, timing it for when the advisor in the silver outfit cast a Super Space Spell. He applied the Chaos Element to the shadow clone just to make it look like it was him moving around with his Shadow Element.

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