Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 50 - Circulation of Law (2)

Chapter 50: Circulation of Law (2)

Therefore, no one was surprised that he would go on stage. In the Choose session, students would display the subject they were best at. However, because Strategy was ubiquitously considered hard, the noisy crowd instantly quieted down, all looking at the man dressed in green on the stage.

The first few students who chose “Strategy” had already read out their strategies in front of everyone. However, they were not very good. As soon as Gao Yan went up, Gao Jin frowned.

“I didn’t expect Gao Yan to dare to pick Strategy.” Feng Anning said curiously, “If it were Gao Jin, I think it would be better.”

Shen Miao stopped playing and looked at the stage.

After preparing everything, Gao Yan took out a page and slowly read it.

“The law is the foundation of the country, especially when it comes to supporting the empire…” He read it quite rhythmically, and the crowd gradually stopped chattering, especially the old officials at the table. They looked at the young man on the stage seriously.

“Gao Jin’s younger brother is indeed not bad.” A trace of surprise flashed across Prince Zhou’s eyes. “Even the officials in the court don’t have such an insightful opinion.”

“He’s indeed not bad.” Prince Jing nodded and praised, “Besides, this child is quite young. In time, he will definitely be extraordinary.”

Fu Xiuyi looked at the person on the stage quietly. Although his expression did not change, his fingers subconsciously crossed together. Every time he was deep in thought, he would subconsciously do this.

Pei Lang, on the other hand, had been stiff since the first sentence was recited by Gao Yan. For some reason, he felt a sense of familiarity with Gao Yan’s strategic essay. He had a good memory but he couldn’t figure out where he read it. This sense of familiarity made him, who had always been calm, a little anxious. It was as if he could follow up with every sentence that Gao Yan recited. It was extremely familiar, as if it was his own.

Shen Miao smiled and stopped looking at the young man on the stage. Instead, she continued to look at the chess pieces on the chessboard.


“What kind of chess game are you playing?” Feng Anning asked, “You must be playing randomly. How can you put a chess piece so far away?”

“Far?” Shen Miao shook her head.

Every chess piece had its own uses. How far could this seemingly useless chess piece go? Even if it looked like it was still thousands of moves away from the end of the game, this useless piece would turn out to be a change changer.

But now, no one could tell.

In a distant attic, one could see the scene on the stage from afar. Su Mingfeng waved his fan and said, “I wonder where Gao Yan found this strategic essay. It’s written very elegantly. I want to know the person who wrote this.”

“Why do you want to know the person?” Opposite him, the purple-robed youth spoke lazily. He was sitting in front of the window, leaning against it.

“He should be an experienced official.” Su Mingfeng continued. “If we can make friends with him, we will definitely benefit a lot.”

Xie Jingxing sneered and turned to look at the stage. There was a begonia in his hand.

The begonia was still fresh, as if it had just been plucked. It carried a faint fragrance and a murderous intent as well.

“That’s not necessarily the case.”

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