Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Stunning The Crowd (1)

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Madam Yi, Yi Peilan’s mother, was usually on good terms with Ren Wanyun. Master Yi and Shen Gui took care of each other in the bureaucracy. Occasionally, Ren Wanyun would bring Shen Qing to visit the Yi family. Yi Peilan was the closest to Shen Qing and was also on good terms with Shen Yue.

The women present and the men on the other side looked over.

Shen Gui and Shen Wan had been busy with government affairs recently and could not come, but it wasn’t because of the two of them that the people looked over.

The mighty general, Shen Xin, had a lot of prestige in the imperial court. When the late emperor was alive, the Shen family had a lot of special privileges. Whoever controlled the military power had the right to speak. Therefore, even if Shen Xin was not in the capital all year round, the Shen family was still respected by everyone. The reason why Shen Gui and Shen Wan could have a smooth sailing in the imperial court was also because of their elder brother.

The men looked at the Shen family as a family that represented power. The women looked at the Shen family as if they were a joke.

Shen Xin only had one legitimate daughter, and as her legitimate daughter, Shen Miao’s status was naturally different. It could be said that she was even comparable to a princess. However, such a legitimate daughter of a rich family was a complete fool. She was stupid, ignorant, timid, and made a lot of jokes because she liked Prince Ding.

Not to mention, in front of her two outstanding cousins, she looked even more like a country girl.

“I wonder what kind of show she will put on today. With Prince Ding present, Shen Miao will definitely dress up ‘nicely’.” Yi Peilan covered her mouth and smiled.

“Don’t you think it’ll be funnier during the test? With how stupid Shen Miao is, she’ll probably take the initiative to go on stage. That’ll be awesome!” Jiang Xiaoxuan laughed too.

Bai Wei sighed and shook her head pretentiously. “I wonder what kind of sin General Shen committed in his previous life to have such a daughter.”

As they spoke, a maid led a group of people in.

Walking at the front were Ren Wanyun and Chen Ruoqiu. Ren Wanyun was wearing a thin gold robe. She was plump to begin with, and with her hair combed into a bun, she looked even more noble and dignified, like the mother of a family. Chen Ruoqiu was different. Although Shen Yue was already sixteen, Chen Ruoqiu was still like a young woman. She was wearing a light green dress and looked like a gentle woman from a scholarly family.

Behind them were Shen Yue and Shen Qing.


Shen Yue was wearing a light pink dress. Her long hair was tied into a bun and was accessorized with some pink pearls. The color of the pearls was extremely good, and they emitted a faint luster that attracted people’s gazes. Beside her, Shen Qing was wearing a peach-colored dress. It was also a dazzling color. The jade bracelet on her wrist was bright and translucent.

The two of them were young. One was gentle and beautiful, and the other was generous. The clothes they were wearing were obviously of the best quality. An adult among the men couldn’t help but praise, “The daughters of the Shen family are quite good-looking.”

“There’s one more.” Cai Lin couldn’t help but mock, “General Shen’s daughter. She’s really “pretty”.”

The man did not seem to know about the rumors outside and did not know anything about Shen Miao. Hearing that, he thought it was true and said, “General Shen’s daughter will naturally be pretty.”

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