Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Gold and Silver

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She pointed at one of the pieces of silk brocade and said, “This will do.”

It was made of lotus green material. Generally speaking, most daughters wouldn’t choose this material. Because of the color of the lotus, ordinary girls would easily look too old-fashioned when wearing this color. If they didn’t have a noble aura, wearing this color would make them look even worse.

A glint flashed across Chen Ruoqiu’s eyes as she smiled and said, “Why did you choose such a color? All girls have to wear fresh clothes, like your two sisters. I’m afraid this color is a little old-fashioned.”

“That’s right,” Ren Wanyun added. Although she also liked to see people from the first branch make a fool of themselves, Shen Miao was simply too much. If outsiders saw her, they would think that the girls from the Shen family were all old-fashioned and dull.

Shen Yue and Shen Qing smiled secretly. Shen Qing said, “I think this lotus color is pretty good. I thought Fifth Sister never wore such a color? It’s good to try. I heard that this color is also very noble.”

“If not for the fact that I’ve already picked the materials, I would definitely want to try the green lotus,” Shen Yue said with a smile.

Mrs. Li looked at the two daughters of the Shen family, then at the calm Shen Miao, and sighed in her heart. Everyone in the capital knew that the daughter of Shen Xin was stupid and dull. However, they didn’t know that the two kind-looking and gentle cousins were actually so vicious. They actually intentionally wanted to make Shen Miao embarrass herself.

She felt a little sorry for Shen Miao. General Shen was protecting the country outside, but her daughter was schemed against by her family in the mansion. At the thought of this, she said tactfully, “This lotus color indeed looks a little too solemn. If it’s a chrysanthemum banquet, why don’t you choose something more fresh? Miss, why don’t you choose this jade-white one?”

Shen Miao glanced at Mrs. Li. She was a rare honest person. In her previous life, Mrs. Li had also reminded Shen Miao. However, at that time, Shen Miao listened to her two cousins and aunts, and did not listen to Mrs. Li at all. Hearing that, she thanked Mrs. Li politely. “No need. I like this green lotus material.”

Hearing that, Shen Qing and Shen Yue, who had been frowning, heaved a sigh of relief. Shen Yue smiled and said, “Fifth Sister, you have good taste.”

Mr. Li sighed in her heart, but she did not say anything else.

From the beginning to the end, Old Madam Shen had been lying on the couch with her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep, as if she did not hear anything. As long as it was something related to money, she was always happy to pretend not to know. Today, the cost of hiring the tailor and buying the fabrics were all from the house, and the money from the house was managed by Ren Wanyun.

After Mrs. Li left, Ren Wanyun smiled and said, “When the girls of our Shen family go out, they can’t look too ill-dressed. I’ve bought some jewelry for them. They can be used on the day of the chrysanthemum banquet.” As she spoke, she instructed Xianglan to bring out a few boxes. One was for Shen Qing, and the other was for Shen Miao.


Shen Miao’s box was heavy. Ren Wanyun looked at her and said in an especially loving tone, “I especially got the jewelry shop to make this for you. I hope you like it.”

On the couch, Old Madam Shen frowned, as if she wanted to open her eyes. However, after a pause, she continued to pretend to be sleeping.

“Thank you, Second Aunt.” Shen Miao thanked her, taking the box.

“Then let’s go back and take a look.” Shen Yue pulled Chen Ruoqiu and winked at Shen Miao. “Fifth Sister’s jewelry must be the most expensive one.”

Shen Miao smiled and remained silent.

When she returned to the west courtyard, Shen Miao threw the box aside and did not look at it. Seeing this, Jingzhe asked curiously, “Miss, why don’t you open it and take a look?”

“What’s there to see? What difference does it make?” Shen Miao replied without hesitation.

Jingzhe wanted to say something but hesitated. Every time she got jewelry from the second and third branches, her Miss would love it. Unfortunately, even as servants, they could tell that the jewelry was too shiny. Ever since Shen Miao was born, she had been brought up by the second and third branches, so she loved these tacky gold and silver the most.

Shen Miao thought for a moment and reached out to open the box.

As soon as she opened it, a golden light flashed. Inside were bracelets and collars made of gold and silver. The rubies on them were large, but the quality was very poor.

Jingzhe couldn’t help but look angry.

Shen Miao almost laughed out loud. Before she got married, her jewelry was all like this. Even girls from the countryside wouldn’t wear such gold and silver necklaces. Every time she wore loud clothes and gold jewelry, she looked like an ugly old madam.

Looking at her Miss, Jingzhe was surprised to find that she didn’t look as excited as before. Just as she was surprised, Shen Miao closed the box and passed it to her. “Find a pawn shop to sell this and buy a silver hairpin. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one.”

“Miss…” Jingzhe said in surprise,” If the people in the east courtyard find out, they will inevitably reproach you.”

“Since I can’t wear these jewelry anymore, what’s the point of keeping them? It’s better to exchange them for real money,” Shen Miao replied indifferently. Everything had to be practical. This was what she understood when she was the empress. In the Shen family, the girls were given two taels of silver a month. However, how much were Shen Yue and Shen Qing subsidized by her family? Shen Miao did not know, but she was certain that she did not have that kind of subsidy.

She was the General’s daughter, but her money was nothing compared to what her two sisters had. She used to think that it was because Second Aunt and Third Aunt were willing to help their daughter, but now?

Ren Wanyun was in charge of all the money in the house, but Shen Gui and Shen Wan’s salary in the government was barely enough to support themselves.

On the other hand, Shen Xin was rewarded handsomely everytime he returned from a war in triumph by His Majesty, and he always gave the reward to the house.

So, it was obvious that the Old Madam had been stealing the money.

Shen Miao had to find a way to take back her share of the family asset.

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