Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 191 - Taking the Dark Path (6

Chapter 191: Taking the Dark Path (6)

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She sighed. “I’m not confident if I can succeed this time.”

… .

The next day, Shen Qiu really came to Shen Miao’s courtyard with a few boxes of real money. He was probably worried that the money was not enough, so he took out a banknote worth thousand taels of silver to her. He smiled and said, “Sister, at this age, you probably have a lot of places to use money at your age. I’m afraid that’s not enough. Take this money. If there’s anything you want to buy, buy it. If it’s not enough, just ask me for more.”

The maids who were sweeping the floor outside looked at Shen Miao enviously. In the past, they used to think that their Fifth Miss had an awkward status in the mansion. Her title sounded nice, but she had practically no say in anything and was often bullied. Now, it seemed that they were all wrong. Not only did Shen Xin and his wife dote on Shen Miao, but even Shen Qiu treasured his sister like she was the apple in his eyes.

Shen Miao felt Shen Qiu’s attitude was strange. She nodded and did not decline. She accepted the banknote and said, “Thank you.”

Shen Qiu thought for a moment and motioned his guards to come over. The two guards behind him immediately stepped forward. Shen Qiu said, “My two guards are both experienced soldiers in the army. They’ll protect you for the time being.” He was worried that Prince Yu would have something up his sleeve. If not for Shen Miao clamoring to go out, Shen Qiu would have asked her to stay in the mansion.

Shen Miao agreed. When Mo Qing stepped out, Shen Qiu looked at him and said with a smile, “This guard of yours looks pretty capable.”

Mo Qing had already left his post as a door guard of the Shen mansion. Shen Miao told Shen Qiu his identity, and Shen Qiu asked Mo Qing to join the Shen army. However, for the next few days, he would be Shen Miao’s guard and protect her.

With three guards and two maids, Shen Miao left the Shen mansion.

Even the coachman Shen Qiu found for Shen Miao was someone with excellent combat skills.

Shen Qiu’s personal servant said, “Young Master is really protective of Miss.”

“Let’s go.” He waved his hand. “Let’s go back and practice swordsmanship!”

… .

The Exiled Immortal Pawnshop was the largest pawnshop in the capital.

Compared to other pawnshops, this pawnshop naturally had something special about it. The Exiled Immortal Pawnshop only accepted precious items. If it was an ordinary item, it would be “politely” rejected by the shop assistant. The owner of this pawnshop was probably a person with a lot of money. If the item given by the customer was really precious enough, the pawnshop would definitely not be stingy with money. However, there was another rule in the Exiled Immortal Pawnshop. Once an item was pawned, there was no way to redeem it.

However, no one would sell their precious items unless they were left with no choice. Therefore, although the Exiled Immortal Pawnshop was rich and and big, there were very few customers visiting the shop every day. Under such circumstances, this Exiled Immortal Pawnshop actually managed to not go bankrupt.

Today, a carriage stopped in front of the Exiled Immortal Pawnshop.

Some passers-by could not help but look over. This was because most people who came to the Exiled Immortal Pawnshop to pawn things were in desperate need of money. This carriage looked quite exquisite, and the coachman did not look like an ordinary coachman either. It was obvious that the person sitting inside was by no means poor.

The shop assistant was a young gray-clothed boy who looked smart and capable. When he saw the carriage stop in front of the door, he was slightly stunned. Then, a few women walked out. The girl in the lead was probably from a rich family. She was wearing a delicate cloak and had a pair of clear eyes.

A few guards and maids escorted the girl over. The young man went up with a smile. “Miss, do you want to pawn something?”

“I do,” the girl in purple said.

“What do you want to pawn? Can I take a look at it first?” The shop assistant said with a smile. He could tell that this girl was either rich or noble, so his attitude was very ingratiating. Unexpectedly, the girl shook her head. “I want to see the person in charge here.”

“This… This is against the rules, Miss.” The shop assistant shook his head. He had seen many people come here to cause trouble, and some of them were rich and powerful. However, the Exiled Immortal Pawnshop had never been afraid of these people.

“What I want to pawn is too valuable for you to look at,” the girl said indifferently and calmly.

The shop assistant felt like he had fallen into an icehouse when he was stared at by that pair of dark eyes. Before he could speak, he heard a charming female voice. “Who wants to see me?”

A young woman walked out from behind. This woman was not considered beautiful, but she exuded a charming aura. The guards behind Shen Miao all blushed.

“Miss, do you want to see me?” The woman walked over with a smile.

Shen Miao shook her head. “I want to see the person in charge, All Knowing Scholar.”

The woman’s smile suddenly froze at the mention of All Knowing Scholar.

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