Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Guangwen Hall

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Guangwen Hall was a school in the capital.

The officials and nobles of Ming Qi sent their sons and girls to the Guangwen Hall. The men of the Guangwen Hall were all famous scholars. The young children of the nobles who could enter Guangwen Hall would be respected.

Shen Miao also studied at Guangwen Hall.

Unfortunately, Shen Xin and Mrs. Shen were both from military families, and Shen Miao’s elder brother, Shen Qiu, wasn’t cut out for study at all. Shen Miao had been raised by Old Madam Shen since she was young. Old Madam Shen was a singer and could not read a word. Shen Miao’s first lesson was taught by Third Madam Shen, Chen Ruoqiu. Chen Ruoqiu came from a scholarly family, but what she taught Shen Miao back then was all thick and complicated textbooks. Children were playful to begin with, so after studying for some time, Shen Miao began to hate reading and writing.

Seeing that Shen Miao did not like to study, Chen Ruoqiu did not force her. She taught her how to eat, wear, and gave her a pampered life. Later, when she was old, she went to Guangwen Hall. Shen Miao could not keep up with the knowledge of the teacher’s lecture no matter what. She was even worse than a first-year student. Later on, she came last in the exam. After a while, Shen Miao disliked studying even more, and she became famous for being ignorant and stupid.

Among the three daughters of the Shen family, Shen Yue was the most famous. She was good at music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Although Shen Qing was not as outstanding as Shen Yue, she still did a good job, especially good at embroidery. She was also the best at math. For girls who would eventually manage a house, being good at math was an outstanding quality.

The more outstanding Shen Yue and Shen Qing were, the more Shen Miao looked like she was not good at anything.

In the carriage, Jingzhe asked, “Miss, why aren’t you traveling with the first and second Miss?”

Normally, Shen Miao would always ride in the same carriage as Shen Qing and Shen Yue. Shen Miao felt with her cousins around, she would feel more emboldened. As for Shen Yue and Shen Qing, they probably just wanted a stupid sister to contrast them.

But now, Shen Miao didn’t want to pretend anymore.

“We’re not from the same family to begin with, and our paths are completely different. How can we go together?”

Jingzhe stuck out her tongue. Not knowing why, she felt like her Miss was getting more and more incomprehensible, but she felt that this was good. Shen Miao had always been too weak-tempered and was controlled by the second and third branches. Now after falling into the water, she seemed to have picked up some intelligence. This was only right. The first branch’s daughter shouldn’t be inferior to everyone in terms of status.

In the other carriage, Shen Yue lifted the curtain and looked behind. She said softly, “Eldest Sister, Fifth Sister is following behind.”


“She’s deliberately throwing a tantrum at me.” Shen Qing snorted. In front of Shen Yue, she never hid her contempt for Shen Miao. “Let her be. Anyway, I won’t be the one who loses face in the end.”

Shen Yue said worriedly, “But she caught a cold. Besides…”

“Shen Yue?” Shen Qing said, “Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking? Stop pretending to be a good person. If you really care about her, go sit in her carriage. Why tell me?”

Shen Yue bit her lip and lowered her head, not saying anything else.

After half an hour, the carriage finally arrived at Guangwen hall.

It was still early, and the class had not started yet. Most of the second-year students had arrived and were sitting in the classroom talking. As soon as Shen Yue and Shen Qing arrived, girls immediately greeted them warmly.

In Guangwen Hall, Shen Yue was the top female student. She was beautiful, humble, and gentle, so she was naturally popular. Although Shen Qing was not as talented as Shen Yue, she was capable and outgoing. The noble ladies liked her very much.

A girl in pink said, “Yue, why isn’t Shen Miao here today?” Usually, Shen Miao followed Shen Yue and Shen Qing like a maid, but today, she was missing, which was a little strange.

“I’m afraid she’s too ashamed to come.” The girl who said this was pretty, but her voice was a little loud. She had a mocking expression on her face. “I heard that she fell into the water while peeping at the Duke of Ding.”

“Peilan, it’s not like that…” Shen Yue shook her head.

“You’re too protective of your sister.” Yi Peilan said, “She’s such a stupid girl. She doesn’t look like a girl from your Shen family at all. But she’s really an eye-opener. She looks timid usually, but she’s very brave when she meets the Duke of Ding. People who don’t know her might think that she’s an uneducated girl raised by a peasant family.”

Hearing that, Shen Qing smiled and said, “Fifth Sister is just being naughty.”

“I think it’s because General Shen and Mrs. Shen aren’t around to educate her.” Another girl with a ponytail said, “She doesn’t know what proper etiquette is.”

“Caixuan, you’re wrong.” Shen Yue said gently, “Although First Uncle and First Auntie are not in the capital, Fifth Sister has been raised by Grandma. My mother and Second Aunt have been teaching her well.”

In other words, shamelessness was something Shen Miao was born with. It had nothing to do with the education she received.

As expected, as soon as Shen Yue said that, Yi Peilan said, “It’s strange. You are all raised by the same family. Yue, Qing, you two are really different from Shen Miao. She is just useless.” As she spoke, she giggled. The ladies around her all laughed. Even the young men couldn’t help but look at her.

The next moment, someone shouted, “Look, Shen Miao is here!”

Everyone looked at the door, waiting to watch a good show.

A young girl slowly walked in from the door. She was wearing a dark red dress with a pair of red thread and a dark blue embroidered cloak. This color was too old for a girl, especially since Shen Miao was born with a round face. If she was not careful, she would look like a child who had stolen the clothes of her elders.

Her footsteps were very slow, and the corners of her dress did not move at all. Although her steps were light, they were extremely heavy. For some reason, she gave people a feeling that she was graceful and magnanimous. Her chin was slightly raised, and her eyes were calm. As a result, her puppy-like eyes looked like a bottomless pit. All her strength was contained in them, and she was like a ferocious beast that had taken in its claws.

Her facial features were still pleasing to the eye, and they looked cute because of their roundness. Now, there was no trace of stupidity, because she had not grown up yet. Coupled with her dignified bearing, the dress matched her quite well.

She did not look like a girl. Instead, she looked like… one of those rich ladies who were in high positions, or the madam of the powerful family.

The school gradually quietened down.

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