Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 1126 - Chapter 1126: The Return of an Old Friend (34)

Chapter 1126: The Return of an Old Friend (34)

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Pei Lang smiled. “We’ll be fine after going through this crisis. I just hope that rebels will not do anything extreme at this time.”

The more critical the moment was, the more they could not make any mistakes. As long as they survived these days, Xie Jingxing would return and save Long Ye. Be it rebels or thieves, they would forever disappear from the Daliang Dynasty. From then on, Ming Qi and the State of Qin would be gone, and there would only be the Daliang Dynasty in the world, ruled by Xie Jingxing.

Even if the rebels fled to the ends of the earth, they would be hunted down like ants and stray dogs.

The rebels had no intention of leaving alive from the beginning. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have attacked Long Ye. However, before they died, they had to kill Shen Miao and the child in Shen Miao’s stomach. With the passage of every hour, seeing that Long Ye was still stable, the rebels became anxious. They wanted to make the entire Long Ye chaotic so that when Xie Jingxing returned, he would face a mess and the tragic death of his wife and child.

Therefore, two days later, they launched a crazy attack on Long Ye.

Just as Pei Lang had guessed, the sudden cessation of their attack was abnormal, and they were indeed planning something big. This plan was originally set up by Lu Maocai to force the emperor to abdicate. Now, this plan was used to deal with the palace that was sparsely guarded.

The imperial guards had to be mobilized to protect the people, so there would naturally be fewer imperial guards in the palace. Shen Miao was in a very dangerous situation.

“Princess Consort, why don’t you summon some imperial guards back to the palace?” Eunuch Deng said, “I’m afraid it’s safer to have more people in the palace now.”

“It’s useless to add one or two more guards. If we call half of the guards back, the people will be at risk. Forget it.” Shen Miao said, “Let’s leave it at that. We just have to get through tonight. The rebels also have to rest. If they can’t make it tonight, their morale will naturally decrease. Tonight will be a restless night. After tonight, the rest will be much easier.”

Nanny Tao was a little nervous. “Princess Consort, you are making me worried. Will you and the child in your stomach really be fine?”

Shen Miao subconsciously touched her stomach. These days, she could clearly feel the child kicking in her stomach. However, tonight, it was very calm. She smiled and said, “She’s probably asleep. She knows that she can’t cause trouble at this time, so she’s very obedient.”

Pei Lang said, “Since you’ve made up your mind, let’s stay put. However, we still have to be fully prepared. If anything happens, we’ll get everyone from the Black Feather Army to come over and escort you to a safe place. Although we have to guard this palace, we still have to put safety first. Even if the people find out that you escaped in the end, they will not blame you. After all, you still have to protect the royal bloodline.”

Shen Miao nodded.

“Then everyone, perk up.” Luo Tan said, “This is a critical night. We have to be united. There is nothing we can’t overcome. In the face of war, we are not afraid.. What’s there to be afraid of when facing some small fries?”

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