Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 1089 - Chapter 1089: Campaign (3)

Chapter 1089: Campaign (3)

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Empress Xiande took a sip and smiled. “It’s very sweet. This year, when it snows in winter, I’ll go and pick some petals too. If Your Majesty likes it, I can make it for you again.”

Emperor Yong Le looked at her and was silent for a moment before saying, “If I’m still around this winter.”

Empress Xiande’s hand trembled, causing the tea to spill on the back of her hand. She hissed in pain.

Seeing this, Emperor Yong Le took the handkerchief from the side and held her hand. As he wiped it, he reprimanded, “Why are you so careless?”

However, the water on the back of her hand could not be wiped clean. Instead, it became wetter.

Empress Xiande cried.

Her tears were also dripping on the back of her hand. They were even hotter than the boiling tea. She said, “Your Majesty, why do you have to say these words to make me sad?”

Emperor Yong Le paused and looked at her. “Qing Zhen…”

“Ever since I entered the palace, I’ve been very sensible as the empress. I have no complaints about what you do. But even at this point, you are still treating me like this.” Her words were filled with accusation, but her tone was very calm, as if no matter how aggrieved she was, she could not flare up at Emperor Yong Le. She said, “You won’t say anything sweet to make me happy, and you are expecting me to remain sober-minded at all times, but do you know how painful it is to be sober-minded?”

Emperor Yong Le was stunned

After a long time, he picked up the handkerchief again and wiped the tears off the back of Empress Xiande’s hand. He said, “Qing Zhen, apart from my mother, you’re the only woman I’ve let down in my life. You’re the only person who can stand by my side.”

“I know very well what it feels like to be sober-minded, but I have no choice.”

Empress Xiande stared at the flower tea in her cup and said, “Have you already made up your mind?”

“I have. There are many heroes in the world, but I can’t be one. I’m already satisfied with being able to keep the Daliang Dynasty peaceful until now. As for the rest of the road, Jingxing needs to walk on his own. I can’t interfere in his future.’

“Qing Zhen.” Emperor Yong Le sighed. “I don’t know when I’ll fall down, and I don’t know when I’ll wake up. If that day comes, you have to do what I tell you to do. Live the life you want and be happy.”

Empress Xiande lowered her head and rubbed the edge of the teacup. After a while, she looked at Emperor Yong Le and said with a faint smile, “Your Majesty, do you still remember the first time we met? I made flower tea for you to drink.”

At that time, Empress Xiande’s mother brought her to the palace to see

Empress Dowager Xiao. Empress Dowager Xiao was choosing a wife for Emperor Yong Le. That day, there were also other young ladies who were showcasing their talents.

She sat alone in the corner, smiling demurely and looking at everything with a calm expression.

Empress Dowager Xiao asked her if she had any talent.

At that time, how did Empress Xiande answer? She said, “I’m slow-witted and don’t have any talents. I sometimes make tea at home. My father and brother both like to drink the tea I made..”

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