Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 733 Jenga Dares (1/2)**

Chapter 733 Jenga Dares (1/2)**

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Hearing praise from Lucifer, Lith was actually really surprised.

Lith stopped in his tracks and stared at her. He also touched her face and tapped all around her body to see if it was the real deal or someone else.

"What the hell are you doing?" Lucifer asked.

Lith, without hesitation, answered, "I am wondering if you're my aunt's imposter or something."


The other ladies around Lith covered their mouths, trying not to show they were smiling.

"What do you mean?"

Lith looked at Lucifer and said, "such sweet words could never come from that venomous tongue. Speak lady, where is my stupid aunt?"

Lucifer was seriously stupefied while the other ladies giggled.

Getting annoyed, Lucifer said with her brows knitted, "remind me to never compliment you again."

"Ah, there is my aunt." Lith said and went in for a hug.

Lucifer put her hand on his face and said, "stay away, you little demon."

Lith chuckled and somehow managed to wrap his hand around Lucifer's waist.

Getting together with the other ladies, Lith turned to Luna and asked, "what's the next game?"

"It's Jenga, Your Highness." Luna answered.

"Oh, nice." Lith said as he could tell things would take a nice turn during that game.

The maids guided Lith and the ladies to the venue for Jenga and it was near a waterfall in the middle of the island.

There was a stack of Jenga pieces ready on top of a flat rock.

Luna signaled to everyone that they could begin and it was Alea who went to take a piece first.

It was simultaneously decided that the last game's order would be the same as this with Lith being the last.

Since the game had just started, it was really easy for Alea to take a piece out and stack it up.

As she took the piece out, she read what was on it and it said to give someone a kiss.

She went to Lith and gave him a kiss.

Next it was Arya who took a middle piece out from the bottom most floor to make things challenging.

The piece read that she would need to flash her pussy, which she chuckled and easily did by going towards Lith and pulling her dress up.

Lith chuckled at it and gave Arya a light spank down there.

The dares present on the Jenga pieces were spell controlled.

They had their intensity and it was being controlled by no one else but Luna herself since she knew about all her madams.

It was due to this the first round went without any problems and had low intensity dares.

As the second round was starting up and the intensity was rising, Luna made all the maids go to work for their next event while at the waterfall, only she, Bella, the madams and the Prince remained.

The round began once again and Alea was just asked to spank someone's butt.

Without thinking much, she went to Lucy and after apologizing, she spanked her lightly.

It was cute to see her try to harm someone, which she tried to, but not even a slight red mark appeared on Lucy's butt.

This round was all about inflicting some sort of physical harm. It was still on the lower side of things so only when it was the end of the round, did something different happen.

Lith was the last person and when he took out a block and read it, it asked him to spit into someone's mouth and say a few vulgar words.

Lith showed it to everyone and they were surprised.

Everyone except Lilith and Lucy wondered who it would be that Lith would choose.

Without any thinking, it was obvious that Lith would not do such a thing with his wives, so the result was him choosing his maid, Luna.

He went to Luna and holding her face and opening her mouth, he spit in it. Then, in a serious manner, he said,

"You've been a bad girl, Luna."

Lith then moved his hand down and slapped her pussy lips.

"You need a serious punishment for being bad. Until I call you, you're forbidden from having an orgasm."

Luna gulped in fake fear and role playing along, said, "I apologize and I understand, Your Highness." 

Lith nodded and went back.

The other ladies were amused by this performance of the two. 

Lucy and Lucifer wondered if it would feel good to get such treatment by Lith or not. These two ladies made it on their priority list to have Lith spit on them and slap their pussies later, saying the same things in the same domineering way.

The game continued and once the lewdness intensity went up, things started getting heated.

The start of the lewd things was with Emilia when she took out a piece and it read: 

Get fucked and flaunt it in front of the Jenga players.

Emilia's face was flushed as this came up. She was no exhibitionist or felt turned by others watching.

She was a pure being who preferred to get herself pounded under the blankets, on bed.

However, dare was dare and she had to suck it up and complete it.

She called Lith close to her and said, "h-h-husband… this… you need to do this…"

Lith looked at and smiling, shook his head. "If you don't want to, it's okay. You'll just be out of these rounds and lose, there's no problem in this."

Emilia shook her head innocently. "No, I am not. Do it."

She didn't want to back down now. She was already standing in front of everybody in a slight see through dress, wearing no panties or bra. There was no going back now.

Lith chuckled at her response and said, "If you say so. But don't forget to tap on my shoulder if you feel too uncomfortable."

Emilia nodded and before she knew it, Lith hugged her from behind and kissed her neck.

He lowered his shorts and raised Emilia up in the same manner he did to Bella a while ago.

Lith then inserted his shaft in her his wife's pussy and made her moan softly in pleasure.

The other wives watched it and feeling their gazes, Emilia's face turned red in embarrassment.

Even though what they were doing wasn't wrong as Lith was her husband, the stares made things uncomfortable as her pussy that was being spread was visible to everyone here.

The ladies were feeling absolutely nothing from watching Emilia get pounded. They've been there and felt that, they knew how good it was and also deemed this as normal husband-wife behavior.

Emilia suffered slightly and while Lith pounded her, Agalea came to take out a Jenga piece and it read:

Do your best doggy pose and get pounded!

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